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Vaporesso are well known in the industry for creating some of the best box mods with the freshest taste, but now they have released their version of a vape pen, the VECO One Compact. With its 1500mah battery providing direct voltage, coupled with their ceramic coil tank, the only question we have is why did they wait so long to release it! It's awesome!

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The Veco One Compact Kit2017 has started with a bang for vapers as we have already seen a huge uptake in kits that have a sub ohm tank and a miniature mod, especially from Vaporesso. Vaporesso, a Chinese based company, seem to continue their trend of releasing many kits now and then. After introducing various kits that took the vaping market by storm, they are at it again with Vaporesso VECO One. And today we will be taking a look at this kit.


The Full Vaporesso VECO One Compact Starter Kit Review

Update: The VECO One was so popular that Vaporesso has now released a new model, known as the Veco One Solo. The VECO One kit, however, is a powerful, feature-rich mini-mod that has ceramic-less coils and Vaporesso’s new Veco tank. The VECO One in silver and blackThis kit combines the 2ml Veco tank with the powerful 1500 mah battery. Its Sub ohm tank features a 2 ml e-liquid capacity with a top airflow and top fill design to allow ease of use and leak-free vaping experience. It has top adjustable air flow with several EUC coil options that make customizing easy. The Veco Tank utilizes the modern universal EUC Coils which are environmentally friendly pre-made coils manufactured nowadays. The coils combine well with 1500 mah battery making this Kit look sleek and compact. It’s a perfect vaping kit for newbies and veterans on the go.


Packaging and Design

Don’t let the diminutive size of this kit put you off because this well-designed device can churn out 40 watts of power, and comes with a temperature control to boot. And best of all it looks good and modern.

Inside the box, you’ll find the vape mod itself, a micro-USB cable, a Veco Tank with EUC coil installed, and a spare Clapton 0.3ohm EUC coil.

The Veco One KitIn terms of appearance, the Veco vape pen is uniquely shaped with new center-mounted 510 connection. There’s a LED display on one of the side and a fire button on top. It has adjustment buttons to help one choose their preferred vaping mode.

Fortunately, Vaporesso creatively put the micro USB port on the side to allow you to charge this device while standing it in an upright position. Something most of the mini mods do not have.

The overall build quality is top notch, and its design is superb. Depending on your preferred color, the sides of this devices are gilded with various designs that range from funky multi-colored to sleek metallic skin.


The Kit

What You’ll Get When You Order a Kit:

  • One Vaporesso VECO One Compact Starter Kit with 1500 mah rechargeable battery
  • 2ml-/4ml Veco Tank that’s leak proof
  • Pre-installed ceramic EUC 0.3 ohm 0.3
  • One extra traditional Clapton 0.3 ohm EUC coil
  • A detailed user guide and warranty card


The Specs

Vaporesso VECO One Compact Specifications:

  • The size of the Veco shown in a handSleek metallic body
  • Tank window
  • 1500 mah rechargeable battery
  • 40 watts of power
  • It also has a power button
  • Comes with easy-to-fill top design
  • Micro USB charging
  • Eco-friendly EUC coil someone
  • It also has adjustable top airflow
  • 2ml leak proof Veco Tank


The VECO One has everything you need to vape and is classed as one of the best vape pens on the market right now; its sleek, futuristic metallic looks make it perfect for executive vaping on the go. The smooth vape pen includes an on-board rechargeable 1500 mah battery, and a removable Veco tank makes this device just awesome. It has all the benefits of a starter vaping kits such as no mess, ease of use, simple settings, and also professional design; features that are not common in most vape mods.


Battery Details

The battery of the VECO OneJust like many mini mods, the Vaporesso VECO One Compact Starter Kit is powered by a built-in battery. It has a commendable battery that has 1500 mah. How long the battery lasts depends on how you frequently vape. If you are not a constant vaper, it will get you through the day without having to recharge.

Charging is done through the USB, and fortunately, this mod charges pretty fast.

The tank on it's own

Tank Details

The Vaporesso VECO One Compact Starter Kit comes with a leak proof tank that has a 2ml e-liquid capacity.

The flavor is very good and comes out in decent amounts. Swapping the coils is also easy and won’t require you to drain the tank. You can change the coils without leakage or spillage. Its airflow adjustment knob is a little tight with minimizes accidental adjustment while in transit.


Overall Verdict

Whether you’re a beginner or veteran vaper, this kit won’t disappoint you; the Vaporesso VECO is up there with the best electronic cigarettes on the market.

Nicholas King
Nicholas King
Nicholas King is the sole owner and editor of SmokeTastic. Nicholas, use to smoke 30 a day back in 2011 before converting to vaping. With a depth of knowledge in the vaping industry and the research he conducts, makes him one of the most recognized and experienced vapers in the industry.