Full review of the SMOK Vape Pen Plus Kit
Smok Vape Pen Plus Kit Review and Deals
May 1, 2017
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Full review of the SMOK Vape Pen Plus Kit
Smok Vape Pen Plus Kit Review and Deals
May 1, 2017
The Full Sigelei Kaos Spectrum Review
Sigelei Kaos Spectrum 230W TC Mod Review and Deals
May 8, 2017

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ELeaf iKonn Total Review Bottom Line

Most manufacturers of ‘tiny mods’ focus entirely on providing more power without increasing bulk. The battle for the smallest, most compact mod means taking the smallest battery possible, and then putting the smallest tank possible on top of the battery. Eleaf has broken out from that mindset by placing their ELLO atomizer, tank and a moderately powerful 50W output battery side by side to provide a satisfying and low-fuss vape for users who don’t need ‘extras.'

ELeaf iKonn Total Full Review

The full ELeaf iKonn Total with ELLO Mini box modEleaf’s iKonn Total is a fresh face in the mini mod marketplace where challengers compete to provide smaller and smaller vaping devices with higher and higher voltage ranges.  The iKonn Total mini is more than a vape pen but not a customizable mod. The size is larger than some competing mini mods, but the ingenious, functional design compensates for a tiny bit of extra bulk. How does this compare with the best box mods out there? Well, let’s take a look.

There are no screens or settings, just a hidden firing button that doubles as a LED battery level indicator. The tank is set side-by-side with the battery, and everything – tank, atomizer, and battery – is hidden inside a sturdy plastic casing.  The recessed tank is completely encased and protected, but the e-liquid level is clearly visible.

ELeaf iKonn Total and ELLO Mini broken down

One Battery, no Pairing

The mod is built around a single 18650 battery. If you run out of power, you can either recharge the battery inside the mod using the USB charger at the bottom or slip in a fresh battery at the top of the mod. Change the battery by screwing off the cap next to the mouthpiece, drop in a new battery and replace the cap. Battery life depends on usage, and if you use the iKonn Total at a constant 20 watts, you’ll get a decent day’s vaping out of the battery.  The advantage of using just one battery means you never have to pair batteries for your mod, and you can use old batteries for longer to get your full money’s worth from each one!


Innovative Design

eLeaf encased the entire mod in a smooth, sturdy cover with recessed portholes. You access the battery by unscrewing the top cap, but the rest of the case is a push-pull design, and the unit can be completely disassembled to clean or to change coils.


Modern look

The iKonn Total appears a little chunkier than its contemporaries but the total unit including the ELLO atomizer and mini-tank measures only 82mm high, 48.8mm wide and just 28mm thick, which means it is only about 10mm (1cm) wider than most mini mods. The recessed tank is visible through open ‘portholes’ on both sides and does not interfere with the handling at all. Using their past experience with the iJust X AIO, they have certainly made improvements.

The mod comes in black, a black & red combination, gray, blue, and a gorgeous white & a fresh green combination which seems to epitomize the Eleaf iKonn Total’s fresh design approach.

Colors of the box mod available

Fire it Up

The fire button has been cleverly hidden to increase safety when you carry the unit in a bag or pocket. The operation is familiar: just lift the easy-slide cover and hold down the fire button to start vaping.  Keep an eye on the light emission from the fire button – it indicates battery life to help you keep track of usage during the day.  When the battery is at an optimum level, it will stay lit but will start flashing at around 50% and lower,  increasing flash frequency as the battery drains.


Upgrade to XL

2 Versions of the tankThe tank sits on top of the atomizer containing eLeaf’s new HW-series coils, and the iKonn comes standard with a mini-tank which holds 2ml of e-juice. You can upgrade to the ELLO mini XL-tank for an excellent 5ml e-juice.  Although the 510 thread makes it theoretically compatible with other brands and types of tanks, the unique iKoNN side-by-side idea will prohibit such inventiveness.


Circuit Safety

A dual-circuit protection (software and hardware combination) will safeguard users against over-discharging and heating, and over-charging alike.



  • Covered tank, atomizer, and battery for safe handling without accidentally hitting the firing button
  • Good taste with moderate to good vapor production.
  • Single battery (continuous discharge current around 25A)
  • Resistance range 0.15 to 3.0 ohm (2 coils)
  • 1-step operation with no manual settings
  • Automatic temperature control and safety cut-off
  • Pocket size with side-by-side tank and battery at only 134g
  • 2ml tank with easy top fill cap
  • Upgrade tank to 5ml capacity


eLeaf IKONN SPECIFICATIONS:Size of box mod shown in a hand

  • With 2ml ELLO Tank the dimensions are 48.8 mm wide, 71mm high and 28ml thick
  • Capacity: 2ml.  Upgrade to ELLO XL tank for 5ml e-juice capacity
  • Weight: 133.9 grams
  • PVC container
  • Top Fill
  • HW-series coils with single output mode resistance range: 0.15Ω – 3.Ω
  • Replaceable 18650 Battery not included.
  • External battery charger not included.
  • USB Port for wall adapter or computer charging
  • Dual Circuit Protection



Eleaf seems to have accepted that, for now, batteries cannot be made significantly smaller than the ones we have at the moment. Therefore, rather than trying to shave millimeters off a new mod design, they decided to concentrate on providing a fuss-free vaping experience to the average user who does not require extensive customization or extreme power.  It’s ideal for casual vapers or slipped into a pocket for a standby unit.

There may be one drawback for users of the best electronic cigarettes, who vape very frequently for short periods:  while the easy-slide container completely protects the fire button when not in use, you may find it irritating to have to lift the protective cap every time you want to fire up.  This will depend on your style of usage and seems a small issue compared to the other benefits of this sleek design.

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