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Full review of the Ijoy Diamond

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iJoy Diamond Starter Kit Review Bottom Line

The design on the new iJoy Diamond PD270 234W Starter Kit is certainly cool, but for a larger mod that supports dual 20700 batteries, we were left a little disappointed. The taste from the Captain X3S Sub-Ohm Tank is a little muted and the battery life was not as good as we expected.

iJoy Diamond PD270 234W Mod

Indepth iJoy Diamond PD270 Mod Kit Review

The new dual 20700 battery mod, the Diamond PD270 from iJoy is a cool looking mod that has the power to last. The design is pretty unique, but does this mod have what it takes to be one of the best vape mods on the market? We take a close look at this starter kit to see.

Design of the Ijoy Diamond PD270


The design is obviously based on the multi-faceted diamond look, and they have definitely pulled it off, slick edges and nice color combinations to make this mod a real head turner, but does this make it one of the best vape mods? Well, we’ll have to wait and see!

The screen has been well placed in the center of the front panel, with a big diamond design fir button on the side. Overall the whole look of this mod is fantastic and very classy.

Because it holds 2 x 20700 batteries which are about 3000mAh each it is a rather large mod. The mod itself (without the tank) stands at 92mm high and 50mm width with 34-35mm depth.

So for the added power, the slightly rather larger size is required, we will have to see if it’s well worth it!

Uses the same 5 click on and off and 3 clicks to enter the menu screen where you can adjust mode, wattage and everything else you expect from a standard mod.



With the dual 20700 batteries, you have the wattage range of 5W all the way up to 234 Watts. The LED screen is a little disappointing as it’s not color, but does show all the important features like individual battery indicators, wattage/temperature, voltage, puff counter etc.

Within the starter kit, you also get the Captain X3S tank, which has been well reviewed and even marked as one of the best sub ohm tanks currently on the market, not currently in our top 5 list, but still a good all-rounder. This is a great selling point and makes a great companion to this mod.

Profiles of the Ijoy Diamond PD270 mod kit


The Starter Kit

So the Diamond PD270 is sold as part of a starter kit and typically includes the following:

  • The Diamond PD270 234W Box Mod
  • Captain X3S Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 2 coils, the X3-C1 0.4-ohm and X3-C2 0.3 ohm
  • Spare glass tank and spare o-rings
  • 18650 battery tubes to allow use of smaller batteries
  • USB cable and instructions

Colors available on the Ijoy Diamond PD270


Black version of the Diamond PD270 kitAdjusting the power to around 80W with a new coil it takes probably half a tank to break in the coil. All coils need a little time to break in, but once this is done you can really start tasting the flavor coming through.

The airflow is particularly good on the tank, but with it wide open a lot of the flavor was actually lost. Although we personally prefer heaps of airflow with the Diamond PD270 kit, it probably performs it’s best at half open. We have to say we were a little underwhelmed with the overall performance in comparison to the best vape devices that are available.



  • The mod is a little on the larger side making it a little clunky in appearance
  • You need big hands, or it doesn’t sit that well in your grip
  • Fire button has been designed to suit the mod but is relatively small
  • Slightly muted flavour with the Captain X3S tank


To Conclude

Considering the awesome design on this mod we have to say we were a little disappointed with the feel and the performance of the Diamond PD270 kit. Just a little too big and not really worth the tiny extra battery life you get. If you love the look then be sure to check out our vape deals area where you may find this mod and others like it at crazy, low prices!

A muted flavor, and disappointing battery life considering the size, probably one we wouldn’t recommend for the average vaper.

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