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May 22, 2019
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Vaporesso LUXE and LUXE-S Bottom Line

Vaporesso has released a new LUXE S model to supersede the LUXE model. The only difference is with the new OMINI Board 4.2 which actually also comes with the latest LUXE models. So if you're comparing the 2 new Mods, there is no difference. The tanks, however, a slightly different with Vaporesso deciding to change the top fill method from a sliding top cap to a removable one. That's it no other changes! On the performance side, we have no complaints with the mod, it's super responsive, accurate and feels really nice to hold. The sub-ohm tank isn't the best performing tank with a slightly muted taste in flavor, but produced good clouds.

In-depth Vaporesso LUXE with SKRR Tank and LUXE-S Review

Vaporesso has launched a new LUXE kit named the LUXE-S, but us this really a new kit or just an upgrade with the tank and firmware? We take a closer look at this new box mod kit and compare it with the best on the market to see how well it performs and whether it’s worth the money.

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Colors available of the Vaporesso Luxe S


We put the Luxe mod and what's described as the Luxe S side by side and there are literally no differences. We took a look at the technical spec, and it notes that the Luxe S comes with the new OMINI Board 4.2, but, and it's a huge but! If you buy a new standard Luxe, the likelihood is that it will also come with the latest firmware, if not, you can upgrade it yourself with the USB connector!

Seems really weird that they release a completely new model with all the same features and just a firmware update!

The Luxe (and Luxe-S) are actually really nicely designed, measuring in at 146mm tall with the tank, just under 48mm wide and a depth of 30mm. This means it's a pretty standard size for a removable dual 18650 battery mod.

The screen is a huge 2" TFT color screen and it looks great! Below the screen are 3 touch buttons, an up and down button along with a menu button. On the side of the mod, you'll find the slightly larger fire button which is well placed and easy to find when vaping.

Overall we think the design of the Luxe is great, but there is a bit of a flaw with those who have large fingers! When selecting the menu options it's too easy to click the menu button before the up and down buttons. It's pretty annoying and does take a bit to get used to it.

You get pretty much everything you need in the starter kit, so you don't need to buy more vape products to start vaping, except e-liquid of course!

Front, back and side view of the Vaporesso Luxe kit


The Luxe (and Luxe S) with the OMINI Board 4.2 have exactly the same menu features with all the settings you would expect. First clicking the fire button 3 times unlocks and locks the device, you can still vape when the mod is locked and ideal as the buttons are touch screen and can easily be accidentally pressed. Whilst unlocked you can use the up and down buttons to adjust the wattage which is clearly visible on the screen. You will also see on the screen a dual battery indicator, the time, the resistance of the coil, voltage and a puff counter and timer.

Screens on the Vaporesso Luxe

Clicking the menu button 3 times allows you to adjust all the menu settings which include choosing between variable wattage normal mode, super player mode which means you can vape at a low 0.03-ohms, variable temperature, variable volts, custom curve, bypass and a DIY mode where you can adjust the curve of watts per second. Whilst in the menu mode you can also adjust the mod settings for the time, the brightness of the screen, reset the puff counter and timer, along with other settings like screen timeout, etc.

Difference between the SKRR-S and SKRR Tank

SKRR and The SKRR-S Tank

As you expect, the SKRR tank comes with the standard Vaporesso LUXE kit whilst the SKRR-S is included in the LUXE-S Kit. We do however fail to notice any real difference except the top fill design. Vaporesso has changed the method of filling from sliding the top cap to now completely removing it with the S model. Now you half turn the top cap and remove it revealing the large fill hole. This is not going to impact performance in any way, and it's a bit of a lame effort, in our eyes, to rename the tank.

The old SKRR had a child lock drip tip, but in the later released they excluded this but continued with the sliding top cap.

The airflow is bottom fed, as we see on most of the best sub-ohm tanks and the airflow is adjustable by turning the bottom ring which slowly closes the 3 airflow holes which is also on a stopper. It is a mesh coil tank and comes with a pre-installed QF Strip Coil 0.15Ω but you also get a spare QF Meshed Coil 0.2Ω which is a nice touch. The tank holds 8ml of e-liquid and does come with a replaceable flat glass housing which holds 5ml of e-liquid.

Vaporesso Luxe Mod With Kit


We're testing this mod with the pre-installed QF Strip 0.15Ω Coil and in the standard VWN (Variable Wattage Normal) mode. Vaping our 70/30 e-liquid at 50W, which seems to be the sweet spot for us.

The airflow is a little noisy when fully open, and a slight resistance there, but nothing to really moan about. The vape content is also very good creating some nice thick clouds!

The flavor doesn't compete against the best sub-ohm tanks we've tested and a little muted, but the flavor overall is not too bad.

The mod, however, performs really well thanks to the OMINI Board 4.2. The response times are instant and with a good pair of 18650 batteries, you will have no complaints at all.

So overall the performance is a bit mixed and the main reason you don't see it on the latest vaping products.
Packaging of the Vaporesso Luxe S


The new OMINI Board 4.2 within the Vaporesso LUXE and LUXE-S are awesome, super responsive and accurate. The latest version of the LUXE include this board set, so there's literally no difference between the LUXE and LUXE-S mods. The difference comes with the tanks, albeit only with the top fill method. We don't see any point at all in upgrading to the LUXE-S especially if you already own the LUXE!

The SKRR tank that comes with the kit is an 'ok' sub-ohm tank, not the best on the market and enough to make this kit fall from the list of the best box mod kits available.

Overall the Vaporesso LUXE kit is a pretty good vape kit, the touch screen controls are a little annoying, especially for those with big fingers, but the accuracy and responsiveness of the mod are perfect!

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