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Asmodus Lustro Review Bottom Line

The Asmodus Lustro 200W Box Mod is released with a tonne of innovative features, including a touchscreen and gesture control system, along with a cool light show and flashlight. Granted with these new features makes the learning curve a little higher, but once you've mastered it this box mod delivers a responsive and awesome vape.

Asmodus Lustro 200W Box Mod

In-depth Asmodus Lustro 200W Box Mod Review

Asmodus has released a new innovative box mod that’s packed with features and aiming to bring a new dimension to the world of vaping. The Lustro 200W is now available, but how good is it in comparison to the best e-cigs and devices out there? We take a closer look to see:

Design of the Asmodus Lustro Box Mod


Keeping to the traditional box mod theme the Asmodus Lustro looks nothing different, with the choice of 14 different colors your spoilt for choice!

The face has a nice big 23 x 12mm OLED Capacitive Touch Screen with a big fire button above and a USB Type-C connector below the screen. To one side is a LED strip which is activated when the box mod is fired of which you can adjust the colors within the menu and also the speed.

It does have a comfortable feel when in your hand and with its touch and hand gesture screen the operation has been well thought out. The whole mod measures in at 80.4 x 40.5 x 36mm so approximately 8mm shorter than other mods like the SMOK X Priv for example.

Green version of the Asmodus Lustro Mod


The Lustro runs off 2 x 18650 batteries and as the name suggests run from 5W to 200W. Most vapers prefer the dual 18650 option and many of the best box mods incorporate this design because they are easy to get hold off and generally last longer than a single 20700 battery.

The LED strip at the side and on the power button is cool, and additional features like a flashlight at the bottom of the mod are a nice touch.

The colored screen on the Asmodus LustroThe full colored screen gives all the information you need with voltage, resistance, wattage, an odometer showing vaping time in seconds, along with dual battery indicators and puff counter, with 3 icons at the bottom showing current mode, hand gesture, and lock screen. It sounds like a lot, but it’s well designed and easy to read.

The hand gesture uses infrared to read when your thumb is in front of the screen, so you can actually swipe without touching the screen at all when in the menu.

Adjusting the wattage is relatively simple, just click the power on the home screen and the screen will change with an up and down arrow, touching the relevant button increases or lowers the wattage.

The Asmodus Lustro also supports temperature control mode, to enter this simply press the screen 3 times and swipe, TEMP will appear and you can adjust the temperature mode by clicking the temperature and again using the up and down arrows to scroll through stainless steel mode, nickel, titanium etc.

The mod also features a curve mode, which we’re seeing quite a lot in the latest box mods. This is where you can adjust the wattage for each second the fire button is pressed.

View from the bottom of the Asmodus Lustro


The 510 thread isn’t in the center of the mod, so the tank needs to be below 25mm or you’re going to get a bit of overhang. If they put it in the center, then you could put any tank on this mod.

The screen is a little busy and it would have been nice to give the user an option to get rid of the odometer or have different screen layouts, some may find it a little hard to read.

That said the infrared option is quite nice once you get used to it, and is actually more addictive the more you use it!

Packaging on the Asmodus LustroThe responsiveness of the mod is really good, and the power seems to be right on target. We can’t really say how good the vape is as this all depends on the tank you use, but if you use one of the best sub ohm tanks or an RDA/RTA, then your not going to be disappointed with this mods performance.


To Conclude

A great innovative box mod, the Asmodus Lustro 200W Box Mod will keep you entertained for a while, figuring out the gesture control and understanding all the light shows and features this mod offers.

Once your use to it, you get a reliable 200W mod that’s really responsive and creates the perfect companion to pretty much any tank you choose. Well worth the money, but be sure to check out our vape deals area as this mod and many like it are often up for huge discounts.

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