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Wotofo Bravo RTA Review
January 24, 2018
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Full review of the Wotofo Bravo RTA Tank
Wotofo Bravo RTA Review
January 24, 2018
Top vape tricks
Cool Vape Tricks – From Beginner to More Advanced Tricks
January 29, 2018
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Augvape v200 Box Mod Review

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6.4 Final Score
Augvape V200 Review Bottom Line

If your a petrol head then your more than likely going to love this design, for the rest of us the V200 from Augvape is a simple to use with basic features mod that surprisingly performs really well. Runs on 2 x18650 batteries and can achieve power up to 200W. No temperature control or other clever features, but a well built reliable mod.

The Augvape V200 mod

In-depth Augvape V200 Mod Review

This is probably a brand you haven’t heard of, but don’t dismiss them yet, they have just released a new, easy to use 200W dual battery mod that’s based on the design of a car engine, the Honda VTec, so let’s get on with the review to see if this competes as one of the best vape mods on the market, or just another brand trying to make it in the competitive niche.

Colors of the Augvape v200


The aesthetics are based on the Honda VTec car engine and for those enthusiasts out there I’m sure they are going to love it. For us, though it seemed like a love or hate relationship, the red looks striking from a distance whilst the black is a little more subtle.

The firing button and only button is well hidden in the middle of the mod above the screen, it’s easy to use and find and does the job just fine. For those who are used to using your fingers those, be prepared, the only way of firing this mod comfortably is by using your thumb!

The screen is nice and detailed giving you information like current wattage, the resistance of your tank coil, voltage and firing time, it also features 2 battery indicators for both 18650 batteries installed.

Features of the Augvape v200 box mod


The V200 has 3 simple modes; normal which is your regular wattage mode, BP or bypass mode which makes them mod work as unregulated and volt mode, which to be honest is so similar to wattage mode it need not exist, but according to the manufacturer this mode gives you quicker ramp-up time, a lot shorter than other 200W mods, but if this is true we really didn’t notice a significant difference.

To change the mode you click the firing button 3 times and the mode on the screen is highlighted, using the wheel (or engine oil cap) on the mod you can flick between the 3 modes. This wheel is also used to adjust the wattage when you’re out of the menu screen.

A couple more features include the ability to lock the wattage by clicking the firing button and adjusting the fire button up, and clicking the fire button and the wheel down reduced the brightness of the screen.

That is literally it, no more features, it’s that simple! No temperature control, no preset modes, just a simple wattage mod. But does this mean it falls short of the best vape unit in its category, well let’s find out!

Side profile of the Augvape v200 mod
The box of the Augvape v200 mod


We weren’t really expecting much from this mod, but it does perform really well. The wattage is achieved really quickly and the accuracy of the resistance indicator is very good indeed. Along with the simplicity of this mod make it really quite pleasurable to use.

A simple to use and yet reliable mod, a pretty much back to basics mod with a cool engine like design.


The Negatives

There really isn’t too much to say about the negatives, for some these negatives are actually positives for others. But here goes:

  1. There is only wattage and bypass mode (plus voltage mode, which is pretty much the same as wattage mode). For those temperature control lovers, this mod is one to miss.
  2. If you hate the engine heads out there then this design really isn’t for you. Based on a car engine this mod is for car enthusiasts only!

Saying all that though considering the negatives the price is reasonably competitive, top tip for you though, check out our vape deals page as this and other mods like it are often on sale!

To Conclude

If you’re an engine buff, then you’re probably going to love the Augvape V200, not only does it look cool but the simplicity and easy to work controls make this a great mod to use. Everything appears to be solid making feel and look a quality mod.

The accuracy of wattage mode is as good as any other mod on the market, so if you’re after a slightly different looking mod, and don’t care for all the gimmicks other mods provide, then this is a great mod to buy.


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