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Review of the Geek Vape Frenzy Kit

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9.0 Final Score
GeekVape Frenzy Pod Bottom Line

The new Geek Vape Frenzy Pod system comes with 2 coils, the 0.7ohm mesh coil which switches the system to variable voltage mode and the 1.2ohm stainless steel coil which switches the Frenzy into temperature control mode. With both modes, you can change the output power or temperature between 3 different set levels. The draw on both these coils is great and in our opinion, the 1.2ohm wins with a greater, tighter draw, both however produce a great flavorful vape and with further control thanks to the adjustable airflow. Mouth to lung only on these coils though, so direct lung inhalers may struggle.

In-depth GeekVape Frenzy AIO Kit Review

Geek Vape has a small pod system on the market in direct competition with the SMOK Trinity Alpha Kit and the popular Lost Vape Orion Kit. A small compact pod system with adjustable power, adjustable airflow, and temperature control. But how good is this pod system and does it suit all types of vapers? We take a closer look to see.

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Colors of the Geek Vape Frenzy Kit


The square design on Pod systems is all the rage at the moment, so no surprise that Geek Vape have their own version, and they have done a wonderful job with the aesthetics of the Frenzy Pod device!

Measuring in at just 86mm tall, 37mm wide and with a depth of just 16mm, this pod is tiny, smaller than it's competitors but with the real resin sides, the feel of this device in your hand is nothing but pure quality.

GeekVape have a number of different designs to choose from, which include; gold with carbon fiber, blue with carbon fiber, black with carbon fiber and silver with carbon fiber, also they have a number of resin type designs that include; blue azure, black ghost, black onyx, and black magma.

You can tell that GeekVape has kept the user in mind when designing this unit. Midway down the side is the fire button, although small it is slightly raised so easy to find. On the bottom of the same side is the Micro USB port for recharging, they do provide the charging cable. The base has some air vent holes to allow cooling of the internal battery, and it's also nice to see an airflow control in knurled metal so it's easy to grip and adjust.

Front, back and side view of the GeekVape Frenzy Kit


Geek Vape has been clever with the features on the Frenzy Pod. Their idea was to give the most satisfaction to the user by applying easy to use features which they have achieved.

First of, the Frenzy is using the familiar 5 clicks on and off feature, which we see on all the best e-cigarette products.

The Frenzy has an internal 950mAh battery, which is pretty good considering the overall size of the unit, it can be recharged with the supplied USB cable and the LED just above the USB port will flash depending on the charge level. i.e. it will pulse red when it is at 0-70% and pulse green when between 70-100%, when completely charged the green light will stay on. It also has a battery indicator to check when using, simply click the fire button twice and the led will flash twice a color, again each color represents the charge remaining; green for 70-100%, blue for 31-69% and red for 0-30%.

Now for the most impressive feature, thanks to the new built-in AS Micro Chipset! The automatic output matching function. This is where the Frenzy Pod system detects which coil is in the device and for the 0.7ohm mesh coil switches the system to variable voltage mode where clicking the button 3 times the user can switch between 2.5V, 2.7V or 2.9V. With the 1.2ohm standard coil the Frenzy Pod switches the output to temperature control mode and again the user can choose by clicking the fire button 3 times between 420 degrees, 440 degrees and 460 degrees Fahrenheit. The LED color represents the different levels with white as the lowest, blue for the middle and green for the highest.

The Frenzy Pods or Tanks

The Pods

The pods are held into place with magnets and are quite a tight so shouldn't fall off like other reviews state. Obviously, Geek Vape took that feedback and repaired the issue before release.

The drip tip is stuck in place and not removable, that said there is really no reason too as it serves its purpose well. On the bottom of the pod, you will find your fill port covered with a little plastic cover where you'll find a small groove to put your fingernail in to remove. This reveals to holes, you can use either, the other is just so the air can escape when filling and save any spillage. That said the holes are pretty small so using a dripper is not going to work well.

A nice feature of this pod is the replaceable coils, to remove them turn the knurled airflow a quarter turn and pull. The coils are the same we saw on the Flint vape pen so you can use them, but they do include 2 coils in the kit, one 1.2ohm for the temperature control mode we explained above and one 0.7ohm mesh coil for voltage mode.

It's also nice to see an easy to use airflow control on the bottom of the pod and is easy to use when in operation, thanks to this knurled finish.

Taken apart of the GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit


We're now going to test both coils with the different setting that the Frenzy offer. Starting out with the 1.2ohm coil, so we are now in temperature control mode and setting it to the green setting so 460 degrees, the air flow is wide open. As this is mouth to lung we're also using a 12mg nicotine content e-liquid. It produces a relatively tight airflow but the taste of the flavor is coming through whilst producing a nice hit on the throat and a great cloud. The airflow can make the draw even tighter which is nice. The higher temperature mode produces a nice warm vape, not the hottest out there, but satisfying nevertheless.

With the 0.7ohm coil, set to the highest voltage and again with the airflow wide open there's really not that much difference. It seems the vape is a little warmer and produces the same good taste from the e-liquid. The airflow is a little looser, so those who like a tighter draw may prefer the 1.2ohm coil. Trying direct lung inhales with the 0.7ohm coil does work, but is far too resistant to really enjoy that way long term.

Overall we preferred the 1.2ohm coil with the nice tight draw, adjustable airflow, and adjustable temperature. The flavor is great and a great overall vape, in fact it's one of the best vape pods we've tried for some time.

Size of the GeekVape Frenzy Pod Kit in hand


The GeekVape Frenzy Pod system has been designed to suit vapers who like the mouth to lung inhale type devices. They offer 2 coils, the 0.7ohm mesh coils which switch the system to variable voltage mode where you can choose from 2.5V - 2.9V. The draw is a little loose for a mouth to lung (MTL) vape, but the flavor comes through nicely. The 1.2ohm coil switched the system to variable temperature control where the user can switch from 420 degrees, 440 degrees and 460 degrees Fahrenheit. The draw with this coil is a lot better for those who like a tighter airflow, but also produces the nice flavor you expect.

Overall we loved this pod from Geek Vape and features as one of the best vapes out there. It is only really for MTL vapers but produces a nice, tight, flavorful vape.

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