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Full review of VooPoo UForce Sub Ohm Tank

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VooPoo Uforce Sub Ohm Tank Review Bottom Line

After the success of their RDA release, VooPoo has now entered the sub ohm tank market with the release of the VooPoo UForce tank. It has an innovative triple airflow system with a reduced chimney to improve flavor and vape volume. It works, the taste is great and the volume is indeed huge. Compared with all the best sub-ohm tanks it definitely performs better than average with not a leak in sight! Great job VooPoo.

The VooPoo UForce Sub Ohm Tank

Indepth VooPoo Uforce Sub Ohm Tank Review

VooPoo has now introduced a new series of sub ohm tanks known as the UForce series. This tank has been worked on for some time and is finally now available, featuring a new venting system that is supposed to improve the taste and airflow of your vape. We take this new tank for a test to see how it performs and compare it with the top 5 sub ohm tanks.

Design and colors of the UForce tank


Now VooPoo hasn’t really been known to release tanks in the market, they are more of a vape mod manufacturer. But after the success of the VooPoo Demon RDA, we thought we need to check this new offering from them out.

At first glance, it looks no different than a Smok TFV12 tank, with a sliding top fill cap, and the airflow slots at the base. But when you inspect it closer, you see the quality that VooPoo have put into this tank.

They are releasing this sub ohm tank in a whole variety of colors including the traditional black and silver, but also rainbow, blue, purple and gold. So you should find one to suit your mod!

The VooPoo UForce Tank in Pieces


Let’s face it the main thing that we need to concentrate on is the performance of this tank, so let’s see how she vapes! We are using one of the best vape mods on the market, in this case the one we ranked at number 1, the Council of Vapor Xion mod.

We are using the OCC coil head, Uforce U4, a quad coil at 0.23-ohms which has been primed with juice. We have a mod set to 80W, after a few bursts at 40W just to make sure the coil is primed correctly but 80W is on the high end of this coil, so off we go.

These types of tanks always require 5-10 puffs until the juice starts circulating in the tank but after that the vapor cloud is huge, that seems to be deep and full of flavor. This may be due to their design of reducing the air outlet path by about 10mm. The theory here is that the vape has less distance to reduce temperature and thus taste and to be perfectly honest, it makes sense. Side by side the Voopoo UForce tank is producing some really good tasting vapor.

The airflow is huge, which is really good because you can reduce it to suit, usually, we have to have it wide open, but the VooPoo UFORCE tank we have to close it to ¾ open!

Moving the wattage down to around 70W seems to be the sweet spot for this coil, but remember everyone’s different, so play around with that and the airflow to find your perfect vape setting. The tank seems to perform really well on all the other vape products out there.



Nothing, we tried leaving it on the side to allow the cotton to slowly discharge but didn’t see a drop of liquid on the desk.

Now some people like extending the life of their coils by scratching the cotton with a needle or toothpick. This is a well-known method to clean the head and does increase the life. Still, no leaking though, so a real big thumbs up there! I’m sure if you’re using this to perform vape tricks and throwing it around a lot, then you can make it leak, but in general, it performs really well in this test.

The Kit of the UForce sub ohm tank


  • Size: 49.65 x 24mm
  • 510 thread
  • 3.5ml capacity
  • Stainless steel material
  • 51.5g weight

Gold veriosn of the VooPoo UForce tank

To Conclude

We are actually really happy with the performance of the VooPoo UFORCE Sub-Ohm Tank, the flavor seems really good for the price, but be sure to check out vape deals page as this tank is often on sale.

The tank is definitely better than average and on par with any of the SMOK family of tanks. The non-leaking issue is just another huge plus, there’s nothing worse than loosing your juice and letting your trouser pocket soak it all up!

The design and airflow are really high, so we have no problem in recommending this vape tank, does it make our list of the best, well that’s a tough one. Really there are so small amounts of differences between them, there’s really nothing huge to make me drop one of them and replace it with the UForce.


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