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EIJoy Mercury Kit Bottom Line

For a low powered device with just a 1100mAh internal rechargeable battery we have to admit we weren't expecting much. But, with the 1.0-ohm mesh coil, the flavor was actually very good. It's nice to see airflow control, variable voltage, refill tank, and removable coils. If you're used to direct lung inhales, expect some resistance, even with the airflow fully open. In our opinion, this is more suited to the mouth to lung vaper and in that area, the Mercury kit is one of the best.

In-depth IJoy Mercury Kit Review

The new all-in-one (AIO) kit is here from IJoy, known as the Mercury kit. It’s another small box mod style e-cigarette with a small 1100mAh internal battery. So how does this new kit compare against the best in the industry and how does it perform. We take it for a test to see.

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Colors available for the IJoy Mecury Kit


The feel of the Mercury AIO kit is really good thanks to its zinc alloy, stainless steel, and the resin build components. Measuring in at just over 78mm tall with a width of 40mm and a depth of 20mm, this kit is small, so really convenient to carry around with you.

IJoy is releasing the Mercury kit in 4 different colors or resin designs, this includes Ghostfire, Crystal purple, Splendor, and Hellfire which you can see in the image above.

The tank is actually built into the main housing with a window available to see your juice levels. The main advantage of this is it protects the glass tank and keeps the unit well balanced, there's no tank sticking out the top as you see on all the best vape mods around.

On the side of the main mod you will find an oversized firing button, 3 LED lights for your battery indicator, a further LED for your power setting and beneath these is the USB charging port.

You can remove the top cap or drip tip which is one piece by unscrewing, then you can remove the tank where you fill your e-liquid by removing the small rubber stopper. At the bottom of the tank is the airflow control and if you unscrew the base you can get to the coil should/when it needs replacing.

Back to the mod, on either side you have 2 windows, one large where you can see your e-liquid level and one smaller, this is just to allow the airflow through to the tank.

Features of the Mercury Kit


The Mercury kit features the 5 clicks on and off function, upon which 3 LEDs will show either:

  • 3 Green lights - This means you have between 100-70% battery life
  • 2 Green lights - Means your at 70-35% of battery life
  • 1 Green light - Represents between 35-1% of battery life

One cool feature with this AIO kit is the voltage adjustment which is controlled by clicking the fire button 3 times. The LED below the battery indicator represent the different power settings, they are:

  • Blue LED - Represents 3.45V
  • Green LED - Represents 3.35V
  • Red LED - Represents 3.25V

With an all-in-one kit, the purpose is mainly to be simple, and the above features are all this kit has, as you would expect.

Performance of the iJoy Mercury kit


There are 2 coils that come with the kit, a 1.2-ohm wire coil ranked between 8-12 Watts and a 1.0-ohm mesh coil ranked between 6-10 Watts. We're using the pre-installed 1.0-ohm and adjusted the airflow to fully open.

Direct lung inhale is possible like this, it does produce a slight resistance due to the overall size of the coils, but it's possible. Adjusting the airflow to around half produces a good airflow for the mouth to lung inhales.

Overall the taste coming from the mesh coil is really very good considering its a relatively small wattage device, one of the best for a small vape. It can't be compared to sub-ohm tanks, as these use higher wattages and produce a lot more vaper and flavor.

Different views of the iJoy Mercury


The iJoy Mercury AIO kit is actually a really good tasting lower wattage device, that allows you to adjust the voltage from 3.25-3.45 Volts. Coming with 2 coils, one standard wire coil at 1.2-ohm and a great tasting 1.0-ohm mesh coil, which we really enjoyed.

The flavor is one of the best coming from the mesh coils in comparison to other smaller wattage devices and with the airflow control it is possible to do both mouth to lung and direct lung inhales, although with the direct lung inhales expect some resistance, it's not a free-flowing device like the bigger tanks available.

Overall we were very impressed with the performance of the Mercury kit, but it's not going to suit everyone. If you're unsure if this kit will suit you, then you need to read more of the latest vaping reviews to get a better idea.

Nicholas King
Nicholas King

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