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Vladdin Pod System Review

By: Nicholas King.
Last Updated: May 25th, 2018.

8.9 Final Score
Vladdin Pod Bottom Line

The new Vladdin Pod system has been released to compete with the best and that it does! With a ceramic coil to improve flavor and the use of nicotine salts as an alternative nicotine delivery ingredient to smooth the harshness on the back of your throat, the small Vladdin Pod system certainly delivers. If your looking for a high nicotine (up to 50mg) easy to use device and want a smooth all day vape with pleasant flavors then the Vladdin should certainly be looked at.

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The Vladdin Pod System

In-depth Vladdin Pod System E Cig Review

The craze with pod systems continues and now there is a new brand hitting the market aiming to go head to head with the popular and great Juul Pod. The brand is called Vladdin put together by a company known in the vaping community, AVE40, and their pod e-cig is very similar indeed to the best pod vapes, but is it as good as the market leader, or is it another copycat version that isn’t worth your time? Let’s take a look to see!

Design of the Vladdin Pod system


The whole shape of the Vladdin is a little unusual, having this rounded center then tapering off to the sides, producing a swerve teardrop design, the design is probably like this to house the rounded battery inside the pod base. The Vladdin Pod is a 350mAh device which measures in at 112mm tall (with the cartridge in), 19mm wide and 11mm depth with a total weight of just less than 20 grams, so it’s small and can easily and comfortably fit in your pocket without knowing it’s there.

It does only come in one color, black, but this is not uncommon with pod systems of this design, unlike some of the best e-cig products where you see a whole array of colors! Now and again these pod system manufacturers release a special addition unit which is the same device just in a different color and our guessing is Vladdin will also do something similar in the future.

There are no controls on the Vladdin, but halfway down the base is a small white LED indicator that aluminates each time you take a puff or when the device in on the charge. This tells you if the battery is actually working. The base of the unit is where the USB port is housed and this is used for charging the pod.

Similar to other pod systems the Vladdin uses magnets to hold the cartridges in place, which also eliminates any chances of rattles.

Removable Vladdin Pods

The Pods

The pods have been designed to fit into the base unit in only one direction, so don’t try to force them into place, they have a magnet system so should slide and lock into position really easily. The pods have also been designed with a silicon membrane across the airflow to reduce the chance of leaking e-liquid into the device or on your hands. They are also utilizing the ceramic coil as opposed to just stainless steel coils and cotton that we see on other pods. Many believe the flavor is a lot richer with ceramic coils.

Vladdin are releasing 4 initial flavours all available in 2 strengths; 18mg (1.8%) or 50mg (5%). The flavors include the Northern Tobacco, vanilla custard and tobacco which they call VCT, ice tobacco which is a Virginia tobacco flavor, and lastly mint tobacco.

Unfortunately, they are not designed to be refilled, although this can be achieved by removing the base of the pod, along with the cotton and coil, you have to be careful not to break the plastic.

The complete Vladdin Pod Starter Kit Contents

Nicotine Salts

Most pod systems are now using nicotine salts instead of the regular nicotine liquid, the idea here is that with salts you can use a higher nicotine level without it being harsh on your throat. We usually recommend no higher than 6mg for this very reason, but with nicotine salt liquids that can be as high as 50mg.

Vladdin is also using nicotine salts, which is good and generally have 2 nicotine levels across their flavors, 18mg or 1.8% and a huge 50mg or 50%, which is obviously aimed at the big smokers!



The Vladdin bas and Pod removedThanks to the use of nicotine salts the Vladdin produces a really smooth vape yet having a really high nicotine level to satisfy those cravings.

The airflow is really good although not adjustable we found we could perform both mouth to lung and direct lung inhales with the device. Some of the flavors are a little damp, i.e. the Northern Tobacco flavor only has a slight blend to it, but this might suit some new vapers. We suggest buying the selection kit to really test each flavor prior to buying a multi-pack of one flavor.

So a smooth mouth draw, good quantity of cloud for a low powered device and the battery life is really good, lasting easily all day and using regularly, ideally suited to those looking for the best e cig to quit smoking with.


To Conclude

Vladdin has certainly produced a good pod system e-cig bound to compete with the market leaders like Juul and Bo Vaping, their design is good and modern and the use of nicotine salts make the vape smooth along with the use of a ceramic coil to improve flavor.

Overall a great pod system that we really enjoyed using and continue to enjoy.

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