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The full AIMIDI Tank T2 Armored 160W review

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AIMIDI Tank T2 Armored 160W Review Bottom Line

The Tank T2 mod from AIMIDI is their newest vape mod to hit the market, with the TX 160W chip you can fire it from 7W up to 160W of power and a sturdy weather proof casing it looks impressive! Holds 2 18650 batteries and is slightly heavier than other mods on the market but this is due to the design and features. Although we like the design and the strong chassis, we tend to have more problems with tanks breaking rather than mods, but on the whole, this device delivers, giving a responsive vape that all types of vapers will enjoy.

The AIMIDI Tank T2 Armored 160W in silver

Aimidi Tank T2 Armored 160W In-depth Review

If you had a chance to try the Cube Plus DNA 200W, then you’ve probably been waiting to see what AIMIDI would come out with next. Well, the wait is over! With the release of their new Tank T2 Armored mod, the company looks to once again take the vaping world by storm. In this AIMIDI Tank T2 Armored 160W review, we’ll examine this new mod and see whether it’s all that we’d expect it to be.

Design of the Aimidi Tank T2 Armored vape mod

The Design

We’ll begin with the device’s design since it’s obviously built to attract attention. And let’s be clear: if you prefer sleek, light vaping devices, look elsewhere. The Tank T2 is no shrinking violet and classed as one of the best vape products in the vape mod class! The Aimidi Tank T2 is a thick, relatively heavy vaping device that more than lives up to its name.

Is it armored? You be the judge. The manufacturers crafted it from a stainless steel and polymer alloy combination – which explains its heavier weight – and even included metal armor on the sides. There’s also a construction-quality impact truss, which should help to protect it against drops and other disastrous impacts.

The Tank T2 is also designed to be waterproof and comes in an interesting array of color options that should appeal to a large cross-section of vaping enthusiasts. Those colors include stylish black, silver, blue, and red – as well as a camouflage finish or army green option.  We obtained the silver version, and it’s one of the best-looking mods we’ve seen in some time, but is it one of the best vape mods? Let’s see.

The specification of the Aimidi Tank T2

The Specs

The Tank T2 clocks in at a respectable 321.5g, and measures 105.5mm x 71.1mm x 27.5mm. It’s a sturdy device that should withstand even unexpected accidents.  If that were all there was to it, however, the Tank would be nothing more than a paperweight – and that’s simply not the case. The device is a little powerhouse as well, powered by two 18650 batteries that provide it with a sizable range of power output options: from 7 watts to 160 watts. You do need to purchase them separately, but we have a guide on how to find the best 18650 battery that should help!

From a chip perspective, the Tank T2 relies upon the TX 160W chip, offering a total of five different output ranges. The chip guides the device’s features and controls everything from its voltage output – an impressive 1 to 8.4 volts – to its atomizer resistance, which covers a range from 0.1 to 3 ohms. In our tests, we found that the mod provided consistent and reliable power output, with little drop off even as the batteries drew closer to needing a recharge. That’s always a good sign.

Features of the Aimidi Tank T2 Armored mod


This is a device that’s loaded with features. It offers flexible temperature control, and support or Ni200 Nickel, Titanium, and Kanthal coils, you can read more about stainless and nickel coils here. Depending on your desired setup, you can achieve temperatures within a respectable range of 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit – which should be more than adequate to meet most vapers’ needs. You can control the various settings with ease from the nearly 1-inch display screen on the device’s exterior.

From that display, you can change all the relevant settings needed to customize your usage. For example, you can alter or monitor the temperature mode, as well as the output. You can manage your device’s power output, to better control its performance.

You can also control important details like atomizer resistance. Finally, you can use the display to monitor things like battery life, or access the device’s handy puff-counter to see how many draws you’ve taken. Everything is well-organized, easy to read, and easy to use.

The packaging of the Aimidi Tank T2 Armored Vape Mod


While the Tank T2 offers a really attractive design and some very dynamic features as opposed to say mechanical mods, the real question on everybody’s mind is obvious: how does it perform? After all, even the best-looking mods are worthless if they can’t meet your vaping needs. We tested the device extensively, to see whether the chipset and configuration would stand up to heavy usage. We’re happy to say that we got the results we expected. The device was rumored to provide steady power and consistently-high performance, and it certainly lived up to those expectations.


To Conclude

A lot of people have compared the Tank T2 to Geek Vape’s Aegis 100W, which we have featured in our list of the best 26650 mods but that comparison may not be entirely fair. Yes, they’re both waterproof, but that’s where any true similarities end. The reality is that the Tank T2 is a more powerful device in terms of sheer power output. It’s not as sophisticated in other areas, however, as the chipset seems to compare unfavorably to the Aegis. For users who just want consistent vaping performance without the need for all the bells and whistles, however, the Tank T2 Armored 160W is a device that we can readily recommend.

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