Review of the V2 Pro
The V2 Pro Review By SmokeTastic
February 10, 2016
Health Departments Against E-Cigs
February 12, 2016
Review of the V2 Pro
The V2 Pro Review By SmokeTastic
February 10, 2016
Health Departments Against E-Cigs
February 12, 2016
8.5 Final Score
VaporFi Review Bottom Line

VaporFi have been a strong player in the e cigarette sector from many years, one thing that stands out with this company is their development of their brand. Releasing popular models that compete with the best e cigarettes. VaporFi is ideal for anyone who wants a vape pen with a big throat hit and actually want to feel and taste the vape.

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In-Depth Review of VaporFi

Updated 28th October 2016!

Among merchants who’re helplessly wedged between aiming for product quality and pricing, VaporFi is one which manages to do both without compromising on neither. Known particularly for their delightful range of premium quality e-cigarettes, VaporFi is considered to be the ultimate stop for ardent vapers. The former’s signature tank-styled cigarettes bestow users with the benefits of greater vapor production, lengthy battery life and attractive customizations based on individual smoking habits.

A power-packed game-changer from the house of VaporFi, is the sleek and stylish Pro II Starter Kit. With an amazing performance and alarming convenience to match, this vaporizer kit sure aims to please! Featuring a unique 1.5 ohm Pro-L II tank and a supreme 650 mAh battery, the Pro II comes equipped with novel OCC atomizers that seek to re-invent the whole act of vaping. Additionally, the drip tip of stainless steel features a removable make, which makes it apt for times when you would love to switch it for taste. Basically the Pro II Starter Kit promises to deliver the exact kind of excitement that you always wanted from a vape.

Before we delve deeper into the nitty-gritty aspects of this fascinating e-cigarette in the VaporFi review, it wouldn’t hurt to glimpse through a quick lowdown of the all the Starter Kits featuring under the banner of VaporFi.

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VaporFi Products to Consider

  • VaporFi V-Grip Mod reviewVaporFi V-Grip Mod Kit – VaporFi’s latest mod is a slick yet reliable mod using a single 18650 battery to keep the size small. Fires upto 75W with the option to flip between wattage and temperature control modes. One of the best single battery mods on the market!

    VaporFi V-Grip review

  • ELiquidVaporFi E-Liquid – VaporFi blend their own e-liquids and better still they let you pick your own custom recipe, we haven’t seen this before and is one of their best selling points. So if you like a strawberry and custard flavor, but want a little more strawberry taste, no problem, just custom build your juice!

    VaporFi E Liquid review

  • The VaporFi Air 2 reviewVaporFi Air 2 – The new vaporizer from VaporFi has the capacity to vape both e-liquid and oils, but being so small and so powerful it makes it one of the best vape pens on the market. In our review we take a close look at all the features and find the best deals.

    VaporFi Air 2 review

  • VOX productVaporFi VOX 40 and 80 TC MOD – The VOX range is one of VaporFi’s most popular box mods, with a built in 2200/4000mAh battery (depending on model) it produces lovely vapor. You can use it in either variable wattage or Ni200, SS316L and TCR temperature control modes and supports all types of coils!

    VOX review

  • VEX unitVaporFi VEX 75 and 150 TC MOD – With pretty much the same specs as the VOX mod with the added advantage of having removable 18650 batteries make the VEX series another very popular mod. The advantage of removable batteries is that you can carry spares, although with a huge range of 2500mAh -5000mAh (depending on model) it’s unlikely you’ll run out of power any time soon!

    VEX review

  • PRO 3 unitVaporFi Pro 3 Starter Kit – The Pro 3 is really designed for the beginner/intermediate vape who wants to mimic traditional smoking as close as possible without huge clouds of vapor. In it’s 3rd release the Pro 3 is one of the best starter kits available.

