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Mad Hatters I Love Blue Raspberry Candy eliquid Review

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I Love Blue Raspberry Review Bottom Line

Although it's really hard to give a score to e-liquid flavors, we all loved the new flavor from Mad Hatter, although the name is ridiculously long! The I Love Blue Raspberry Candy eJuice has a sweet lemonade and raspberry taste thats subtle enough not to be sickly when you vape all day. So yes in our opinion it's classed as an all day vape juice. If you fancy a refreshing change from your boring reliable flavor, then this is going to refresh your pallet and wake up those taste buds! Good job Mad Hatter!

Full Review of Mad Hatter I Love Blue Raspberry Candy eJuice

Yes, you lucky readers, we passed this one to our favorite writer Martin, we always love his opinion as a kinda newbie to vaping, so it’s great to hear what he has to say! This time we caught up with him on holiday in Venice, check out his review:
Vaping some clouds

Vaping In Venice

Sat in the baking sunshine in one of the most amazing settings on earth, Venice, with only the clouds above being from an airplane or me! Yep, that’s right, I’m vaping! The sweltering heat has me slightly nervous as I have read that people are suffering from third-degree burns after their e cig batteries have exploded. Now I am not one for worrying about things like this as the likelihood of my 3-year-old battery exploding, which are in my new Smok ProColor 225W mod, are very low but it did get me thinking that this might somehow be a scare tactic to get us hooked on those nasty cigarettes again. With every puff, I take from my top bit, apparently called a TFV8 Big Baby Tank, I feel the battery getting warmer. Good job I have an ice-cold beer to place it next to just at arm’s length to be on the safe side. It wasn’t normal for me to be willing to sacrifice a beer in this way but better safe than sorry.


The Tourist Thing

Walking around the beautiful city of Venice was like being taken back in time. Not hundreds of years, just 5 years. Many people from across the globe walking around smoking actual real cigarettes. With every shop, I was dragged into to look at that with an extortionate price tag on I kept my eye out for e-liquids. There were so many shops and not one single vape shop. It was a good job I packed enough to see me through the duration of my holiday ensuring I had enough spare in case that volcano went off again and all the flights were grounded like what happened in 2010.

The city of VeniceVenice is a city that is like no other, apart from not being able to get vaping supplies easily, it has no road network and everything is moved by boat. Should that made up thing that they keep changing the name of actually happen, ’climate change’, these guys are already ahead of the game? They have more boats there than London has taxis. As we move around the city doing the tourist thing, we visit some amazing buildings which will wow anyone. Modern architecture is like they have run out of ideas. Take the Shard in London. Someone sat there for a few months trying to design an inspirational landmark and realizing that they have no imagination they break a window to use the glass as a way of ending their life. They look down at the shard of glass and think oh that will be cool to make a building. It is ugly and ruins the landscape of London. People have a fear of being accused of copying other people’s work. There is a reason these historic buildings are still standing and have the wow factor. Stop trying to be all hip and down with the youngsters and design buildings that are like the older ones with all the mod cons.

There was a glass factory in Venice which I felt like going to sabotage them if they had any input in creating the glass bottles for any e-liquid company. Fortunately, I had forgotten all about this when I tried to visit the factory. As I wasn’t in a group of more than 10, I was ushered away like a peasant.

Imagine being out on a safari with bumpy roads full of potholes, some large enough to consume a house. You will be getting thrown around the vehicle like a rag doll. So, if you were to have a glass bottle in your pocket or backpack full of your favorite e-liquid and this smashes, not only will you turn into a beast that wants to wrestle all the animals you see as they have caused you to be without your vape but you will have e-liquid all over your leg or inside your backpack. Yes, it will smell nice and maybe you will be lucky to have escaped bleeding to death hoping the shards of glass haven’t punctured your vital organs. As you can tell, I am not a fan of the glass bottle unless it contains vodka.

Mad Hatter I Love Blue Raspberry Candy E-Liquid

Time For The Review

Back in my hotel room, I decide that now is the time to try this new funky looking bottle of e-liquid. Having managed to transport it to Italy safely without any leaks, I remove the lid and gave it a sniff. If it doesn’t pass the sniff test then it would be poured down the toilet. As I looked at the name thinking, ‘oh for goodness sake what the hell is a blue raspberry?’, I was taken back. The smell was sweet and instantly made me want to drink it. Luckily, I could remind myself that drinking the liquid would probably turn me into a mutant. The bottle reminded me of those heroes in a half shell and the toxic ooze. They mutated after being covered in it so I had to be on the safe side and ensure there was no spillage.

Mad Hatter ELiquid bottleI topped up my top bit (tank) which I managed to do without spilling it on the bed sheets and having to listen to the wife moan about it for the next few days/weeks/months…. I laid back on my bed and pressed play on my tablet. I only had a few episodes of Blindspot left to watch. As I filled my room with a cloud hoping that the smoke alarm wouldn’t go off which would result in a 100 Euro fine, I was blessed with a smooth and wonderful flavor. I have no idea what the flavor was but I liked it, kinda like a lemonade raspberry taste. My tongue was tingling and my senses were in deep joy. My room not only looked like a nightclub but also smelt so sweet.


Final Thoughts

This flavor has really impressed me and would be one that I could vape all day, even though I’m not mad on sweet flavors. You do need a pretty good e-cig to get the most out of this e-juice. The bottle is great, easy to refill most tanks without any spills, in fact as I use it more and more I am becoming fastly addicted to it. Definitely going to buy some more of this one! Happy vaping Y’all!

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