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Joyetech EXCEED X Review
December 23, 2019
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8.6 Final Score
VooPoo Vinci X Kit Bottom Line

VooPoo has released a new type of vape pod, calling it the pod mod which they claim to give more experienced vapers the same quality of vape that larger vape mods deliver. The truth is, we weren't expecting too much from the new VooPoo Vinci X pod mod, but to our surprise, the kit performs really well. You need a pretty decent 18650 battery to perform at the higher wattages, and there is no airflow control. They are the only downsides that we could find. For a single 18650 battery device, the VooPoo Vinci X is actually really good, very good in fact! Giving a great flavour with a really nice, quality design and all the features you could hope for.

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In-depth VooPoo Vinci X Kit Review

VooPoo has just released a couple of Pod kits aimed at the more advanced vapers, known as Mod Pods we are reviewing them both to see how they perform against other mods and pods to really put them in their place. In this review we will be looking at the VooPoo Vinci X Kit, test out the features and build quality along with a real vape test to see, most importantly, how it performs. If you like the sound of that then read on!

Design of the VooPoo Vinci X Kit


One thing you cannot deny, is that the VooPoo Vinci X Kit looks just beautiful, with a lovely large 0.96″ TFT Color Screen and a number of designs that should satisfy most users. These designs include Aurora, Carbon Fibre, Dazzling Green, Ink, Scarlet, Space Grey, and Teal Blue, which you can see in the image below.

Measuring in at just 117mm tall with a width of 29.5mm and a depth of 25.3mm this pod mod is relatively small, and with the 18650 battery inside (sold separately) it has a little weight to it giving it a feel of quality, unlike other pod systems that are plastic and flimsy.

Colors of the VooPoo Vinci X Kit


The VooPoo Vinci X has a variable wattage control which can be turned up all the way to 70W (depending on the coil) using the up and down buttons below the screen, although it does state that the airflow can be adjusted with 2 settings by putting the tank in the opposite way round, we really hardly noticed any difference and therefore say that it does not have airflow controls.
Typically it uses the 5 clicks on and off feature, so clicking the fire button 5 times turns it on and off. You can also lock the device by holding the fire button and the up button, but this locks the entire device including the fire button. To clear the puff counter, simply click the fire button and the down button together and finally if you want to adjust the time by clicking all the buttons together.

Another nice feature is the safety features to limit the wattage depending on which coil you have installed, so for example with the 0.3-ohm coil the VooPoo Vinci X will only allow you to move the wattage to 40W. This helps protect the coils from burning out. We expect VooPoo to be releasing some more coils in the future to take advantage of the full 70W, but at the moment, you can’t use it at that level! We don’t usually see this type of feature, even on the best e-cigarette products, it certainly is a great idea and feature.

You also get 2 atomizers within the kit, both mesh with one at 0.3-ohm which is best vaped up to 40W and the other at 0.6-ohm which is best vaped up to 30W.

Thats it as far as features, it’s meant to be simple and safe and that’s exactly what it is!

Cartridge on the VooPoo Vinci X Kit


We’re using the 0.3-ohm mesh coil to start the testing of the VooPoo Vinci X, and as we said before, we can only set the wattage to a maximum of 40W. We actually found 35W to be about right, and always remember to leave the eliquid in the tank for at least 10mins before you start using it to avoid dry hits, and try to prime the coils too.

The vape quantity is actually really impressive, far more vape than we were expecting from this all in one (AIO) kit. The mesh coils help with maximizing the flavor too, no, it doesn’t compete with the higher wattage coils, but it is actually really good. One thing we do notice is the slight resistance with airflow, it’s not a big deal, but if you like a lot of airflows, then this might put you off a tad. It’s not adjustable and still capable of some serious clouds, so we’ll let them off here, but some more experienced users may not like this.

Switching over to the 0.6-ohm coil and dialing the wattage down to 28W we notice a much more resistance with the airflow. The flavor is also a little dampened, but it’s still pretty good, definitely hitting some of those flavor notes. That said, out of the 2 coils, we much prefer the 0.3-ohm!

Packaging on the VooPoo Vinci X Kit


We have to be honest, when we first took the VooPoo Vinci X Kit out of the box, we weren’t expecting much! Especially seeing that there was no airflow control, we expected this to be a kit ideal for new/intermediate users wanting a little more performance than regular pod vapes. But, boy was we wrong! We were actually shocked that the performance of the VooPoo Vinci X pod mod actually competes against regular mods which are generally a lot bigger. If we compared it to some of the best single battery vape mods, then the VooPoo Vinci X Kit actually performs against the top few.

Overall the VooPoo Vinci X Kit gives a really nice flavored vape thanks to the mesh coils, and the single battery 18650 doesn’t hinder it’s performance like we see in other brands. If your looking for a decent vape mod that’s super easy to use, looks great and fits in the pocket then this is your device. Serious vapers who like the high wattage, warm vape may be a little disappointed, but this is not really designed for them. Great job VooPoo on delivering a great Pod Mod!

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