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South Beach Smoke Review Bottom Line

South Beach Smoke have been around for sometime, and this is the original company that has no expanded to VaporFi and other brands. They still produce the classic Cig-a-like electronic cigarette and their flavors are some of the best in the business. Overall, although, in our opinion, it's not the best on the market, you will find it hard to find one with as good flavor!

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In-Depth Review of South Beach Smoke:

Updated 9th February 2016!

South Beach Smoke is among the most popular and funky e-cigarette company currently in the market. This is despite the coming up of other several competing companies in the market. With a cool looking website and content variety, South Beach Smoke has been able to create a strong reputation in the market. South Beach Smoke has tried to become competitive by marketing itself as the best e-cigarette company in the world especially with the rise in demand for their products.

Packages on Offer

Now to begin our South Beach Smoke Review, we shall look at their popular packages and the starter kits on offer;

1. Deluxe Starter Kit

south beach smoke deluxe kitFor the packages on offer, this is the cheapest and basic package that you can get. The kit comes with relatively small box which makes it easy to carry around and has South Beach Smoke logo on it. Unfortunately the kit does not have USB charger which means you have to buy it separately or opt for the more expensive kit. This makes it a less impressive kit as most vaporizer use USB for charging. For $59.99, you will be able to get yourself this kit containing the following: 2 lithium-ion battery one standard and the other extra-capacity battery, 5 cartridges and a wall charger.

2. Deluxe Plus Starter Kit

For about $90, you will be able to get Deluxe Plus Starter Kit that has USB charger that most people find it convenient and easy to use. In addition you will also get a car charger and a carry case. For cartridges, you will get just 5 pack same as for the basic kit which is a bit less for that price.

3. Deluxe Ultimate Starter Kit

This package comes with few more extras that you won’t find with the Deluxe Starter Kit. For about $160, this package comes with 5 more extra cartridge packs and a charging case. This kit is considered to be the most impressive of all the South Beach Smoke kits and ideal.


Flavors and Cartridges

South Beach Smoke offers a variety of flavors that people can choose from which is about 10 flavors. Even though some companies offer more than 10 flavors, some just offer less than what South Beach Smoke is. The ten juice flavors include;

  • Peach
  • Vanilla
  • Gold
  • Blue
  • Classic
  • Menthol
  • Cherry
  • Peppermint
  • Chocolate
  • Pina colada

south beach smoke flavors
Apart from the wide variety of flavors to choose from, South Beach Smoke also allows you to create your own customized flavor by mixing different flavors with your preferred level of nicotine.

When it comes to specific flavors, it mainly depends on the individual’s tastes and what they like. This is because at times some flavors may really taste strange and terrible like medicine. You can only find flavors that will soot you by actually trying on the various flavors available.

Like most e-cigarette companies, South Beach Smoke also has 4 strength nicotine levels that include:

  • Full flavored-contains 16gm of nicotine
  • Light-contains 12gm of nicotine
  • Ultra light-contains 6gm of nicotine
  • Non-nicotine 0mg nicotine

The 4 nicotine strength can really be useful especially if you are planning to quit smoking.

Battery Performance and Capacity

South Beach Smoke uses the supermax batteries which you can get them for just under $18. The good thing is that this type of battery is new and more and more people are buying it.

While this type of batteries produces 4.2 volts, South Beach Smoke uses latest e-cigarette models with advanced technologies that are regulated at just 3.7volts. Now the problems will depend on the cartomizer resistance which will cause the vapor to become hot and thus requiring less draw at a time by the user. It is important to know the type of cartomizer you will use with the supermax batteries. This is because you could easily get burnt taste after a few puffs.

When it comes to battery life, you will be able to get between 200 and 250 puffs for the standard battery while for the extra-capacity battery you will up to around 350 puffs.

The yellow crystal glowing tip at the end just adds a cool nice touch of the e-cigarette design and look.


Vapor Production

For a 4.2 volts supermax battery you would expect quality and amount of the vapor to be satisfying. And though their e-cigarette have high volume of vapor produced, the company is not clear on the ingredients used to produce the e-liquids. But from the quality of the vapor, the ingredients may include vegetable glycerine and propylene glycol. Basically even with low battery charge, you could still be able to get a white smoke puff and a throat hit with 12gm nicotine.

Added Extras

South Beach Smoke offers various accessories that you can look up in their main site. Some of the accessories include customized vaporizer where you can mix and match different colors. Other accessories include charging cases, batteries and lanyards all these at an extra cost.

There is an also home delivery service that is quite helpful especially if you are not thinking of using any other cartridges from a different manufacturer as you will easily lose the warranty from the company.


When you visit South Beach Smoke main site, one of the first words you will read is lifetime warranty at the top page of the site. The warranty however is only applicable to those members who are active on the company’s home delivery program. This basically means that you have to pay some fee at monthly basic and only use their cartridges. The cartridges will be delivered to your place automatically. You can take advantage of the warranty to have a new e-cigarette by sending them the old one as long as it is not misused.

South Beach Smoke also offers a 3 months warranty on all their vaporizer. However there is no warranty for e-liquids, cartomizer, tanks or the atomizers.



As one of the popular brands, south beach smoke has tried to live up to its reputation by providing several flavor variety that people can choose from. The batteries overall performance was impressive. However their basic kit, Deluxe Starter Kit was not well equipped like it didn’t have the USB charger.


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