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VaporFi Rebel 3 Review Bottom Line

Now into the 3rd release of the Rebel model VaporFi have really pulled it out the bag! They quote as saying it is one of the best vape pens on the market and in truth it is hard to argue. The Rebel 3 creates a thick beautiful vapor and with a 3000mah battery in such a small device is nothing but pure genius! Your going to love this one!

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VaporFi Rebel 3 In-depth Review

VaporFi VaporFi Rebel 3 in blackWhen the VaporFi Rebel 2 was launched to acclaim some time back, were you one of the many who praised its quality craftsmanship and performance? Were you thrilled to have that mod in your collection, and eager to get it out on the vaping highway to test its capabilities? If so, then you may also be among the many who’ve eagerly awaited the arrival of the Rebel 3 – VaporFi’s latest entry in the Rebel line of mods and according to them one of the best e-cigarette starter kit products on the market. Well, in this VaporFi Rebel 3 Starter Kit Review, we’ll examine this new offering and see whether your anticipation has been met with a product worthy of your lofty expectations.


The Price

Ordinarily, we’d start any review with a look at any feature other than the price. After all, you really want to know what a product can do before you start worrying about how much it’s going to cost, right? In this case, however, it’s useful to examine the price point first, so that you know what to expect and can better evaluate the Rebel 3’s worth with that price in mind. The company has launched the Rebel 3 with an initial price of $119.99. Yes, it costs over a hundred dollars to get your hands on this nifty little mode. As we go through the various features and delve into its performance, you should be considering whether those benefits justify that seemingly high cost.

If your looking for a cheaper solution, or a simpler device then you may want to look at the new VaporFi VAIO GO review which is another newer vape pen from the same company.


The Design

If designed were the ultimate determining factor for justifying the price, the Rebel 3 would be a no-brainer. This is an absolutely gorgeously high-tech-looking mod. It has that same stainless steel exterior you’re used to seeing with the Revel, but everything has been given a once-over and now looks even more space-age than the old models. It’s more compact, and round (of course) to ensure that it can fit in your pocket, purse, or hand. Anyone who tells you that the device is anything other than attractive from an aesthetic standpoint is simply trying to sell you something.

The design of the Rebel 3

Despite its high-tech outer appearance, the device is incredibly simple. It has one button. Period. That button is used to turn the Rebel 3 on or off. That means that there is no need for adjusting different features. There is no OLED screen. There is nothing to do but turn your device off or turn it on. That makes it a more approachable piece of technology for newcomers to the vaping experience.


The Features

Rebel 3 in your handDespite that simple exterior, this device is packed with goodies – as any sub-ohm capable mod should be. It somehow manages to contain a 5.8 ml tank and has a drip tip that contains air holes at its base to enhance airflow and vapor production. Most importantly, the device itself seems to be fairly simple to disassemble and put back together – an important feature for the less mechanically-inclined among us. The tank and air flow are just the beginning of the great features this device offers, though.

The tank of the Rebel 3That huge tank gets support from an internal battery that is rated at an incredible 3000 mAh. And you don’t have to worry about that batter running out of power on you unexpectedly, since they’ve included a nice LED power indicator light to warn you when a recharge is needed. Sub-ohm vaping is ensured by .05 resistance that is provided by the mod’s powerful atomizer. Yes, the device is small. Yes, it seems simple almost to the point of absurdity. And yes, it can give you that level of vapor production that you typically only associate with much larger and more advanced vaping products. Appearances can sometimes be deceiving, it has some power!

There are safety features that need to be mentioned too. The device has features that are designed to prevent overload, short-circuits, vented batteries, and similar complications that can put your battery, device, or person in jeopardy. While some have suggested that this device isn’t really for beginners, we think that most new vapers could manage just fine if they took the time to familiarize themselves with the setup and features. My personal suggestion would be that any newcomer who purchases the mod simply take it down to the local vape shop and have the owner or store personnel walk them through the product’s features.


The Performance

As we’ve already noted, this is a really simple device to use. That makes it accessible for a truly broad swath of the vaping community since even beginners can figure this technology out. As far as vapor production goes, that one’s easy: the powerful battery, clear airflow design, and sub-ohm capability can allow you to produce some truly spectacular clouds of vapor. If you want to fill your room with tasty vapor clouds that impress even your cat, then this mod is certainly more than up to that challenge.


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The Verdict

As far as judging this product goes, let’s begin by considering what VaporFi actually thinks of it. The company has already ended the Rebel I and II lines, as it introduced this new version. That’s a vote of confidence from the makers that you shouldn’t just dismiss. After all, if they have enough faith in it to warrant the discontinuance of two previously successful products, then you should give the Rebel 3 some serious consideration.

We liked the durable design and compact size, as well as the high-tech aesthetic appearance that the Rebel 3 presents to the world. It’s more than a vaping device; it’s a futuristic gadget! It helps that the mod comes with a powerful battery and a gigantic tank large enough to keep up vaping for hours at a time. And we’d never complain about sub-ohm vaping capability in a simple device like this. Seriously, why hasn’t anyone put all of these elements together in this type of high-quality package before?

So, is it worth the money? You’ll have to be the judge of that, of course, but I think so. This is clearly an advanced device with tremendous capabilities, and may just represent the first real innovation to give new vapers real access to sub-ohm vaping. Try it; you won’t be disappointed.

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