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Vaporesso Veco Solo Review Bottom Line

If you’re a fan of pen-style vaping devices, but have a taste for more advanced features, then the Vaporesso VECO SOLO Compact Starter Kit could be the ideal choice for you. It’s not the type of pen you might expect, since it’s technically one of those all-in-one style devices – highly portable, but slim and fairly discreet. However, it’s a device that can offer a great deal of flexibility at a manageable price.

The Full In-depth Vaporesso VECO SOLO Starter Kit Review

The Vaporesso VECO Solo vape penVaporesso have now introduced a new vape pen to their VECO family, the VECO SOLO Compact Starter Kit. If you remember we completed the VECO One review back in March so we asked ourselves; what’s so different. Well we couldn’t really tell looking at the specs and the design, so let’s get into the review to see.

The VECO SOLO makes use of some of the latest coil technology by using the ECO Universal Coil, otherwise known as the EUC. That coil design enables you to get away with just replacing the coil head rather than the entire metal sleeve. Why you might ask? Well, the entire goal is to be as ecologically friendly as possible, and the less waste, the better. More than that, though, this device offers a whole host of nifty benefits
The integral battery of the Veco Solo


For starters, the battery is built-in, and consists of one lithium 1500mAh powerhouse, ok it’s not the most powerful battery in comparison with some of the other best vape pens out there, but to suit the tank and perform with enough grunt 1500mAh is fine! These built-in batteries aren’t my personal favorites, but the tubular design of this inexpensive device doesn’t really permit any other options. The SOLO does offer standby current at 30uA and is easily recharged with the standard USB cable system.

On the charging front, there’s pass-through capability. If you don’t know what that means, allow me to explain: you can vape even while it’s charging. That’s important for casual vapers or those of you who are vaping to quit smoking, who might want to avoid the expense of owning more than one vaping device. They can simply charge this unit at their computer or in their car, and use it as needed.



Like many other of the vape brands, it comes with standard 510 threading, and the entire design is solid. The stainless steel and zinc alloy casing see to that. The tank is about what you would expect from a product of this size and accommodates a full 2ml of liquid. That’s definitely not as large a tank as I would prefer, but the more moderate size just means more opportunities to switch flavors, I guess. The good news about the tank design, though, is that it is leak-free. That’s always a welcome benefit – and something that isn’t always easy to find with products like these.

Labels to id parts on the Vaporesso VECO SOLO

Design and Performance

The design is slim and sleek, with a variety of colors from which to choose. Personally, I prefer the black pen with orange accents, just for the gorgeous contrast. Check them all out, though, because your mileage may vary – if you know what I mean. There’s blue, stainless steel, and rainbow as well. Also, these types of pens often find themselves in huge online sales, so be sure to check out our vape deals to see all the latest bargains out there.

Unscrewed Veco Solo Tank and batteryThe performance is pretty impressive for a device in this price range (under $30 online). It has adjustable airflow, which is important if you’re an intermediate vaper who wants a little added control over his vaping experience. At the same time, though, it’s a simplified design that almost anyone can figure out. In an age where vaping devices seem to be getting more and more complex with each passing month, there’s something to be said for products that try to serve as a nice entry point for beginners.

And make no mistake about it: this product is one that even newcomers to the vaping community will be able to enjoy. There are no complex screen readouts, settings adjustments, or coil issues that require any sort of learning curve. The average beginner will be able to start using this device without consulting the local vape shop or reading through a host of literature. Ease-of-use makes this an inviting product at that entry level.

All of that means, of course, that this is probably not something that’s going to get diehard vaping enthusiasts excited. Vaporesso knows its market, though, and has obviously targeted less-experienced vapers with this product. Those newcomers will find that this device produces a nice volume of vapor while maintaining most of the e-liquid taste that they need. It does what it claims to do, and it’s hard to find fault with any company or product that accomplishes that.
Veco Solo box and parts

The Kit

  • A Ceramic EUC coil 0.3 Ω and Traditional EUC coil 0.2 Ω
  • USB Charger Cable
  • User Manual


Final Thought

So, while we wouldn’t necessarily recommend this simple device to serious vapers, and there’s really no difference to the original VECO ONE, we feel confident that new vapers will enjoy its simplicity and reliability. If you’re new to vaping or an intermediate-level vaper looking for a stylish and compact vaping device, the Vaporesso VECO SOLO Compact Starter Kit could just be the perfect vaping product for your needs.

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