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Lost Vape Paranormal Dual DNA75C Review Bottom Line

Lost Vape is out with yet another mod: the Paranormal Dual DNA75C. Vaping experts know that Lost Vape produces some of the best box mods in the world and their Paranormal Dual DNA75C meets the expectations. If you can handle a relatively low output power of 75W (which most all day vapers use), then this vape mod needs your attention as it is one of the most accurate and performing mods on the market, period! Powered by 2 x 18650 batteries give you more than enough power to last the day, but the only negative that brings our score to 4 out of 5 stars is the relatively high price tag.

The Lost Vape Paranormal Dual box mod

In-Depth Review of the Lost Vape Paranormal Dual DNA 75C Box Mod

Vaping enthusiasts will no doubt recognize that the company has been on a tear of late, releasing several great new products in fairly rapid succession. With this release, Lost Vape offers a 75W capable unit that relies on one of the most advanced chipsets in the industry. The question is, though: will that chipset be enough to catapult this new mod into the upper tier of vape mod devices? In this Lost Vape Paranormal Dual review, we’ll try to answer that question.

Front and side view of Lost Vape Paranormal dna75c Dual


As noted, the chipset on the Paranormal is touted as one of the most innovative offerings in the industry. The Paranormal uses the Evolv DNA 75C color chipset, which is tasked with managing the device’s full array of impressive features. This is not the first time that Lost Vape has used this chipset, of course, and there’s a reason for that. This is one of those chips that is flexible enough to provide powerful customization features for just about any mod that’s designed to accommodate it.

Mac Users will be happy as well since Evolv has finally modified its Escribe software so that those computer users can access its customization features too. The graphic user interface isn’t quite up to the Mac standards yet, but it’s a start and opens up a whole new market for vape companies that are savvy enough to incorporate the Escribe system into their devices. For the record, the Lost Vape Paranormal Dual takes full advantage of that software’s capabilities.

The design of the Paranormal Dual DNA75C


The mod is a box mod, but not of the traditional variety. Instead of a bland finish, this one is a work of art. The exterior is gorgeous in every way, and no detail has been left to chance. Even the battery area has received special attention, as it is wrapped in lush leather. To top off that exterior design, the mod comes with carbon fiber and ebony wood panels that you can use to make the device even more personalized. Yes, a true work of art!

Of course, that gorgeous exterior shouldn’t fool you when looking for the best e cig or mod. This device is a durable mod as well. It’s crafted from a zinc alloy that has been diecast to ensure its strength. So, while this is a beautiful device from an aesthetic standpoint, it is also a powerfully-built unit that can withstand many common accidents and mishaps. And yes, accidents do happen.

The color display comes in at .96-inches and is accompanied by a three-button control panel system that is easy to master and even easier to use. With those three buttons, you can control a wide variety of device functions, adjust your display configuration using the Escribe software, and generally make the device your own.

Battery compartment of the Lost Vape Paranormal Dual DNA75C


As expected, the Paranormal has a maximum power output of 75 watts with dual 18650 batteries which means you have more than enough battery life for the day of vaping! But with a relatively low output power could be one of only two real deterrents preventing more experienced vaping enthusiasts from embracing this new product – especially when there are so many other devices now that offer higher wattage output. That’s a shame since our tests demonstrated that the Paranormal has more than enough power output to handle most of our vaping needs. It helped push out great clouds, and consistent quality in terms of flavor retention. If you need something with more power, though, this one probably isn’t for you.

Packaging of the vape mod


And that other deterring factor? Well, you might be put off by the price. The Paranormal doesn’t come cheap when you compare it to other vape mods like the Wismec Reuleaux GEN3. In fact, the lowest price that we were able to find online was just under $100. For a large section of the vaping community, that price is going to be an automatic turnoff. In our opinion, it’s well worth that asking price, given its high-tech capabilities and outstanding design. Like I noted above, this a true work of art. Still, the audience is going to be somewhat diminished at that price.


To Conclude

The main thing to take away from this review is that this is a high-end piece of equipment. If you’re just looking for a nice, serviceable mod to handle casual vaping needs or an e cig to help you quit smoking, this may not suit you. On the other hand, this is perfect for true vaping enthusiasts who want to have the latest and greatest mod offerings on hand for their vaping sessions – or to show off to their friends.

In the end, though, the fact is that we love the device, and highly recommend it. If it’s right for your needs and budget, make every effort to find one and buy it. You won’t spend a minute of your life regretting that decision.

Nicholas King
Nicholas King
Nicholas King is the sole owner and editor of SmokeTastic. Nicholas, use to smoke 30 a day back in 2011 before converting to vaping. With a depth of knowledge in the vaping industry and the research he conducts, makes him one of the most recognized and experienced vapers in the industry.