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The Aspire Nautilus AIO Review

By: Nicholas King.
Last Updated: January 23rd, 2020.


8.0 Final Score
Aspire Nautilus AIO Pod Kit Bottom Line

The Aspire Nautilus AIO is not really a traditional pod vape, having replaceable coils and a refillable tank, but it is styled on one with easy to use controls. The actual vape produces good taste although for direct lung inhale vapers the airflow is restrictive, even when you set the airflow fully open. Overall a good Pod style vape, but too similar to Aspires previous Breeze 2 model.

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In-depth Aspire Nautilus AIO Vape Review

Aspire seem to be releasing a lot of vape Pods at the moment, due to their use popularity with new vapers. This time they have the Nautilus AIO, but the question is: Is it really a Pod system or just an AIO (All in One) vape? Well to answer that question, it’s kind of in the middle! It’s not strictly a Pod as it has a removable atomizer and refillable tank, but it’s been designed in the same style. The real question we should be asking though is how well does it vape? Let’s find out!

Colors of the Nautilus AIO Pod


When you first see this device it does look very cool, with 6 color options as well makes it easy to find a design you like. But it does feel a lot different to how it looks. The words Plastic and Cheap come immediately to mind, but that said, you’re soon persuaded otherwise with the general quality manufacturing of the device.

It may be because they wanted to keep the weight down that they opted for plastic and you do get used to it, so after a bit of time it’s not that much of a big deal.

The Aspire Nautilus AIO is also pretty small, measuring in at just 87.5mm tall, with a width of 37mm and 21mm depth, it easily fits into your hand, and thanks to the relatively flat design, fits into your pocket without you really knowing it’s there.

If you’re not sure about Pods suiting you, then check out our guide on the types of e-cig to get a better idea.

Sizes and features of the Nautilus AIO Pod


The Aspire Nautilus AIO comes with a 1000mAh internal battery, which is pretty impressive considering its size. It has a nice big firing button on the front, which lights up to tell you it’s on but also doubles up as a charging and battery indicator:

  • 3.8V or above – Blue and Orange light
  • 3.5V – 3.8V – Blue light
  • Below 3.5V – Orange light

It’s also nice to see that Aspire has included a number of safety features that include:

  • Automatic Cut Off – If the fire button is accidentally pressed for longer than 10seconds it will turn off. The light will flash blue and orange 10 times.
  • Short Circuit Protection – If the Aspire Nautilus AIO detects a short, it will switch off. The light will flash blue and orange 3 times.
  • Low Voltage Protection – If the battery drops below 3.2V it will switch off. The orange light will flash 15 times.
  • Overcharge Protection – When the charge is complete, it will automatically stop charging the device. No light indicOverheatthis safety feature.
  • Overheat Protection – If the chip gets too hot, the device will turn off. The light will show blue and orange for 3 seconds before cut off.

Aspire Nautilus AIO Pod

So we have already established it’s not really a Pod, but really a tank made of plastic! But it looks pretty much like a pod, so let’s just call it a pod for this review!

It holds 4.5ml of juice, but there is a 2ml version for EU countries and has 2 coils in the kit, both with a resistance of 1.8ohm. The one with green rubber stoppers on is meant for nicotine salts whilst the white version is for standard e-liquids.

You can remove the pod with the 2 buttons either side on the Aspire Nautilus AIO, turning it upside down gives you access to the orange plunger where the fill hole is, the airflow of the device which is on the base of the atomizer and unscrewing this completely gives you access to the coil.

The Pod features


Thanks to its super simplicity there’s really not too much to test out on the Aspire Nautilus AIO, just adjusting of the airflow! So to start out we’re testing direct lung inhales with the airflow fully open.

The verdict is that you do get a nice tasting vape, which we expected with the Aspire BVC coils, (these coils have been on the market for some time and received positive reviews). The resistance of the vape though is really strong thanks to the high 1.8ohm resistance. It’s not the most comfortable vape for mouth to lung.

Turning the airflow right down (half-open) and trying mouth to lung vaping now. Much better vape, a lot looser than much of the other mouth to lung vapes but produces a good amount of vape cloud full of flavor.

Conclusion of the Nautilus AIO Pod

To Conclude

When we compare the Aspire Nautilus AIO to their previous Breeze 2 Pod vape we find it hard to see any real differences. So if you already have that, this upgrade is really not worth your time (it’s really not an upgrade)! However, although the performance is similar, the Aspire Nautilus AIO uses the old Nautilus coils, which mean getting replacement coils will be a whole lot easier.

Overall, really happy with the performance of the device, with the airflow fully open you can perform direct lung inhales, albeit very restrictive, and with the airflow closed will suit mouth to lung inhales so should suit all types of vapers. With such easy features and a good mouth to lung vape make this a great choice of e-cig to quit smoking with. If you’re after a really easy to use vape, with a refillable tank and replacement coils, this could be the answer!

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