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Juul Starter Kit Review

The full Juul review
9.0 Final Score
Juul Review Bottom Line

To appreciate how revolutionary the JUUL e-cig really is, you have to put all of your pre-conceived ideas about vaping aside for a moment and consider the JUUL in its correct niche context: an uncomplicated way to transit from combustible to electronic cigarettes. The usual standards by which we judge vaping gear such as power, tank build and size just do not apply, and yet it still gets a thumbs-up from us. It’s that different!

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Full Indepth Review of Juul

The Juul Vape Pen and E Cig
JUUL offers one product: a highly unusual e-cigarette which has prompted a lot of comment and debate in the vaping community. Their website says: “Smoking Evolved” and after a lot of thought, I have come to the conclusion that the JUUL is exactly that. It’s not ‘true’ vaping. It’s true non-combustible/electronic smoking, and the JUUL occupies a niche in the vaping industry. It could be a life-saver for smokers who want to try e cigs to quit smoking, but is unlikely to attract vaping enthusiasts.


Vaping Liquid: Deconstructed

Vaping is an inefficient way to deliver a nicotine hit. Vapers with a high nicotine need can find vaping unsatisfactory until they learn to compensate by adding more nicotine to their mix. This is usually why so many smokers try – and then reject – vaping as a means to stop smoking cigarettes.

Side view of the JuulPax Labs use nicotine salts from tobacco leaves and not ‘free-base’ nicotine. Simply put, the different ingredients means you get double the actual nicotine compared to the other best e cigs on the market. This concept is immensely important because the JUUL finally gives smokers the same satisfying nicotine hit, in fewer puffs, that they would get from a regular cigarette.

All of the JUUL e-juices contain 5% nicotine which only sounds high until you realize that no matter how advanced the e-cig, it still only delivers a portion of that nicotine. However, their break-through is enough to give even die-hard smokers real satisfaction, and it is another reason why the JUUL does not appeal to advanced vapers who have either quit nicotine altogether or substantially reduced their nicotine intake.


The Battery: Deconstructed

The battery is tiny, has an unusual shape and is non-replaceable. At first, this looked like a big drawback to me, until I realized how conventional my thinking was and that JUUL had actually compensated for this in many clever ways.

The Juul battery

  • It is a (Lithium-Ion battery) which can be recharged hundreds of times and is powerful enough for moderate vapers to get a day’s vaping out of it.
  • The unique high-nicotine e-liquids delivers very satisfying hits from each puff. You don’t need to chain-vape to satisfy your nicotine need, so you use less battery power.
  • The genius, small magnetic USB recharging system means that both the charger and the base of the e-cig are magnetized and lines up in either orientation without you having to scrabble to line up notches and electrodes. A discreet flashing shows when it’s charging
  • The battery fully recharges in an hour.


Settings and controls: Deconstructed

Zip. Nada. Not even a firing button. It is fully automatic – put it to your lips and draw gently. A discreet LED light glows white when in use or flashes slowly while charging. You can tap the pressure-sensitive mouthpiece to activate the battery life indicator: green for a full charge, yellow for a medium charge, red for almost dead. You can’t accidentally activate it while in your pocket or bag.


The Tank: Deconstructed

The Juul Pod/TankAnother ‘Zip.’ The last thing a smoking-to-vaping switcher need is fiddling with tanks, refilling, and wicks. JUULpods make this a non-issue. Remove the colored cap, click in the new tank and vape. Replace as needed with a new JUULpod, which, by the way, only contains 0.8ml of e-juice. Such a small tank may make experienced vapers howl, but again, JUUL has put a lot of thought into this:

  • The combination of the closed coil system, controlled temperature, wattage and the nicotine consumption means the JUUL uses far less juice per hit than other vaping gear.
  • Nichrome coil delivers substantial taste, and the airway is constructed of stainless steel
  • You can switch flavors in seconds without having to empty and clean out tanks and wicks
  • No mess as the e-juice is sealed in a cartridge


JUUL VaporThe complete Juul vape pen

Most cigalikes and e-cigarettes under-delivers vapor compared to mods. While you won’t get huge, dense clouds, the vapor production is substantial; certainly vastly more than the ‘old’ e-cigs and more than a normal cigarette. So does vaping actually work in quiting smoking? With the Juul, then probably!

The Juul replaceable pods

JUUL pods

The flavor production does not compete with advanced vaping gear, but the JUUL is not meant for advanced vaping. The product is aimed mostly at regular smokers, so any flavor other than tobacco and mint flavor is a novelty anyway! There are four very nice flavors; Menthol, a fruity grape, berry and peach Medley, Creme Brulee, and plain old Virginia Tobacco with a planned new Mango flavor. The JUULpods currently cost around $16 for a four-pack, and each pack is equivalent to one packet of cigarettes.


High-tech look

The sturdy metallic body is similar enough to a cigarette, but just different enough to help smokers realize its ‘a new day.’ It looks akin to a tall memory stick at 9.5 cm tall (with pod attached) with a discreet JUUL logo at the bottom. It is constructed by San Francisco-based Pax Labs, known for the Pax2 herb vaporizer, and has a 1-year manufacturing warranty. JUUL offers full customer support.

The complete Juul Kit


  • Trim high-tech look
  • Easy-charge with a genius magnetic USB charger
  • No-mess e-juice delivery system and several e-juice flavors
  • Highly satisfactory nicotine delivery as well as good vapor and taste production
  • Beginner-friendly



For smokers who need to kick the tar habit, this may be ‘the one’ due to the high nicotine delivery and satisfying vapor production. It simulates the smoking experience well enough that it may finally budge smokers’ reliance on cigarettes. The beginner’s kit has everything you need to start right away. If you are a convinced vaper, do a favor for a smoker friend or loved one, and buy them this kit.