    Pro 3 review

  • Rebel 3 unitVaporFi Rebel 3 – Without doubt this is their most popular vape pen they offer, with a huge 3000MAh battery which creates the thickest vapor and wonderful taste. You can understand why vapers are loving it. Designed mainly for the intermediate to advanced vaper who prefers lung inhales.

    Rebel 3 review

  • VAIO reviewVaporFi VAIO Mods – 2 options to choose from whether you want an external 18650 power source (model 75 version) or an internal 2100MAh battery (the 80 model) the VAIO is one of the box mods on the market with an internal tank, making it not only look cool, but also easier to carry around and have all the functionality of the other box mods on the market.

    VAIO review


A Lowdown of the VaporFi Starter Kits

VaporFi E Cig ReviewVaporFi encompasses up to six different types of starter kits, with the basic ones being Express and Air. The mid-level ones are called eGo style Pro, which come in two versions. The high end kits are Pulse as well as Rebel. Each kit includes a unique set of accessories, which have been packaged considering the personal preferences of users.

Express Starter Kit: The Espress by VaporFi is the easiest of all. Featuring a miniature version of electronic cigarette, it allows easy and quick usage. The set includes two batteries, a wall adaptor as well as a USB charger. Both batteries have a low capacity of 180mAh and 280 mAh, making the kit perfect for users to get started.

VOX TC MOD Starter Kit: Built specifically for intermediate to advanced vapers, it consists of a battery having changeable watts to ensure hitting that correct vapor spot as preferred by individual users. It also has a modern tank system to create enormous clouds of vapor.

Pulse Starter Kit: This kit is one of the most powerful ones till date. It comprises of two 750 mAh batteries with output values of 3.7V. Apart from that, it also comes with two high-quality cartomizers, a USB charger, wall charger as well as a cordless charger. The kit features a contemporary design which is pretty high on ergonomics too, thus enabling regular vapers to produce huge clouds of vapors.

Rebel 3 Starter Kit: This kit offers two options of batteries to the user. One is of a 600mAh capacity and the other is of 2200 mAh. It goes without saying that the latter guarantees a phenomenal experience in vaping. The mod being telescopic, you can change the battery according to the location and individual preferences. Other components present in the kit include a double head tank cartomizer, USB charger as well as wall charger.

Orbit: The latest product by VaporFi, Orbit kit is designed to fulfill the purpose of dry herb vaping. This electronic cigarette encloses a heating unit to accommodate all the dry herbs that would be required for vaporizing. Instead of using e-liquids, this model employs only dry herbs.

The following VaporFi review elaborately discusses the features of the VaporFi Pro II Starter Kit.

VaporFi Pro II

Main Features

VaporFi E-Cigarette ExampleDesign: The VaporFi Pro II Starter Kit comes in a compact package which exudes a certain contemporary appeal. Unique in its own right, the tank-styled electronic cigarette beholds a jet black color. However, there are versatile choices available in the color of both, the e-cigarette as well as the batteries. These colors include: red, blue, green, pink, yellow, orange, white, silver and purple.

Tank Capacity: A tank capacity of 1.5 ml is surely the biggest selling point of the VaporFi Pro II and with such a high value, it is expected to last for a long time before losing its juice.

Battery Capacity: Pro II boasts of high battery capacity of about 650 mAh with an output value of 3.7 Volts. This makes it a very durable and time-worthy option of e-cigarette.

Dimensions: The entire body of the Pro II e-cigarette is 6 inches long. Compared to the bulky designs out there, this one is a lightweight, convenient and futuristic model for sure.

OCC Atomizer Resistance: An OCC atomizer resistance of 1.5 ohm makes it capable of prolonged usage and enhances the durability of its battery. Moreover, the Pro II charges in a jiffy too.

What’s in the Kit?

