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iPV Trantor Mod Kit Bottom Line

Pioneer4you has just released the IPV Trantor Mod with the impressive YiHi SX500A Chipset, this dual 18650 battery mod kit is capable of power from 5-200Watts and will knock your socks off as far as performance! Granted the menu does take a little to get used too, deviating in many cases from the norm, but the sheer accuracy and the awesome vape this mod produces is enough reasons for you to get this mod! Available both in mod or kit form the iPV Trantor is nothing short of awesome!

The Pioneer4you iPV Trantor Vape Kit

In-depth IPV Trantor Mod Kit Review

One of the latest vape kits coming out of the Pioneer 4 You camp is the iPV Trantor, available in both kit form or just as a single mod. Utilizing the YiHi SX500A Chipset, this mod promises to deliver an accurate and strong vape. But does this kit compete with the best vape mods on the market? Well, let’s take a closer look to see!

Differnent colors of the iPV Trantor Vape Kit


The look of the mod is a little different in comparison to traditional box mod designs with slightly concaved sides and programmable led strips on the front. It features a 1.3-inch TFT IPS HS color screen which shows all your vaping needs such as wattage, battery indicator, vape strength, voltage, the resistance of the coil, vape mode, and the time, it’s well laid out and easy to read.

The fire button is the slightly larger button above the screen, with 3 buttons below the screen for up, down and select.

The mod and kits are available in a number of colors which include; champagne, bronze, gunmetal, red and black, each having a matching color tank if you go with the vape kit option.

The iPV Trantor measures in at 90mm tall, 48mm wide and 31mm depth, making it a pretty standard size for a dual 18650 mod.

Features of the iPV Trantor


The iPV Trantor mod uses the YiHi SX500A Chipset, which is a really good chip, which gives power from 5-200 Watts, but it may be a little complicated to figure out all the features as it’s a little different to standard mods.

For example, clicking the up and button flicks through the memory modes instead of adjusting the wattage, clicking the down button scrolls through the vape strength settings. To adjust the wattage you have to select the middle button first and when the wattage changes color, you can then use the up and down buttons.

Clicking the fire button 3 times locks the device, clicking 5 times enters the menu settings. Here you can turn the mod off, change the font, adjust all your temperature control settings including selecting your coil, and set the temperature coefficient of resistance, (if anybody uses that)! It also has some other settings such as compensate temperature, to finely tune the temperature settings if you’re in a hot (or cold) environment.

You can also adjust the screen standby time, the time, change the wallpaper on the screen with some weird and cool presets, change the brightness and also change the color of the LED strips on the side of the mod. So a whole host of features to keep you busy! If your a new vaper, this may seem a bit complicated especially if your starting vaping to quit smoking.

The iPV LXV4 Sub-ohm Tank

iPV LXV4 Tank

Within the vape kit you get the iPV LXV4 Tank which measures in at 26mm diameter with a height of 47mm, we did notice there is a slight overhang on the mod, not something you really notice, but a little disappointing nevertheless.

It is a top fill tank, which can be accessed by unscrewing the top cap from the mod, it’s very thin, so don’t over tighten as you might find it hard to grip, but there are two good sized filing ports, one to fill your juice up and the other to allow the air to escape to prevent any spillage.

The tank comes with a spare glass and 2 x LXV4 0.15-ohm quad coils, which are best vaped at around 60-100Watts.

Overall the tank is a very good competitor to the top 5 sub ohm tanks on the market right now.

The Pioneer4you iPV Trantor performance


Using the preinstalled LXV4 coil with the iPV Trantor set in wattage mode at 40Watts to give the atomizer time to soak we experienced a good airflow and a huge vape cloud, albeit the flavor was a little damp. This is typical with new atomizers so be prepared for this.

After half a tank of juice, it’s time to really test this device for performance. Moving the wattage up to 60 Watts and opening the airflow to maximum, let’s vape!

Yes! That makes a great difference, the flavor is really coming through now and there are huge clouds! We actually pretty surprised with the performance of the tank.

The mod has the well respected YiHi SX500A Chipset and it doesn’t disappoint in wattage mode, really accurate and with the vape strength set to “powerful” the vape is instant, exactly what we want.

Black version of the iPV Trantor starter kitThe advanced chipset in the iPV Trantor is really going to be appreciated with the temperature control vapers out there. Once you select the coil and adjust the compensated temperature settings to suit your environment, it’s hard to beat. It’s just a shame the kit doesn’t come with any temperature control coils!


To Conclude

Pioneer 4 You have again raised the bar with the iPV Trantor vape kit featuring the iPV LXV4 Tank which is a great sub-ohm tank. Yes, the menu settings are a little hard to get used too, especially if you’re like us and vape a number of mods in the day.

The responsiveness and accuracy are right up there with the best on the market and the sheer satisfaction of the vape gives the iPV Trantor high marks!

If you’re new to vaping, then this may seem really complicated to figure out, your best bet is to check the other best electronic cigarettes available, but for intermediate and more experienced vapers, you’re going to love this mod.

Although the price seems a little high, with the awesome YiHi SX500A Chipset it’s actually really cheap! As soon as this is released we will issue the best deals!

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