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Full review of the VGOD Elite Mech Mod

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7.4 Final Score
VGOD Elite Mech Mod Review Bottom Line

For mechanical mods this is one of the best. The VGod Elite ouses quality and feels great to hold. Due to the hybrid tank connection and copper connections throughout to reduce resistance, the power and performance achieved can only be described as awesome! Be warned though, make sure you know what your doing, these types of mods are for the pro's only!

Side view of the VGOD Elite Mech Mod

In-Depth Review of the VGod Elite Mech Mod

If your a mechanical mod fan, then the chances are you’ve tried the odd mechanical mod or two! Most have pretty basic functionality with somewhat cool designs, however, when it comes to the VGOD Elite Mech Mod, nothing else comes close. This vaping masterpiece has the quality that only true vapers can appreciate with only the top quality materials used to not only improve the look but to enhance your vaping experience. If your looking for a high-quality mechanical mod, then you’ve found it with the VGod Elite.

Please Note: Mechanical mods are unregulated, so it’s important you have some idea about the resistance of the coils you use vs. the power of the battery. If your unsure, then check out our guide on mechanical mods.

The packaging, case and spares of the Elite Mech mod


As soon as this thing comes to your door, it just sings “quality”. In my view, whenever I see expensive packaging like this I just wish they put the money on the device itself, in the VGOD Elite though, their strategy is not to take any shortcuts, and that includes the packaging!

You get a basic cardboard box which is huge! Almost the size of a shoe box with pictures of the Elite Mod on, but inside sits a canvas like satchel that opens using a zipper, this is pretty big considering the size of the mod, but also has pockets and other useful compartments to hold spare batteries, other mods and just a general convenient box to house your mods when travelling!

Inside the satchel features; instructions, a tie pin with the VGod logo (I don’t know why), a spare gold spring and the mech mod itself!

Design of the VGOD Elite Mech front and back


Firing button on the VGOD Elite Mech ModThis is a copper mechanical mod with a black Cerakote coating, which is probably why it feels pretty heavy, weighing in at around 0.2kg. The paint job looks like a dull black powder coat but the Cerakote makes it hard wearing, but also less likely to drop due to its anti-slip properties. Along the shaft has the logo engraved out of the coating to reveal the copper, which looks pretty cool, it has a copper firing button with carbon fiber inlay making the best possible connection with the battery. The top has engraving stating it’s an original VGOD USA product and has a hybrid 510 connection, which basically means there’s no pin inside the thread to make connection to your tank pin and the battery, that is, the pin on the tank will make direct contact with the battery and thus needs to be protruding. This is a great design because wherever they can limit the resistance of the power going through the device the better the device is!

Hybrid Pin connectionSafety Checkpoint! Make sure the tank your using has a pin that is protruding from the base and not spring loaded or flush. You only want the positive pin to be hitting the positive side of the battery. If both the pin and the housing around the pin (which is the negative) both hit the battery then that tank is going to get hot and can be dangerous.



The Elite mod holds a single 18650 battery but has no regulation so you can’t control the voltage. For this reason, it’s probably best to put the least amount of resistance in your coil to get a quick ramp-up time. Remember the voltage is going to be high, with no 510 pin to lose voltage, and superconductive copper materials as connections, this is the best you’re going to get. If your not a fan of unregulated mechanical mods, then we suggest sticking to the box mod vapes instead.

The advantages


  • Performance hard hitter up there with the best
  • Switch is smooth and great connections never had a miss fire
  • Quality of the material ouses quality along with the badge and logo placement
  • Carrying case is handy for both this mod and all your spare mods, batteries and tanks!
  • Self-adjusting to fit battery, simply unscrew the cap, place your battery in and it fits with no rattle

The disadvantages


  • Tapering design may not be liked by everyone
  • Clear coating on the logo on the housing rubs off and can, therefore, look dirty and patina
  • Cost is quite high, but considering the quality and performance, you get what you pay for!
  • Mech mods are considered dangerous due to no safety regulations, use only if you know what you’re doing!


To Conclude

The VGOD Elite Mech Mod is the second in the Series of VGOD mods. It has a unique shape, a tight grip, and the quality of this mech mod cannot be faulted. The design, weight, and feel is just awesome and is one of the best vape products in the mechanical mods category. For Vapers, the VGOD Elite Series Mech Mod is definitely a must buy if you’re looking for both quality and performance.

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