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VaporFi Air 2 Review Bottom Line

VaporFi is moderately famous for their dry herb- and starter vaping gear. The VaporFi Air has been around for a while, and they have just updated it to the new Air 2 Mini Vaporizer which has a larger 1.4ml tank, 1.1ohm atomizer resistance, top fill, and top airflow design, and over-discharge protection. VaporFi describes it as a "bit of a jack-of-all-trades" because it's intended as a dual-use vaping pen for users who enjoy both e-liquids and oils or waxes.

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Full Indepth Review of the VaporFi Air 2 Vaporizer

The VaporFi Air 2 in black or whiteThe overall impression is ease of use, low-fuss, and discreet, which makes the VaporFi Air 2 very portable. The flat pen-style device measures just 105mm x 18mm x 10mm – smaller than the Vaporesso Veco Solo but larger than the JUUL, which makes it an excellent pocket-sized companion. The aim of the VaporFi Air 2 is to deliver an MTL experience similar to combustible cigarettes for ‘switchers’ and to allow vapers to experiment with both e-liquids and oils using the correct oil-compatible coil add-on.


Built-in Battery:

The internal battery is rated at 350mAh, which makes it one of the lowest powered devices on the market. This has one profound benefit for those who are worried about battery explosions, but the output wattage is an entirely sufficient 15W, which means it has more than enough oomph to deliver the hit required for a dedicated mouth to lung (MTL) device. The battery does not last very long though, and you’ll need to recharge during the day, but that is easily done with the Micro-USB cable which plugs into the side of the pen. The single LED notification light will change color to let you know when it’s time to recharge. It takes about an hour to recharge fully, but the bypass function allows you to vape during this period.
Cap off to show VaporFi Air 2 top filling

Top Refilling Tank:

The small tank capacity makes it easy to switch between complementary e-juice flavors without hassle, and VaporFi is renowned for their vast range of premium e-liquids! The leak-proof tank has a 1.4ml e-liquid capacity. The window allows you to check the e-juice level and the tank has a clearly marked fill line. To add juice – or replace the coil – just click off the customized mouthpiece. Look for two small slots on either side of the mouthpiece. These are used to loosen the coil assembly before you pop off the coil head assembly. Then simply add vape juice through the gap. The user manual contains full instructions for the procedure. This is becoming the standard in all the best vape pens these days, as it is one way to avoid messy eliquid spills.


Sleek and Discreet:

The VaporFi Air 2 is available in unobtrusive white and black as an all-in-one design, with seamless integration of the built-in battery which is position at the bottom and stretches to the mid-section. The atomizer, tank, and mouthpiece take up the rest of the unit to complete this very simple one-button-operation device.


Safety Features:

The size of the VaporFi Air 2Smart-chip technology now includes over-discharge and short-circuit protection and a cut-off safety system.


Just One Button:

There are no settings – just a power on / power off button with an intelligent LED indicator. The color of the light changes from green to yellow and then red during use to indicate the state of the battery charge. Pressing the fire button five times will turn it on to preheat, and the LED light will flash when the unit is ready for vaping.


Dual Capability for Specialty Coils:

The VaporFi Air 2 comes with two low resistance stainless steel 1.1Ω coil heads rated for 5 – 15W. There are four small holes to ensure good wicking and flavor production. The coil is attached directly to the chimney assembly, and you will need to change this standard atomizer to a separately purchased herb oil concentrate atomizer before you add oil concentrate to the tank.


Tight Airflow:

The improved top-airflow system gives better flavor than before but it is still a tight draw, and this is one of the VaporFi Air 2’s strongest points as an MTL device for switchers. You cannot adjust the airflow, but the device has been designed to mimic the experience of puffing a cigarette closely. Switchers should be careful to mix their e-juice carefully if they want an e-liquid that is strong enough to satisfy nicotine cravings and, especially, will compensate for that cigarette-like throat hit.

Contents of the VaporFi Air 2 Kit


  • Trim and discreet with fast recharging and bypass vaping
  • Quick switch from an e-juice atomizer for herb oil concentrate atomizer
  • Small battery capacity to introduce the device to new users who may be nervous about battery explosions
  • Visible e-juice levels and small tank capacity to quickly switch between e-juice flavors
  • Tight airflow delivers experience similar to cigarette puffing
  • Good taste production with thousands of flavors to choose from



Extremely compact and easy to use for people who are using vaping to quit smoking, this is a brilliant starter kit for beginners, especially so because VaporFi is a notable manufacturer of premium e-juice and they can supply endless combinations to suit specific requirements, arguably making then one of the best e-cig brands out there. The VaporFi Air 2’s tight draw is intended to help switchers end their dependence on nicotine, but also fills a particular gap in the vaping market for vapers of oil concentrates, and delivers very high value for money at a very reasonable price.


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