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Full review of the BO Vape Starter Ki

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BO Vape Pen Starter Kit Bottom Line

BO Vaping has released the BO One Ultra Portable Pod System that competes with JUUL and other pod systems. At just 10cm tall and ultra-thin it's easy to forget its in your pocket, but the performance on this small e-cig is very good indeed. You get filled replaceable pods in a variety of rich and tasty flavors all having a standard nicotine strength of 3.5%. We were extremely surprised how good the BO Vape starter kit actually performs and recommend you try it for yourself.

Bo One Pod System in black

In-depth Review of the BO Vape Pen Starter Kit

Pod e-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular, especially with those smokers who want an introduction to vaping that recreated the sensation of smoking. Pod e-cigs have been around for some time now, but recently we have seen a huge investment from the big e-cig companies to develop new pods that compete with the best e-cigarettes.

One such manufacturer is JWELL and their release of the Bo Vape starter kit with Black Market which is also marketed as the BO One and BO One Ultra (all the same product and just a play on the words BO One Ultra Portable Pod System) but this product is a testament to the investment we are seeing. But how does this pod compete with the best on the market, and how does it actually vape? Let’s find out!


Designs and colors of the Bo One


One thing for sure, the design of these pods systems and particularly the Bo One is that they look gorgeous. They have this feeling of quality about them and is a vast improvement to the cigalikes products that were first released in 2003, that said there are still some great cigalikes you can get on the market.

The Bo One is a sleek looking mod, with its ceramic coating and multiple colors available including black, grey, gold, and a few funky designs like Arlequin, snow camo, and panda! Measuring at 10cm tall and 16mm wide, this pod is small!



With such a small size, the internal battery is small in comparison to vape pens or box mods, with just 380mAh of power. The beauty with pod cartridges though, is that they use less current and therefore your battery will last longer. As a rough estimate, for a heavy vaper, using it constantly it should last between 3-5 hours before needing a recharge which takes approx an hour.

Size of the Bo One Pod vaping device

There is an LED on the front of the Bo Pod which tells you the performance of the battery. Blue means it’s fully charged, white means it’s dropped to 50%, red means the battery is below 10% and needs charging.


The replacement pods on the Bo vaping product

Replacement Pods

Bo have a range of 6 flavors to suit most vapers including fresh cut tobacco, I see mint ice menthol, Kiwi berries, fresh mango, jelly mixed berries, and apple juice. They all contain 3.5% nicotine, which in our opinion is the optimal level to get the hit and yet still enjoy the pleasure of the flavor you choose.

One huge advantage is that the pods hold 1.5ml of juice in comparison to the Juul starter kit for example that holds 0.7ml, so these pods will last at least twice as long.

That said, it’s not all good news. Unfortunately, the Bo pods are not refillable, meaning you have to buy the pods separately rather than buying any juice and filling it up.


The complete Bo Vape Starter Kit


Being veteran vaping enthusiasts for years, we are really use to huge clouds and direct lung inhale devices so coming back to the Bo One Pod system we thought it’s going to be harsh and really poor on performance.

Boy were we wrong, with the Bo One you can actually vape both ways; mouth to lung to please smokers and ex-smokers but also direct lung inhales to please experienced vapers. You can read more about the different types of vaping here, if your a little confused.

The 3.5% nicotine levels sound low but believe us, it’s not. It holds just the right amount of nicotine to enjoy the flavors of the juices without any contamination. The Bo One produces a smooth vape that is really enjoyable. You’re not going to produce huge clouds of vapor, but you are going to get that feeling of vaping and a subtle yet smooth vapor.


To Conclude

If you’re new to vaping, or even a smoker looking to quit smoking then the Pod systems are a great way to start. The Bo One system is one of the highest quality pod systems out there which is not going to disappoint and give you a true, smooth and flavourful vape.

Overall we were really impressed with the Bo One and pleasantly surprised with the great flavors they also have on offer. It would have been nice to see a refillable pod, so we can use our own e-liquids, but that might still happen in the future.

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