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iJoy Avenger Baby Review
August 30, 2018
Vaping not that bad
Vaping Really Isn’t That Bad – Or am I Biased?
September 7, 2018
The iJoy Avenger Baby Kit review
iJoy Avenger Baby Review
August 30, 2018
Vaping not that bad
Vaping Really Isn’t That Bad – Or am I Biased?
September 7, 2018
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Eleaf Istick Amnis with GS Drive Tank review

By: Nicholas King.
Last Updated: September 6th, 2018.


6.8 Final Score
Eleaf Istick Amnis Kit Bottom Line

If you want a vape to carry around with you and forget it's there then the new Eleaf Istick Amnis Kit might be the answer. Simple to use with an internal 900mAh battery and no settings to worry about, complete with the newly designed GS Drive tank with a mesh coil which delivers a satisfactory vape. Expert and experienced vapers may feel a little underwhelmed due to the lack of power maxing at around 30W, but for a new vaper, this is one to look at.

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In-depth Eleaf Istick Amnis with GS Drive Tank Review

We love it when vape companies produce small vape mod kits that can easily fit in your pocket, but what we don’t like is when these kits don’t perform. So the major question on the new Eleaf Istick Amnis Kit is, has this kit got the performance to match its ultra-small look? Only one way to find out and that’s to review the kit!
Colors available on the iStick Amnis Kit


The design is all about size, and it’s small, although technically it’s a box mod, it’s more like a cross between a vape pen and a mod, because of it’s thin yet relatively tall look.

With the tank on it measures just 122mm tall, 24mm wide and has a depth of 18mm with an overall weight of around 60-65grams, so it fits in the hand relatively well but can’t quite be concealed thanks to its protruding and pretty big tank.

Eleaf is releasing a nice range of colors in the initial release which includes black, silver, red, green, blue, and purple, but expect some special edition colors and designs to appear soon. The finish on the Amnis has a rubber-like coating making it soft and smooth to grip, but also gives it a non-slip feel.
Side views of the Istick Amnis Kit


The Istick Amnis has a built-in 900mAh battery which is relatively small, but with a maximum output wattage set to 30W should last a reasonable amount of time. The resistances for your coils can be between 0.15-3-ohms so will support both mouth to lung and direct lung inhales, although the coils that are included in the kit only support direct lung inhales. If your not sure if this is the right e-cig, then you can compare the different types of e-cigs here.

There’s no screen or settings but it does have a battery indicator, which is a simple color LED. Red means it has less than 10% charge remaining and needs a recharge, blue means less than 30% charge, amber represents less than 60% charge and green is obviously fully charged.

The Istick Amnis mod is also packed with safety features which include over-charge/discharge protection to extend the life of the built-in battery, current protection to stop your coils burning through, as well as short circuit protection should your device get wet or develop a fault.

The GS Drive Tank and components

GS Drive Tank

A slightly new design with the tank from Eleaf with a clever, but somewhat over-engineered, retractable top fill and childproof top cap. Not sure why they wanted to include a lock on the cap, but it works and has a better function of stopping any leaks with an accidental opening. Our guess is that this is the real purpose of this lock. The cap has an arrow showing you which way to slide the cap to enable easy top fill.

With a small capacity of just 2ml, it means you’re going to have to carry your e-liquid bottle around with you, unfortunately, but this is mainly thanks to the TPD regulations in Europe. Eleaf is not producing a larger tank at this time.

The GS Air Mesh coils are something to get excited about though. In our opinion mesh coils are the best way to get the maximum flavor from your e-liquid, so it’s really good to see that Eleaf is also including this with the tank. It’s slightly on the high side of resistance at 0.35ohms, but it’s been designed that way to suit the relatively low power of 25-30 watts from the Amnis mod.

Total size of the Istick Amnis Kit


We’re using the 0.35ohm mesh coil with the airflow fully open to get the maximum out of this device. The vape is a little restricted as we expected and the flavor is slightly muted in comparison to more powerful devices on the market. This is to be expected.

Performing repetitive vapes to test the wicking of the coil seems to pass without a problem, no dry hits at all.

Charging the Eleaf Istick Amnis Kit

To Conclude

There is obviously one huge positive with the Eleaf Istick Amnis kit and that’s the size, it’s small and convenient. For this, though you do pay slightly with a slightly muted taste and resistant airflow. The battery at 900mAh isn’t going to last the day. But for a first time user, or a user looking for the best e-cig to quit smoking with it’s a great option to give vaping a try and start your vaping journey with. For an experienced vaper, however, you may be a little underwhelmed.


What Others Say:


I like it, I thinks its pretty solid and can see a smoker transitioning to this without a problem…

vaping v1ck


I love the size, simple and easy to use with everything you need to vape except the juice, just push and vape…



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