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Cash Money & Liquid Gold E-Liquid Review

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Cash Money & Liquid Gold Bottom Line

Stunner has released 2 new flavors to the market, Cash Money & Liquid Gold. Cash Money has a bold bourbon taste with sweet vanilla custard and brown sugar to make this a smooth desert flavor, one you'll love if you like subtle bourbon. Liquid Gold has a strong watermelon note with ripe pear, mango and a touch of apricot. We preferred the Cash Money juice, but both are pretty good all day vapes!

In-depth Cash Money and Liquid Gold Juice Review

Cash Money and Liquid Gold E-LiquidStunna, who are Stunna you may well ask? They are in fact a new brand who features the collaboration and partnership of hip-hop sensation Birdman (Bryan Christopher Williams) and Elevate Lifestyle USA who is an e-liquid and merchandise branding company. Initially, Stunna is releasing two flavors to the market, Cash Money & Liquid Gold, so how do these flavors vape, and are they considered good value for money? Let’s take a close look to see if it’s one of the best e-liquids!

Cash Money E Juice from Stunna

Cash Money

Described as a bold bourbon with creamy notes of vanilla custard and brown sugar with the slight hint of a light cheesecake it’s obvious that Stunna is trying to combine the popular flavors everyday vapors vape. Obviously, this is a great marketing tactic for sales, but it is also probably the most criticized flavors, many manufacturers have been trying to create a unique flavor from these flavorings, so how well did Stunna perform?

To maximize the flavor, we’re dripping the juice on 2 fresh stainless steel alien coils with a resistance of 0.28-ohm with the mod is set to 70 Watts, you can check out some of the best vape mods to use here. The bourbon taste immediately hits you, there’s no hiding it, it’s not overpowering, but it does dampen the vanilla and custard flavors. The brown sugar note makes it a relatively sweet, desert-like vape. On the dripper, we think the bourbon is a little strong for our liking. We all know vanilla and custard is easily killed by other flavors and that is certainly the case with Cash Money.

That said, for an all-day vape it’s not that bad at all. If you like bourbon, you’ll love this, the vape cloud is impressive thanks to the high VG rating on this (70/50 VG/PG). For us, though we wish they reduced the percentage of bourbon to allow the other flavors to breathe. We noticed the higher the wattage the stronger the flavor, without producing a burning taste that many brown sugar juices do.  Also, the coils remained pretty clean, which we found surprising due to the sweetness of Cash Money.

Liquid Gold E Juice from Stunna

Liquid Gold

Described as an ultimate desert flavor with ripe pear, mango, watermelon with hints of apricot this type of flavoring sounds sweet! We’re a big fan of carefully blended sweet juices as long as the balance is right. There’s nothing more annoying than trying a flavor in a vape shop, taking it home and after an hour it’s just too sweet! So how does this flavor compare and is it a juice you can vape all day?

To give it a fair comparison, we removed the cotton and burnt the coils back to clean, fresh cotton installed and using the same settings, i.e. dripped on 2 coils with 0.28-ohm resistance and the mod set to 70 Watts.

First off dripping this juice you notice the sweet fruity smell, something tells us this is going to be a powerful juice! On the first vape, we were a little underwhelmed, probably a lot to do with this initial smell, but then the flavors start coming through. The second vape you start tasting the juice, the pear and apricot flavors work well together, although if you’re expecting a big apricot hit, you may be a little disappointed. After more than 2 vapes the prominent flavor seems to be the watermelon. As an all day vape the watermelon is definitely the key flavor, you do get slight hints of the other flavors, but not enough to clearly identify them.

The Stunner brand logo

To Conclude

The two flavors from Stunna, Cash Money, and Liquid Gold are actually pretty good flavors, for us, we actually preferred the deeper Cash Money flavor notes and so will you if you don’t mind bourbon. Liquid Gold for us just seemed too familiar with other watermelon flavors on the market, but it is subtle enough to be vaped all day. We dripped the flavors, so our review will be based on strong flavors, but you can use any of the best electronic cigarettes with sub ohm capabilities to appreciate these flavors.

Overall two pretty good, subtle all day vapes with a good balance of flavors, that we would suggest you try. Good value considering the number of flavorings and quality and smoothness of the vape.

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