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The full Ijoy Diamond VPC Kit Review

By: Nicholas King.
Last Updated: September 21st, 2018.


7.0 Final Score
IJOY Diamond VPC Bottom Line

Nice to see IJOY release the Diamond VPC pod mod with a pretty decent 1400mAh battery capable of adjustable wattage and voltage. One big pro with this is the capability of using Juul, Myle, and Juno pods but, and there is a but! The Unipod tank that comes with this kit is just below par. It rattles and the flavor is not as good as others on the market.

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In-depth IJOY Diamond VPC Kit Review

Ijoy has now released a new looking pod system, yes it is a pod although looking like a tiny box mod! The interesting thing about this device is the ability to use a whole host of other manufacturer’s pods, including Juul, Myle, and Juno. But of course, they have their own pod tank included in the kit.

So how does this rather large vape pod, yet small box mod compare with others on the market? Only one way to see!



One thing you notice straight away is the size of this pod, it’s designed in a similar fashion to box mods, in fact, Ijoy is calling it a ‘box pod’! Measuring just 100mm tall with the tank on, 34mm wide and having a depth of just over 27mm, this thing is small!

The Diamond VPC kit comes in a number of colors which include red, blue, green, black, white, rainbow, gold, purple, orange, and the list goes on and on, 12 colors in all!

It has a nice diamond styling on the front and back, and on the side is the fire button, screen, and adjustment buttons.

Do you need a better understanding of Vape Pods and the other types of e-cigs?

Guide on the Types of E-Cigs



This mod has a screwed in 20350 battery inside with the capacity of 1400mAh which is pretty impressive for its size, and for these small tanks should last a day or two. Depending on how often you use it of course!

The pod mod is capable of firing between 2.5V – 3.8V for pods and 5W – 45W for standard coils.

It also features a number of protection programs including:

  • Short circuit Protection
  • Low power Protection
  • Battery reverse Protection

As this is a pod, Ijoy has tried to keep things simple with just a few settings to play around within the menu area.

To enter the settings, click the fire button 3 times. You can then scroll through the options using the adjustment buttons below the screen.

The settings include:

  • Pod: This mode is for use with the iJoy tank that comes with the kit. You can then adjust the voltage up and down to suit.
  • Jewel: For some reason they misspelled Juul, but this mode is for use with the Juul pods, it basically sets the voltage to 3.1V.
  • Myle: This sets the device to be used with Myle pods.
  • Juno: Again setting the mod for use with Juno pods.
  • Puff Res: This option resets the puff counter.
  • Power: Sets the mod to wattage mode allowing you to use other tanks on the mod.

UniPod Tank

Ijoy has included their own pod as part of the Diamond VPC Kit, named the Unipod. It holds 2ml of e-liquid, which sounds small for a tank, but for a pod that’s actually pretty good. The power is lower and the resistance is higher on pods, so the juice last longer. It is also compatible with nicotine salts if that’s your thing!

It comes with a built-in atomizer/coil of 1-ohm and no airflow control.

You can use this tank in power/wattage mode, so you can use it on other mods, just make sure you stick to power outputs of between 10-15W or you’ll burn that coil out!



To start with we’re using Ijoy’s UniPod tank at 3.8V and testing it with a 70/30 VG/PG e-liquid. The draw is a little tight if your use to direct lung inhales, it is possible but definitely resistant. You can start tasting the flavor of the e-liquid, it’s pretty smooth, but the cloud quantity and lung hit is pretty week.

Switching over to the Juul Pod and changing the mode accordingly creates a good strong vape similar to a Juul when it’s first charged. The beauty is the battery lasts!


To Conclude

We’re a little undecided on the Pod Mod, on one hand, it can be used with Juul and other pods giving them a larger and more stable battery life. But on the other hand, the UniPod tank left us a little underwhelmed.

To be honest, in comparison to the best e-cigarettes on the market, this device is a little below average, and overpriced.

We’re not sure why they built in the 20350 battery, you have to unscrew the case to remove and switch it over. The build quality is superb, it looks good and all the features are relatively easy to find and use.

Overall we love the fact that you can use the Ijoy Diamond VPC mod with Juul and other pods improving the battery life and performance. With the Unipod tank though, you may be left wanting more.

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Nicholas King
Nicholas King
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