In-depth Review of SMOK SLM Kit
Smok SLM Vape Pod Kit Review
May 3, 2019
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In-depth Review of SMOK SLM Kit
Smok SLM Vape Pod Kit Review
May 3, 2019
The indepth iStick Rim Kit review
Eleaf iStick Rim Kit with MELO 5 Review
May 8, 2019

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JustFog Compact 14 Kit Bottom Line

A tiny box mod that looks great, but if your a vaper use to sub-ohm and direct lung inhales, it's more style over substance. To really appreciate this device you need a stronger nicotine level and flavor due to its low 3.5V 8-12W output. That said for new vapers then it has it's merits including a nice airflow control on the cartomizer, and a great design.

In-depth Review Of The JustFog 14 Kit

If it’s small you like, then you will love the design of the Compact 14 kit from JustFog, it also features a pretty big 1500mAh battery considering its size, but the real question is: How well does this kit perform? Well, we take a look at the Compact 14 and compare it against the best box mods to see if it’s one you need to buy or one to avoid like the plague!

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Colors available of the JustFog Compact 14


The Compact 14 is designed to be small, measuring in at just under 72mm tall, 37mm wide and has a depth of just 18mm, making it one of the smallest box mod kit we have reviewed in some time. JustFog is releasing the device in a number of colors including white, or ivory as they call it, green, blue, black and silver, giving the user many options to choose from.

There is only one button of the device which is housed at the top of the mod, next to the tank, a little unusual placing here and the button is quite small so it takes a little to get used too.

Within the kit, you also get the Q14 Clearamizer or tank, which they featured on their previous models. The tank has been designed as part of the main housing. Also on top of the device are 3 led lights which act as the battery indicator, on the side you have the USB port for charging, below which is a large logo of the JustVape brand. Overall a pretty good looking device, especially if you like your vape kits to be small.

If you're unsure this type of e-cig suits your style of vaping, then take a look at the latest vaping reviews and information to get up to speed!

The Compact 14 taken apart


The Compact 14 comes with a built-in rechargeable 1500mAh battery, and considering the atomizer is 1.6-ohm and the output wattage of between 8-12W to fire a constant 3.5V, this means it will easily last the day for even a heavy vaper.

You can also purchase additional atomizers with a resistance of 1.2-ohms, meaning that this device is only meant for mouth to lung vapers. Considering the low output wattage, it's not really surprising, your not going to be producing huge clouds of vaper with this device!

The battery indicator is a nice feature and is represented with 3 LEDs, when all 3 are alight you have between 100-70% battery remaining, 2 LEDs represent between 70-30% remaining and 1 LED is less than 30%. If all 3 blinks 4 times it means the device needs charging.

Other features that JustFog have incorporated include the 4 clicks on/off feature, along with a number of safety features including short-circuit protection, resistance check if the clearamizer is not screwed in properly and power cut off if the fire button is pressed for longer than 10 seconds.

Features of the Compact 14 kit


As we mentioned before, this is a low power device so don't expect to be blown away with huge tasty clouds. It is only meant for mouth to lung vaping so expert vapers or vapers use to some of the best sub-ohm tanks may struggle to enjoy the Compact 14.

Fully charged and using 70/30 VG/PG e-liquid at 3mg nicotine level, which is the most common e-liquid sold is not going to really cut it. Go for stronger nicotine or better yet, use nicotine salts to get the hit you need.

With the airflow fully open it is possible to direct lung inhales but the resistance is really strong. With mouth to lung, you really need to make sure the airflow is about halfway open. You can hear the air flowing through the tank, which is a little annoying but it does create a nice vapor. The flavor is somewhat dampened with the lack of power, so go for a strong flavor to really get the best from this device.

Packaging on the JustFog Compact 14


The JustFog Compact 14 is a low powered e-cigarette device which is most suited for new vapers who use the mouth-to-lung vape style. With a constant 3.5V fired using the internal 1500mAh rechargeable battery, you're easily going to get a full day's vaping on a single charge!

Being low powered, don't expect huge flavorful clouds, and if you choose your e-liquid correctly, i.e. a higher nicotine level nicotine salt with a strong flavor the vape is somewhat enjoyable. The device will suit smokers who wish to quit with e-cigs not really for any vaper who has experienced more powerful vape pens or mods.

Overall, if you like small devices then you're going to like the look and feel of this device, just don't expect it to perform as well as some of the best e-cigarettes available.

Nicholas King
Nicholas King

Hi! I’m Nicholas King, the founder, and Chief Editor at SmokeTastic. As an ex-smoker and now vaping enthusiast for over 13 years myself, I understand the transition between smoking and vaping. My aim is to share useful information about all the different vape and e-cig products on the market, self-help tips, and detailed reviews.

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