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The full Wotofo Profile Unity RTA Review

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Wotofo Profile Unity RTA Bottom Line

Wotofo is bringing something pretty amazing to the vaping community, the new Wotofo Profile Unity RTA tank, in our opinion, the best RTA tank on the market. This tank has been designed in collaboration with Wotofo, Mrjustright1, and The Vapor Chronicles, and although the cotton has to be trimmed to a particular style, once you have it right, the flavor is amazing.

In-depth Wotofo Profile Unity RTA Tank Review

Wotofo has released a special RTA with thanks to the positive feedback they had from their RDA with a similar name! Introducing the new Wotofo Profile Unity RTA, this tank has something special, and that will be revealed in this review. The real question though is the Profile RTA the best tasting and performing RTA tank on the market and is it worth the money. Let’s take a closer look to see how good it is!

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Colors of the Profile Unity RTA


Straight out of the packaging you feel that Wotofo has designed something a little special here. What's happened is a collaboration of vaping experts, i.e. Wotofo, Mrjustright1, and The Vapor Chronicles, to produce this rather special RTA.

The deck looks very organized and tidy, along with the chimney built as a separate part to make the airflow through this device as effortless as possible. Let's start however with the colors.

Wotofo obviously thinks this RTA is going to sell well as they are releasing this tank in multiple colors, these include; stainless steel, black, blue, gunmetal, gold and rainbow, which is the one we have.

It's a pretty tall device measuring in at around 48mm with the larger capacity glass, and minus the 510 thread, so this is the length the tank sticks out of even the best vape mods. The diameter is pretty standard however at 25mm.

The Profile Unity RTA Build Deck

The Profile Unity RTA Build Deck

Wotofo is utilizing the Mesh coil for the Unity RTA and has made it relatively simple to build your deck. Either end of the coils are clamped into position using one screw, just make sure you hold the coil straight when tightening these clamps. You want a consistent heat across the cotton to make the most of the flavor from your juice.

Once you've clamped the coils into position, we like to place on our mod and test fire at around 10-20W, this burns off any coils from the coil and removes dirt that may have transferred from your fingers.

The cotton that Wotofo provides also makes it super easy for the vaper to thread through the coil, it may seem like a lot of cotton to start with, but don't panic, you do need to trim it down. This is probably one of the most important parts of the build. You need to make sure you've trimmed it down according to the instructions provided. Take a look at the diagram below that shows you how to trim it down. We actually make more of an angle than in the instructions and found this provides no dry hits whatsoever.

How to trim the cotton on the Profile Unity RTA

One thing to remember, you can come back and trim the cotton more if you don't get it right, but you can't add more once you've cut it off! So trial and error can often be the best solution here!

Another part we actually got wrong to start with is with the tucking of the cotton. We failed to see a little guide bar within the deck to push the cotton into, you can just about make this out in the picture below. If you don't tuck your cotton in here, you will have problems screwing the chimney back on! Also, don't forget to totally wick the cotton before you reassemble the tank, there's no way of getting to it without taking it all apart again.

Tucking the cotton in on the Profile Unity RTA


In our opinion, the Wotofo Profile Unity RTA operates beautifully at 70-75W creating some real thick flavourful clouds. The thing you have to remember though is that it depends on how well the RTA is wicking to produces constant satisfying clouds. Hopefully by following our recommendations above you should be good!

If your not such a big cloud chaser, then 60-70W also works really well. Just remember your going to need a powerful device to use this RTA, so take a look at our list of the best e-cigarettes to compare it with the latest vape products and devices.

The flavor production is outstanding that you would expect from a mesh coil, but with this chimney setup, it's going to be hard to beat! Yes, there's a bit of playing with the trimming of the cotton, just as a rule of thumb, if you're getting dry hits, just trim it a little more.

The airflow control is great, nice and smooth, and we usually like it wide open, but with the Profile RTA we actually need to close it a little, it's that good!

The completed Wotofo Profile Unity RTA Tank


The new mesh single coil RTA named the Wotofo Profile Unity RTA is the best tasting RTA tank we have tried for some time. It has an extension add additional glass to make it from 3.5ml to 5ml, and we noticed no difference with the flavor. The mesh coils bring in such deep flavors, so if you want to get the max out of your e-liquid it's the only option, coupled with it being an RTA brings it to a whole different level.

If you don't mind screwing in your own coils and doing a little trimming with the coil, then the Wotofo Profile Unity RTA is definitely worth a try. Great flavor, at around 70-75W, great thick clouds, and no dry hits! What more could we ask for from a tank? Nothing!

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