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Full review of the iJoy RDTA Mini 100W Box

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iJoy RDTA Mini 100W Box Review Bottom Line

So the 100W capacity and 2600mAh are an immediate drawback, but in reality most people vape at around 40W for single coil setups and a little higher for multiple coils, so 100W is more than enough for everyday use, which is exactly the purpose of this new box mod from iJoy! Featuring a 6ml reservoir and a design that is just stunning this mod delivers! If you're an experienced vaper looking for a mod to carry around with you, then you need to look at the iJoy RDTA Mini.

The iJoy RDTA Mini 100W Full Review


The iJoy RDTA Mini 100W Box hails from its big bro, the RDTA BOX 200W, which dominated the 2016 markets having inherited the big juice capabilities and unlimited versatility. The 100W RDTA Mini, however, has a compact body that is also portable and features an upgraded in-built 2600 mAh Li-Po Battery to offer a steady output. They have also listened to their customers, a lot of people have issues with cleaning built in tanks, but iJoy have introduced a removable reservoir, so cleaning is no longer an issue and cross contamination of flavors is a thing of the past. Most tanks available in the market can fit perfectly well with the device, so feel free to use your own. Furthermore, the iJoy RDTA Mini is an all-in-one device aiming to be the best everyday box mod.

To some extent, we can term the original IJOY RDTA a revolutionary device, considering iJoy were one of the first to introduce a box mod dedicated to RDTA! With this success came the competition and they came with their full fighting power, SMOK in fact, got inspired to launch the Skyhook and no doubt they will be looking at the RDTA Mini with some interest!

Breakdown of the RDTA and AtomizerThe bottom-line, the original RDTA could fire as much as 200 watts and the e-liquid was impressively huge. So why the IJOY RDTA, what new does it bring? We will provide answers to all these questions as we take an objective look at the device.

IJOY has undoubtedly made a huge step in making a fantastic vape gadget, which can effectively compete with most 100 watt devices you may have heard of. No, it’s not ideal for new vapers who are looking to quit smoking, but for those who love vaping this has it all!


Original RDTA Box Evolution

Did you think evolution happens only to nature? Well, the RDTA Mini from iJoy disagrees! It evolves from the original RDTA Box platform by dramatically cutting down on the size to make it a device to use when out and about, but still delivers the performance you crave. Take a look at the image below to see the dimensions! It’s perfect!

It comes only in two colors – black or black with gray – but there are plans to improve on the color base in future releases. Some of the anticipated future colors are black/purple, black/red, black/blue, black/yellow, black/white and black/teal.


Whopping 6ml of e-liquid

6ml tank capacityThe creativity behind the whole thing is impressive considering it has a compact look while still managing to host 6ml of e-liquid. Refilling of this is effortless, as you can easily do it via a wide port located beneath a threaded cap at the top.

One other thing we really liked is the LED warning indicator to let you know that your e-liquid is running low! How many of us have taken that last draw of burning cotton that tastes just so bad! Well no more my friends, all you have to do is make sure you monitor it, a great feature!

Worried that you are about to change the e-juice flavors and don’t want any mix-up – which can be gross by the way? Here’s is some exciting news, the reservoir is washable. So, change your flavors without any worries.

To ensure it meets its all-in-one claims, the RDTA Mini maintains the ergonomic chassis for permitting single-handed operations. The control face has a 0.96-inch OLED which includes a vertically oriented menu. Some of the information that you can derive from this includes battery level, resistance puff time, voltage, mode, current power and temperature among others. You can also change the operating modes from a secondary menu whilst the left-handed users can just flip the screen meet their needs.


The 100W IJOY RDTA Mini dimensionsBetter Battery Output

The 100W IJOY RDTA BOX MINI features a 2600mAg Li-Po rechargeable battery whose lifespan is long enough to serve you for some good time. Different coil configuration options are well accommodated by the RBM Deck that has a dual terminal design. You also get the ability to use a premade sub-ohm coil, whose specs are as follows: 0.25ohm RBM-C2 Coil Head which can be anything between 30W to 60W.

In addition, the Box Mini can effectively power atomizers to a maximum of 100W since it utilizes the IWEPAL chipboard and can be used with atomizers with as low as 0.05ohm which pretty much covers everybody’s needs.


Improved tank Refilling

Gone are the dark days when refilling the tank was a dreaded task, even with the best e-cigarettes this is a painful task. The new device forces a complete about-turn on that by integrating an external dedicated fill port.  The device’s IWEPAL chipset can fire as much as 100 watts with the unique Custom User Mode and explicit TC suite.

Within the kit, you will find a pre-built RBM-C2 0.25ohm coil to save a little time if you just want to go ahead and vape! The device’s heat resistance capability has been taken to the next level thanks to the Delrin and stainless steel materials used.


Our Conclusion

The 100W battery power may seem quite low especially when you compare with other marketed box mods, but this is more than enough for most vapers who generally vape at around 40W for single coil setups and a little higher for multiple coils, so don’t be put off by that. One slight issue is the battery capacity of 2600mAh (built in battery, so you can;t just switch them), which is a little low for people who vape constantly throughout the day, but that’s the sacrifice iJoy had to take to achieve the size of this mod.

Overall we were super impressed with the design and performance of this mod, and would highly recommend it as an everyday vape!


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