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Vaporesso Swag 2 Vape Mod Kit Bottom Line

The new Vaporesso Swag 2 is a great looking and quality small box mod vape kit. The AXON chipset delivers a responsive and accurate vape whilst the 0.35 dual mesh coil produces a great vape at higher wattages. Battery life with this coil is limited, however, but you can switch to the 0.5 CCELL coils which are used at lower wattages but dampens flavor slightly. Overall a great performing mod, that we expect from one of the leading vape brands.


In-depth Vaporesso Swag 2 Kit Review

Vaporesso has launched a new single 18650 box mod kit that’s small and cute, this is actually a new design of the original Swag Box mod but with a few improvements. In this review, we will be checking out the features and performance to see if the Vaporesso Swag 2 is one of the best electronic cigarette products in its class or one to avoid!

Design of the Vaporesso Swag 2


Within the kit, you get the usual user manual, extra O-rings for the tank, a USB charging cable should you wish to charge your 18650 from the mods 2amp in-built charger, and an extra coil which is a 0.5-ohm mesh coil, with a 0.35-ohm dual mesh coil pre-installed within the tank.

The tank is top-fill tank with 25mm diameter, airflow at the bottom which is controllable with the ring, overall a pretty standard looking, stock, sub-ohm tank.

The mod itself has a plastic feel to it on the outside, but measuring in at just 50mm wide, 25mm in-depth and a total height of 108mm with the tank on is overall a pretty small looking box mod.

Vaporesso are offering a number of color options, with some options to have a color fade in to add to the aesthetics and look. The colors include a red fade, blue fade and an all-black version. We expect a few more designs to be released in the future, so we will see.

On the front face of the Swag 2 you’ll find the large fire button, below that is the 0.91″ OLED screen and a menu button below the screen. The up and down buttons are on the side of the mod, which is a little different, and the USB port is on the opposite side. The 510 screw thread for the tank is obviously on top, but you can only really fit tanks which have a diameter of 25mm. The battery cap is at the side of the tank thread and protrudes, so if you have a large bubble glass on your tank, it’s likely going to get in the way!

Features of the Vaporesso Swag 2


The Vaporesso Swag 2 features the similar 5 clicks on/off feature that we see on most electronic cigarettes. When you screw on the tank, or change the coil, pressing the fire button will ask you if it is a new load (meaning a new coil). You press either the up or down button to confirm. The screen will then display the battery indicator with a percentage remaining, the resistance of the coil in the tank, a puff counter, the wattage of the mod currently set and the vape mode.

Three clicks of the fire button lock the device, but still allows you to fire the device. This is good because the up and down buttons are easily clicked accidentally due to their placement on the mod.

When the Swag 2 mod is unlocked, you can use the up and down buttons to change the wattage, anything between 5-80 Watts, incrementing in 0.1W instances.

Either holding the menu button down or clicking it 3 times allows you to go into the menu functions. Here you can select the vape mode from Pulse mode, Power ECO Mode, Smart TC mode (which automatically sets the temperature control feature), DIY Mode, System Settings or exit. Within the DIY mode, there are additional options for Variable wattage, Variable temperature (where you pick the coil material and temperature), Variable voltage, custom curve mode, bypass and super player mode. Within the settings mode, you can reset the puff counter, adjust the brightness, flip the screen and set the vape mode.

Performance of the Vaporesso Swag 2


To start our test we going to be using the pre-installed 0.35-ohm dual mesh coil that comes with the kit. This coil is for the higher wattage vapers and in our opinion produces the best tasting vape. We’re setting the wattage to 60W.

The taste coming from the Vaporesso Swag V2 is actually really good, thanks to the mesh dual coils, it produces a nice amount of clouds as well. So far so good! Vaping it continually at these settings for an hour is starting to really have an effect on the battery, and we can tell this mod is struggling to keep to the same performance levels.

Switching over to the CCELL 0.5-ohm coil and turning the wattage down to just below 30W we find the performance to be a lot better long term. The taste is not quite as good but still very satisfying. Overall as far as performance is concerned we are really happy with the Axon chipset which is driving this device, it’s very quick response and accuracy is excellent.

Packaging on the Vaporesso Swag 2


The Vaporesso Swag V2 is a great looking little box mod, which feels lovely to hold and use, despite it’s all plastic feel. It’s great to be carrying around with you and has the lock function so you’re not accidentally switching wattages whilst carrying in your pocket. As for performance, vaping the Vaporesso Swag 2 at the higher wattage with the 0.35 dual mesh coil produces the best tasting vapor, but the battery life is limited dual to it using a single 18650 battery. You may need to carry some spares. The alternative is to use the less powered CCELL 0.5-ohm coil, which vapes at considerable lower wattages but extends the battery life considerably. You do however have to sacrifice a slight dampening of taste.

Overall, we were really happy with the Vaporesso Swag V2 vape mod kit, it produces a great vape with a lot of functionality that’s easy to use and feels great to hold. Performance is good, everything we expected from one of the top e-cigarette brands on the market.

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