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SMOK Resa Stick Vape Pen Bottom Line

Just when we thought vape pens had reached their limit, SMOK release the Resa Stick Starter kit. At first glance, disregarding the design, you may think that there's nothing too unique about this pen. But, SMOK include the Resa Baby tank with this kit and the mesh coil which is pre-installed will rock your world! Beautiful flavors, huge clouds and one of the best tasting tanks we have tasted in some time! A great starter kit for all!

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The SMOK Resa Stick Starter Kit in Red

In-depth SMOK Resa Stick Starter Vape Kit Review

SMOK has released a new vape pen that’s designed to be really easy to use yet perform really well. Packaged with the 2000mAh inbuilt battery is the Resa Baby tank, which has their new mesh coil design. So how well does this vape and how does it compete with the best vape pens on the market? We take a closer look to see!

The colors of the SMOK Resa Stick


Nicknamed the cloud hunter the Resa stick has a unique cobra resin design. Initially, we saw SMOK release this on their drip tips, then the tank and now with the Resa, it’s the whole thing!

Available in a number of different colors including black, yellow, purple, green, blue, red, pink, white and a rather cool multi-colored version named 7-color. Yes, the cobra-like design does make it look cool, but the design, in general, is very similar to the Smok Stick Prince.

The Resa Vape stick measures in at just under 140mm tall with the tank on and 25mm diameter, although that increases to a diameter of 28mm around the tank.

The battery features the fire button and on the reverse is a USB port where you can recharge. The base of the battery unit has a slight hole to discharge any heat when using for a long time and the top features the 510 thread for the tank, so you can use any tank you wish on this unit, bear in mind though, it is 25mm in diameter so any larger tank will overhang.



Because this is a starter kit and has been specifically designed to be easy to use, the Resa Stick just has one button which you can click 5 times to turn the device on and off. Light around the button will flash to indicate this has happened.

The rest of the features are all automatic! It will set the output wattage based on the resistance of the coil in the tank.

There’s also a couple of safety features; the first is an 8 second cut off, so if you accidentally press the button it will cut out, avoiding those nasty burning sensations. There’s also low resistance protection and low voltage protection to protect the battery.

What you get with the SMOK Resa Stick

The 7.5ml Resa Baby Tank

Resa Baby Tank

Bit of a surprise here, and a pleasant one! We were all expecting a TFV12 tank here or a prince tank, but no! SMOK has released a new one specially designed for this pen! The Resa baby tank holds up to 7.5ml of juice thanks to the bubble glass design, although if you’re in Europe then only the 2ml version is available thanks to the TPD (Tobacco Products Directive).

The diameter of the Resa Baby tank is slightly larger (3mm) than the battery, but this is nice because you can easily locate the air flow control which is also on a stopper. It also features a removable 810 drip tip and one thing that has changed is the top fill mechanism. On all their other tanks they have top fill where you slide the top cap to one side, but on the Resa Baby Tank, you actually have to unscrew the whole top cap. This is actually a good thing as some people complained about the accessibility of the fill holes, this is now not a problem with the 2 large holes now easily in view.

The pre-installed coil is the 0.15-ohm mesh coil and best vaped between 40-80 watts, the other coil is a 0.25-ohm coil best vaped between 30-50 watts, but is a regular coil version.

Performance of the SMOK Resa Stick Pen


One good thing about this test is there’s no setting up! No wattage to report, it’s just literally filled with juice and vape, unlike the vast majority of the other best e-cigarette products we test! So we’re using the mesh 0.15-ohm coil first and using a 70/30 VG/PG regular juice.

The airflow is really good when fully open; you can certainly create some thick clouds from this vape pen, we can see why they nicknamed it the Cloud Hunter!

Green version of the SMOK Resa Stick Starter KitThe flavor is super on this coil! There’s no breaking the coils in, like with other coils, the flavor is there instantly from new! That’s awesome, and for some reason, these coils just taste great, we’re not sure how the design differs, but it works, and it works great!

Flipping over to the other 0.25 coil, we’re pretty much back to what we use too, the flavor is slightly muted, although the cloud content is roughly the same. One big thing we noticed with this coil is it seems to be slightly quieter than the mesh coil.


To Conclude

For a simple, grab and go, which is super easy to use, without having to learn about temperature control or wattage levels, this device is awesome and similar in use as the simple pod products like the Juul. On some level, it’s hard to understand why bother with a vape mod when devices like the SMOK Resa Stick can do it all for you!

The taste of the mesh coil is truly outstanding, one of the best tank/coil setups we have tested for some time. The cloud content is huge, the flavor is awesome there’s really not much to complain about, overall a really good starter kit from SMOK!

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