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Vaporesso Switcher Starter Kit Review
January 5, 2018
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Top 5 Sub-Ohm Tanks on the Market 2018
January 10, 2018
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Smok Stick Prince Starter Kit Review Bottom Line

If your a lover of vape pens then SMOK has your back, with the release of their new pen the Prince Stick. Featuring a huge 3000mAh internal battery and built around their hottest Prince Tank this vape pen performs to the highest levels. So there's no wattage control, led screens, temperature control etc, but what you do get is a simple to use a pen that can actually knock the socks off most vape mods too!

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Smok Prince Stick Starter Kit

Full In-Depth SMOK Prince Stick Review

New vape pen introductions seem to be limited at the moment, which is a shame for all those vapers who love the ease and convenience of these types of e-cigs. But thankfully SMOK have not given up on these products just yet with the release of the SMOK Stick Prince! Featuring a 3000mAh battery and their new Prince tank this vape pen is nothing short of awesome, producing some of the best clouds we’ve seen and a matching smooth flavor. But is this one of the best vape pens on the market, or should we look elsewhere? We take a look to see.

Colors available for the Smok Stick Prince


All vape pens are very similar in design, especially those produced by SMOK, it’s basically just a battery shaft with one button. Everything is automatic, so no setting voltage, wattage, resistance etc. Just fill your tank up and you’re all set to go! SMOK, however, have introduced their new flagship Prince tank to the product set, with a bulb look, and an intelligent led battery indicator, this pen looks slightly different.

The Stick Prince pens, as you would expect come in a variety of colors, and knowing SMOK, they will probably introduce much more over the coming months. Currently, you have the choice of black, red, blue, gold, purple, rainbow, green and of course stainless silver, but don’t expect your local vape shop to hold all the colors, it’s just not practical! If you’re looking for a bargain though, check out our vape deals area, where you will find this and many other vape products at crazy cheap prices!

The Prince TFV12 Tank

The Prince Tank

The full name is the TFV12 Prince Tank, which is an addition to their popular and top-selling TFV range.

The standard version holds 8ml and measures 63mm tall with a diameter of 28mm, making it a pretty big tank, at least with the amount of e-liquid it holds. This is thanks to the unique convex, bulb shape they have incorporated in the glass.

The EU version, however, had to remove this due to the TPD regulations limiting tanks to holding just 2ml.

The tank is a top fill device, incorporating they’re loved and patented locking system to avoid any accidental spills. The Prince tank is marketed as the baby of the famous Cloud Beast King, one of the best vapor producing tanks on the market.

SMOK have been clever here and basically designed the whole Stick Prince around this tank, meaning you get a beautifully made pen that was just meant to be, as opposed to a battery with a weird looking tank plopped on top!

Smok Prince Stick Starter kit box

The Kit

  • 1 x 3000mAh Prince battery Stick
  • 1 x TFV12 Prince Tank
  • 2 x V12 M4 Coils (0.17ohm Quad Coil)
  • 1 x USB cable, instructions and spare parts



Now we all know vape pens are not going to perform as well as box mods where you can adjust the wattage as the coil slowly wares away, but for a simple to use e cig this pen is one of the best e-cigarette devices on the market.

Black version of the Smok Stick PrinceWith the 3000mAh battery, it pretty much lasts the day for a full-on vaper like us, it also features an intelligent LED light indicator system that informs you of the battery life. One big thing to note though, as you can’t adjust the voltage it’s probably best to stick with the M4 quad coils. Any coil with more would significantly reduce the amount of vapor due to the lack of power the SMOK Prince Stick has.

That aside, the performance is awesome, it just works really well. Beautiful flavor with huge amounts of clouds. Granted it’s not as good as the newer Smok Resa Stick vape pen, but it’s a close competitor!


To Conclude

If you like the look and simplicity of vape pens, then your simply going to love the Smok Stick Prince vape pen, it is one of the best e-cigs to quit smoking with and one that experts and intermediate vapers will also love for the convenience.

With the kit, you get the M4 Quad coils which work really well with the battery. If you want to try other coils bare in mind that the power produced by this pen might not match the same performance levels. Basically, stick with no more than quad coils!

Overall a great easy to use pen producing some of the best-tasting vapor available on the market, a strong recommendation from us!


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