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Innokin Proton Vape Mod with Scion 2 Tank Bottom Line

Innokin has released their first high-performance mod with the Proton mod kit with Scion 2 tank, and what a beauty it is. A dual 18650 battery mod with power from 5-225W and a tank that produces some of the best flavors we have experienced from a sub-ohm tank, this kit has it all! A nice design, nice screen and responsive, reliable mod, what more could you ask for?

The complete Innokin Proton kit

In-depth Innokin Proton Vape Mod Kit Review

Innokin has released a new, high powered and advanced box mod kit which features a new chipset, a large side fire button and most importantly the first mod with a joystick style selector. Introducing the Innokin Proton with Scion II Tank, so how does this new vape kit compete with the best box mods on the market? Is it a hit or miss? Well, there’s only one way to find out, let’s take a look!

The Innokin Proton mod on its side


The Proton mod features a nice, relatively large 1.45” TFT color screen, which displays all the important vaping information such as wattage, the resistance of the coil, voltage, a puff timer and dual battery indicators. All the information is really well laid out and easy to read if you don’t like the standard colors of the screen you can always change them in the settings!

Below the screen is a small joystick selector button, this hasn’t been seen on mods before, usually, you get up and down buttons. Below the joystick is the USB connector. The bottom is where you will find the battery door, which you slide the open to access the dual 18650 batteries.

The top of the mod features the 510 spring loaded connector for the tank, housed to one side. On one side of the mod is the large fire button.

The Innokin Proton box mod on it's own without tankInnokin has obviously taken great care in the design of this mod, it looks beautiful and so far we are impressed. As far as design is concerned, it’s definitely a competitor for one of the best e-cigarettes in its class!



The Innokin Proton dual 18650 battery mod has a number of features, to turn the mod on, click the side fire button 3 times. The mod will ask if you are using the same coil, you can use the joystick to select if it’s the same or a new coil.

To change the wattage, there’s no need to enter the menu settings. Use the joystick and push and hold it up, the wattage will start blinking which is when you can move the joystick either left or right to increase or decrease wattage.

There are a number of setting shortcuts on the Proton: To lock the device, simply move the joystick to the right and click the fire button, a padlock will appear on the screen telling you the Proton is now locked. Holding the joystick to the left and clicking the fire button will display more information about the batteries and a puff counter.

To enter the actual menu settings, click the joystick (not the fire button) 3 times. Here you have a number of options which include selecting the coil you are using, these include temperature control coils. You can also change the TCR (temperature coefficient of resistance) if you’re using temperature control.

The settings also feature 4 custom power curves, so you can set the wattage for each half second the fire button is pressed. It also has bypass mode which changes the mod to a mechanical like, unregulated device.

Lastly in the menu settings is where you can reset your puff counter, adjust the puff cutoff (i.e. how long the fire button can be pressed for), adjust the screen on time along with brightness, change the temperature unit from Celsius to Fahrenheit, choose the color settings of your screen with a number of options including blue, pink, red, white, purple and green. Finally, there is the firmware area where you can perform a factory reset or update the device’s firmware.

The device is a dual 18650 device, but make sure you get the best 18650 batteries you can afford, it has a power range from 5W to 235W, so more than enough power for all vapers.

The Scion 2 Tank

Scion II Tank

Within the Innokin Proton starter kit, you get the new Scion II sub-ohm tank which features a new coil design which they are calling the Plexus coils, but they are using the mesh-like coil design. The tank holds 3.5ml of e-liquid with a nice slide top fill design, with a small arrow showing you how to open it.

The bottom of the tank has 2 large adjustable air holes, which click into place. The top has the 810 Delrin drip tip that is removable. The tank does come with a spare bubble style glass.

The 2 coils that come with the kit are the standard 0.36-ohm preinstalled coil which can be fired between 80-150W which features a quad coil system. You also get a Plexus 0.15-ohm coil which uses the mesh design in a single coil design, this coil can be fired between 60-110Watts.

The Innokin Proton view from the back


This is Innokins first high-performance mod, and they have taken their time releasing it. But, boy, have they got it right with the Proton and the Scion 2 tank.

With the power set to 80 Watts and using the 0.15-ohm mesh coil, the flavor is really good, probably one of the best we have tried for a long time! The new chipset that Innokin have put in the Proton really makes it responsive and handles high wattage firing with ease.

Rainbow version of the Innokin Proton kitBeautiful tasteful, thick clouds aplenty! We’re loving this! We didn’t get chance to test the tank in temperature control mode, because both coils are made of kanthal which are not compatible with temp control, but using another tank on the Proton worked exactly how expected.


To Conclude

Overall we are super impressed with the Innokin Proton kit, including the Scion 2 tank. The new Plexus coils are amazing and it’s really nice having a mod that can handle pretty much anything you can throw at it and also be reliable thanks to the advanced chipset Innokin have introduced.

The taste and vapor are really good, but the overall aesthetic of this device oozes quality and feels really nice to hold. The joystick button isn’t the best thing about this device, we would have preferred to see buttons or a better-designed button, but that’s such a small defect it’s not really worth mentioning, oops!

It would have been nice if Innokin also included a stainless steel coil so new users could test out the temperature control modes on this mod. The mod kit is porbably not designed for brand new vapers out there, but if you fancy moving on from the cigalikes or pod vapes, then this is a great choice.

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