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Council Of Vapor Callisto Kit Review Bottom Line

Council of Vapor have a loyal customer base for good reason, their products always deliver in quality and aesthetics. The new Callisto kit has an 80W power limit running from a single 18650 battery, which may turn a lot of vapors away, but for a small device that's easy to carry around with you, the Callisto performs really well. Ideal for those who want to move onto trying vape mods or those experienced vapers who need a small device to carry around with them.

Silver version of the Council Of Vapor Callisto mod

In-depth Review of the Council Of Vapor Callisto Kit

Council of Vapor made its first major mark on the vaping industry a couple of years ago, when it released the Mini Volt mini-mod. That device was a popular one in many circles and helped the company to build a sizeable and loyal base of fans. Those fans will surely be eager to learn more about this company’s latest offering, which is yet another compact mod aiming to make it as one of the best vape mods in its class but with even more advanced features. In this Council of Vapor Callisto kit review, we’ll put this latest product through its paces and see whether Council of Vapes continues to be one of the top mod manufacturers in the industry.



Let’s begin with the device’s appearance. The mod itself offers a sporty, attractive design that should appeal to almost any vaping enthusiast. Even the more experienced users who are use to mechanical mods will appreciate this design! The display and controls are all easy to see and use, and the high-tech finish includes ergonomic features that make the Callisto a real joy to hold in your hand. Even the placement of the device name seems to have been perfectly-conceived. There’s only one thing that we didn’t like: the lack of color options. This is such a gorgeous product that it seems a shame to limit the color choices to Stainless Steel and Gun Metal Grey.

Black version of the Callisto Vape ModFortunately, that was our only real complaint when it comes to the Callisto. It’s a powerful unit that offers the reliable performance that most users expect. Yes, it’s compact, but it’s powered by a 18650 battery that you can swap out with ease – which is a great option for people who have extra batteries and don’t want to wait for a recharge. We do suggest buying the best 18650 battery you can afford as this device drains it pretty quickly. The fact that it uses one of the more common batteries is also a great relief for anyone who wants to add a new device to his collection and still avoid buying a variety of different battery types.
The Callisto mod on its own without tank

The Callisto’s sporty exterior is the perfect size for comfortable use, measuring just 78mm by 27.5mm by 41.6mm. It has a solid feel to it, thanks to its zinc alloy construction, and should stand up to even heavy use without any problems. The battery door is easy to access since it offers a nice texturized exterior rather than the smooth surface favored by some models. Those features help to make this one of the most ergonomically sound devices we’ve seen in some time.


What’s Going on Inside

Of course, that’s just the outside of the device. Inside, the device is powered and controlled by the company’s own advanced chipset. That chip provides the guidance needed to manage the Callisto’s impressive array of features – including its powerful firing system and a wide range of temperature controls. Fans of temperature control will find this device to their liking since it offers support for all of the most popular coil types: stainless steel, Ni200 Nickel, and titanium. You can learn more about stainless steel and nickel coils here but the majority use stainless.

The tank on the Callisto

The Tank

The tank is a top-fill Windrunner that offers 2.5ml of capacity for your favorite e-juice and unparalleled flavor retention. We might have preferred that the device comes with a larger tank, to make extended vaping sessions a little easier to manage, but 2.5ml is pretty close to the standard tank size these days. Flavor is apparently a priority for the device since even the coil configuration seemed to be chosen with flavor retention in mind.

Airflow wasn’t a problem either, as the easy-to-access airflow controls on the bottom of the Callisto offered us the control we needed to get big clouds of thick vapor. That, coupled with the setting controls for the device, made our cloud-chasing efforts a simple matter. Best of all, there was little by way of a learning curve, since this is one of the more intuitive vaping mods we’ve had the pleasure of trying.

The complete Council Of Vapor Callisto box mod kit


As far as our tests went, the Callisto performed admirably. We had heard that the vapor production might be a little sparse for some heavy users, but our experience was just the opposite. With the Callisto, we enjoyed tremendous vapor clouds and great flavor. In other words, the Callisto did everything that it claimed it could do – and then some. It’s not the best e-cig to quit smoking with due to the direct lung inhale requirement, but once you’re ready to up your game and enjoy vaping on a next level, then this kit should be considered.


Final Thoughts

While we would prefer that such an attractive mod come in a wider array of color options, that’s a small detail that shouldn’t detract anyone from considering this product. The reality is that the Council of Vapor Callisto kit is a great mod in every area of metrics that matters, making it one of the best e-cigarette kits for its size and power. That’s why we feel comfortable giving it a full-throated endorsement and recommending it to all our readers. If you’re in the market for a new mod, get this device today.

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