VaporFi - A closer look at their e-cigaretteThe VaporFi Pro II starter kit is easily one of the most economically priced electronic cigarettes out there. Featuring the best of batteries, it includes a host of other essential components that promise to enhance your vaping experience like never before. All you need to do is get hold of this kit and you’re good to go. No additional purchases, no tutorials and no risks. The Pro II kit includes the following components:

  • One Pro-L II tank
  • One 650mAh battery of 3.7 output voltage
  • Three extra OCC atomizers
  • Two charging cables
  • A compact wall adapter to accommodate the USB cable
  • One USB charging cable
  • One user manual

As an after thought, you could very well buy an extra battery, but chances are that you may never need that. Users spanning the globe admit relying solely on the battery that comes within the kit for their vaping purposes.


With a powerful 650 mAh battery, the Pro II starter kit is not to be taken lightly. At the very least, regular smokers can easily get a day’s use from this model. In certain cases, it is also possible to extract more than 24 hours of use from it. Users recommend charging it up in the evenings for uninterrupted use. Considering that it takes only a few hours to charge fully, you can plug it in and expect it to be ready for use within no time.

Although the standard battery of the Pro II start kit is only 650 mAh, you can still avail the bonanza battery of 1000mAh from their official website’s “accessories” category. Needless to say, this one can last for more than two days on full charge. This makes it ideal for long hikes, festival tours, camping trips and all sorts of outdoor activities where you wouldn’t mind getting wasted! Considering that it’s every smoker’s dream to vape without charging their e-cigarette, the Pro II Starter Kit is pretty cutting edge it seems!

Additionally, the starter kit is available in numerous color choices as well as spare colored batteries. All of them look attractive and can be accessorized with various outfits for an effect.

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The e-liquids VaporFi offer
Unlike the majority of e-cigarettes, the VaporFi Pro II does not make use of cartridges, rather it employs a combination of cartomizer and an atomizer to produce the desired vapor. Such a technology comes with numerous advantages. To start with, they are more durable than the cartridge and tend to last longer. Also, they create a greater volume of vapor as compared to the cartridge and incorporate more desirable flavors as well as throat hits. The range of flavors available with the Pro II Starter Kit is impressive indeed. Apart from choosing the standard ones, you can also find ways to create your own unique flavors that specifically appeal to your taste buds. The entire array of flavors include:

  • Classic Tobacco
  • Fresh Mint
  • Sahara Gold Tobacco
  • Menthol Ice
  • Mighty Menthol
  • Cuban Cigar
  • American Red Tobacco
  • Peppermint Party
  • Heavenly Clove
  • Very Vanilla
  • Butter Pecan
  • Sinfully Cinnamon
  • Simply Shisha
  • Marshmellow
  • Carnival Cotton
  • Bubble Gum
  • Tutti Frutti Gumballs
  • Graham Cracker
  • Red Hot Cinnamon

The list is never-ending and the full set of flavors can be found at the official website. A small 30ml bottle of VaporFi Pro II uses a greater quanitity of e-liquid than regular electronic cigarettes. While most cartridges take around 20 small drops to refill, the Pro II tank requires almost 10 ml to re-juice every time. Depending on how much you smoke, this can last for up to two days.

VaporFi features six strengths of their e-liquids. This fact makes it useful for people aspiring to make a smooth transition to being a vaper from a chain smoker. Here’s a brief glance at the strengths available:

  • No nicotine-0%
  • Ultra Light-0.6%
  • Light-1.2%
  • Regular-1.8%
  • Full Flavor-2.4%
  • Bold-3.6%

Instead of the conventional four stages, you get six different stages to track your journey of quitting nicotine easily and with better results!

Check Out The Full Review Of VaporFi E-Liquids

Throat Hit & Vapor

The battery, design and flavors may very well add to the credentials of an e-cigarette, but it’s the throat hit parameter which decides its ability to mimic real cigarettes and simulate the same kind of experience. When it comes to throat hit, VaporFi Pro II exceeds all expectations.

Not only the high strength e-liquids, but also the regular and the light varieties give off enough throat hit for simulating the experience of smoking nicotine cigarettes. For novice vapers however, inhaling can feel too overwhelming at first. Therefore, it is recommended to slow down as hasty inhalation can trigger coughing as well.
All in all, the throat hit quotient of VaporFi Pro II is the best in the market.

