SMOK NOVO Pod Starter Kit Review
SMOK NOVO Pod Starter Kit Review
August 1, 2018
Freemax Mesh Pro Sub-ohm Tank Review
Freemax Mesh Pro Sub-ohm Tank Review
August 10, 2018
SMOK NOVO Pod Starter Kit Review
SMOK NOVO Pod Starter Kit Review
August 1, 2018
Freemax Mesh Pro Sub-ohm Tank Review
Freemax Mesh Pro Sub-ohm Tank Review
August 10, 2018

By: Nicholas King.
Last Updated: August 6th, 2018.

8.1 Final Score
Wismec Luxotic MF Box Kit Bottom Line

The idea behind having a convertible squonk mod to dual 18650 mod is great, although the slight design flaws are a little annoying with the battery door not quite closing when in dual battery mode. That said, if you want to experience squonking, yet convert back to a more traditional mod, this kit is perfect! Including an extra PCB board to convert to bypass vaping with all the safety features, you get a lot of features for the money!

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The new Luxotic MF Box Mod

In-depth Wismec Luxotic MF Box Review

Wismec had a lot of grief with the previous version of the Luxotic when they changed the design from a squonk mod to a regular mod, so with the Luxotic MF Box, they decided to use a design that would accommodate both! Yes a convertible single battery squonk mod to regular dual battery mod, but on top of that, they included a separate circuit board to make it bypass mod! Wow, is this just going one step too far or have Wismec come up with something that others are sure to follow? Let SmokeTastic investigate further!



Let’s start with the basic design concept. The mod itself measures in at 87mm tall, just over 47mm wide and has a depth of 27.5mm, the tank which comes with the kit is another 34mm tall and has a diameter of 24mm. So, a pretty average size dual battery/squonk vape mod, if not a little on the small size, especially with the low profile tank.

Currently, Wismec is offering just 2 color alternatives, either silver or black. Both, with matching tank colors, but the same etching design around the sides of the mod and the tank.

The different configurations of the Luxotic MF Box

Different Configurations


The kit comes with the 8ml squonk bottle preassembled and ready to vape, along with the correct squonk pin built into the tank. So build your deck using the coils and cotton which are also included, fill your bottle and your good to go. You can use a 21700, 20700 or a 18650 battery with the use of the sleeve in this mod setup.


Dual 18650 Battery Mod

Wismec include a battery connector in the kit so, take out the silicone bottle and place the connector at the top of the mod, this now allows you to use 2 18650 batteries, but remember to change the pin on the tank to the regular RDA pin (the one without a hole in the center), you don’t want your juice leaking into your battery compartment.


Bypass Mod

Weirdly Wismec has decided to include a separate board for the use of bypass mode! So you have to unscrew the 1 screw at the top of the mod (face the fire button towards you and the screw is the bottom right one) and unscrew the 2 screws on the base of the mod. This will remove the housing from around the screen. Now, unscrew all the gold plated screws on the circuit board, seven in total and the PCB (printed circuit board) should fall out. Simply replace the circuit board with the other and screw in the seven screws, replace the housing, taking out all the buttons except the fire button and replace the screws in the top and bottom. There you have it; you’ve now converted your mod into a bypass only mod!

The Guillotine V2 Tank

Guillotine V2 Tank

The Luxotic MF Box Kit does come complete with the Guillotine V2 Tank which can be converted to either a regular RDA or a squonk RDA thanks to the replaceable 510 pin using the supplied Allen key.

The deck is pretty standard and easy enough to build on, although initially, we found it quite difficult holding dual coils in place when tightening the screws. This becomes a little easier with practice so not a huge constraint.

The Guillotine V2 Tank has a nice deep drip well so is great as an RDA and also performs pretty well as a squonk tank.

Features of the Luxotic MF Box Kit


Whether you prefer Squonking or standard dripping the performance is much the same, although if you want to get the most out of the batteries and power then we suggest using the Wismec Luxotic MF in dual battery 18650 modes with the tank set up as an RDA.

With the dual coils setup with the provided coils in the kit, we’re getting 0.16ohms so we’re setting the wattage to around 70-80 watts.

The airflow is good and adjustable, the flavor is spot on and nothing to complain about. Nice deep flavorful clouds!

One thing we seem to notice in dual 18650 modes, is the battery housing will not fully shut, theirs a slight lip on the edge. Although it doesn’t really affect the performance, its a tad annoying and noticeable the more you use the mod!

Also when the mod is set up in Squonk mode, the adjustable buttons are directly opposite the squonker, so you keep changing the wattage each time you squonk. Luckily you can lock the buttons by holding both down for 3 seconds, this locks the adjustment buttons but you can still fire the device.

This means if you want to put it in your pocket and lock it from firing accidentally, you have to turn the device off completely.


To Conclude

It’s a mad idea granted, but for those out there who want a mod to cover both Squonking and traditional dripping or even those who don’t want to buy a separate squonk mod to give it a go the Wismec Luxotic MF Box mod kit might be perfect.

The performance is really good, and comparable with most of the best box mods, the options of using a single battery 21700, 20700 or 18650 are great along with the conversion to a standard dual 18650 battery mod, pretty much covers everything. The extra board for bypass mode, it a little over the top, shame their chipset couldn’t just include this mode, but all in all, a pretty good mod kit.

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