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September 14, 2015
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JacVapour has been around in the market for several years, it has been established as one of those big sellers of e-cigs already.

The founder of this e-cig type claims that he made this e-cig due to his need for vapor too and he has noticed that there are different qualities of products across the industry, so he went out just to come up with a high-quality product and that is the JacVapour.

This is a new brand to the UK market, it is based in Scotland and they offer various choices for light to heavy smokers. Ego e-cigarette gives variety from the rechargeable type and it is meant for those who want more vapor and big battery capacity too.

They offer more benefits because they are available in different sizes, colors, and styles too that users can choose from. The use of Ego is also easier and simpler for the users that no one will go wrong with this type of e-cig kit. They are designed with bigger, durable and heavy-duty batteries that may stand all day.

Their tanks are also specially designed with high-quality strength and can be used over a long period of time. It is very much ideal for heavy smokers. Ego e-cigs can greatly mark in the perfect e-cig for beginners, because of the tastes, the design and its capacity to meet the preference of light to heavy smokers.

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The Kits

jacvapour starter kitJacVapour offers you lots of starter kits, you can choose from the cheapest which is the £18.99. But this price is for the disposable social starter kit, which is best for those who haven’t tried any type of e-cig in the past.

This can only be used on a one-time basis and it only has 1 tobacco flavoured cartridge and no rechargeable battery is included in the package.

If you are seeking for a better and more fulfilling vaping experience then look at their eGo range like the E-Series. This starter kit not only gives you a better vape, but the quality is so much better too! They are a little more expensive at £33.99, but at that price, you get more, much more! There are other kits that you can find with prices from £18.99 up to £54.99.
jacvapour e series kit


The eGo starter kit & batteries

JacVapour differ when it comes to design from other e-cigarettes in the market. You can charge the JacVapour even if you are on the go with its portable charger. They also have core eGo kits available that includes the JAC 510, with a number of different size batteries from 400 mAh to 1300 mAh, the higher the mAh the longer the battery will last. The E-Series is probably their most popular model as it is based on the 510 design, but not only does it smoke as well, it looks great too.

It is a sleek alum case that glides inside and outside of your pocket. It may last even with heavy use. The process of charging the batteries as soon as they are connected with the case is so simple and there is also a button and an indicator at the back for easy operation. The batteries are nicely screwed and it will just take you two hours to charge the batteries in full.


The Vapour and Flavour

Jac Vapour e-liquidVapour and flavour must come along together to come up with satisfying cartomizers to the public. Though you are a heavy smoker, 24mg is stronger than the usual carts and you can even lessen it to 12mg. as soon as you get the satisfaction that you are looking for.

JacVapour offers you options like 6mg. for beginners, 12mg. for medium users, 18 & 24mg. for heavy users. This means that you will not have a hard time in figuring out the mg. that is meant for your needs. The flavour of the cigars usually depends on the user, but for some their tobacco flavour is good enough and very close to reality.

The vapour is also in good volume for the battery thus making it produce adequate amounts of throat hit compared to other brands. The cartridges are also refillable; this means the cost will be lessened even more by refilling the cartridge more than buying a new one again. The e-liquid is available in propylene glycol and vegetable glycol form. They differ in ingredients because the PG is a standard liquid that you can find with other e-cig brands in the market and it also produces a big hit with less vapour that lasts longer too.

JacVapour is a known brand with the right type of e-liquids for you. They have manufactured it with the highest quality and in different flavour as well that was tested independently in UK labs to fit into the highest safety standards.


Prefilled & Blank Cartomizers

Prefilled cartomizers are similar to the filter of a regular cigarette and they are screwed on the battery. These contain the atomizer, wick & wadding, which allows the vaporization of the e-liquid, where it is placed just across the element for heating thus making the vapour. There are carts available that are prefilled with e-liquid or you can also buy them black if you want too. Every cart is comprised of 35mm. carts that are available and will be refilled by around ten times.

JacVapour offers you low resistance coils based on similar design but features lower resistance. This simply means that the coil offers you less resistance to the present that passes through it; it may lead to generating more heat in the long run. Coils with lower resistance can generate in a bigger volume of the vapour thus it will result in more hit as well. it usually draws a lot of power that affects the flavour of the e-liquid.


The Tanks

When it comes to tanks, JacVapour has considered their options wisely, giving the user the option to be able to easily clean and change flavours, without having to get your swiss army knife out! There are different styles of tanks that are available nowadays for your preference.

JacVapour is truly the type of e-cig that is meant for light to heavy smokers looking for a better alternative to the ordinary cigarette that they have been using for years.

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