Added Perks

VaporFi offers a thirty-day money back guarantee. This only means that you certainly don’t have much to lose. It is a stated fact that even first-time buyers don’t really bother to avail this offer as they’re quite happy with the quality of the product. Additionally, there is a decent referral scheme too, which rewards you with a voucher worth $15, each time your acquaintance makes a purchase from the website with your referral link. It’s a simple token of grattitude by VaporFi. Apart from that, additional accessories are priced quite competitively and you can buy spare batteries or replacement chargers without burning a hole in your wallet.

Another view of VaporFi E-cigsThe entire Pro II Starter Kit comes with a sizable warranty of 90 days which further proves its quality. However, this warranty does not extend to additional purchases of cartridges or e-liquid. The website offers free shipping to selected destinations. Essentially, it is the one-stop destination for ardent vapers, where all your needs are taken care of, right from high-quality vaping to budgeting.


  • The VaporFi Pro II Starter Kit beholds a compact and stylish package, making it superb for beginners. It is a great gift for chain vapers too. Moreover, the kit is available in a dozen attractive color choices which are bound to make your day!
  • The tank-styled design of the Pro II e-cigarette is novel no doubt. This ergonomic design proves to be extremely durable in the long run and is also easy to refill.
  • The tank capacity of 1.5 ml makes Pro II a well-made and durable product which can work for lengthy hours before draining its juice. Thus, you can rely on it to provide you with some excellent vaping during prolonged outdoor activities.
  • VaporFi Pro II features a tremendous battery capacity of 650 mAh which ensures up to two days of vaping on full charge. You can also avail an additional battery of 1000 mAh to fulfill your excessive vaping needs.
  • Contrary to regular e-cigarettes that use catridges, VaporFi Pro II utilizes a combination of cartomizer and an atomizer to produce the desired flavor of vapor. This technology is pretty cutting edge as it ensures abundant vapor formation that offers a stronger value of throat hit.
  • Nowhere will you find an e-cigarette that offers such an incredible variety of flavors as VaporFi Pro II. The flavors are delicious, exotic and sure to send you tingling in ecstasy!
  • While most electronic cigarettes feature four different strengths, this one presents six of them. These allow you to gradually make the transition from nicotine cigarettes to electronic ones.
  • By liaising with VaporFi products to fulfill your vaping needs, you get entry to a world of exciting offers and perks. Sizable warranty, money-back guarantee and free shipping are just some of them.
  • Above all, the most attractive feature of VaporFi Pro II Starter Kit is its price. Being very economically priced, it comes across as a handy learner’s kit for those who’re just about taking their first steps in the world of vaping.



The VaporFi review cannot be complete without listing the cons. Perfect as it sounds, the Pro II could do with a wee bit of improvement in the following areas:

  • The battery is more powerful than its counterparts, but still tends to drain off faster with prolonged usage.
  • The absence of a pass-through cable makes it a less reliable option.



As is evident from the Review, the pros far outweigh the downsides. With its stylish packaging, attractive color options and peak performance, VaporFi Pro II is easy to fall in love with! These tank-styled electronic cigarettes are ideal to flaunt everywhere, right from the bedroom to the boardroom. Far from being inconspicuous in any way, their bold and eye-catchy design come across as a welcome changing from the boring forms of e-cigarettes abuzz in the markets. Despite a flaw or two, it works par expectations, lasts for many days and takes a jiffy to charge.

Recommended for beginners, chain smokers and experienced vapers alike, the VaporFi Pro II is one model that tries its best to take your experience of vaping to the next level altogether. When you add a robust customer services team, decent warranty and attractive pricing to the mix of features, there is certainly not much to dislike about the Pro II. After having taken everything into account in this VaporFi review, it can be rightfully said that the VaporFi Pro II Starter Kit is the best product from VaporFi so far!


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