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In-depth Review of SMOK SLM Kit

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Smok SLM Kit Bottom Line

If your a vaper already, use to sub-ohm vaping or direct lung inhales your likely not going to like the Smok SLM, the vape production is low and the flavor dampened due to the 10-16W low output. If however your new to vaping and want a small, easy to use device that you can carry around with you then it may just be the product you're after! Couple of tips though, use nicotine salts to get a half decent hit and use a strong flavored e-liquid!

In-depth Smok SLM Kit Review

Smok has been releasing a number of pod systems in recent months, but the Smok SLM is something a little different. The SLM, a play on SLIM, is small, but does this mean the vape production is limited? Well, we take a closer look at the e-cig to see how it competes with the best on the market.

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Colors of the SMOK SLM kit


SMOK has designed the SLM to be as lightweight and slim as possible with the overall dimensions measuring in at just 112mm tall, 12mm wide and a depth of just under 10mm, so in that respect, they have definitely accomplished their goal in producing a pocket-friendly e-cig!

It utilizes the simple automatic puff detection system, so there are no buttons to set, and they also extended the simplicity by not including any airflow controls. Simply fill the supplied pod with e-liquid, charge the main unit and you're ready to start vaping.

SMOK kindly offer a replaceable pod within the starter kit, these pods are refillable which means you can use any e-liquid you like, but more importantly, keeps the overall cost considerably cheaper than the non-refillable pod systems. This is typical of SMOK, all their pod systems are currently refillable as they do not manufacture any e-liquids.

Overall the SMOK SLM looks slick, it's hard to believe that this vape pod is actually performing as a type of e-cigarette.

The Smok SLM Apart


The Smok SLM features a surprisingly big 250mAh internal battery, considering the size of the vape pod. This battery produces between 10-16W of output power, obviously depending on how charged the battery is.

The pods that Smok supply with the kit have a resistance of 1.8-ohms, so it's really designed for the mouth to lung vaper and not the direct lung inhales, although that said, the airflow is pretty good on this unit, so mouth to lung is still possible.

The pod also holds 0.8ml of e-liquids, which isn't a huge amount, but Smok was really aiming at keeping this unit as small as possible, and 0.8ml isn't at all that bad. To refill the pod, there is a rubber stopper on the side, which is again small, so can be a little tricky removing. The hole is also small, so it's inevitable that the air is going to have a hard time escaping when refilling, so it will cause some leakage.

Views of the SMOK SLM


Taking this e-cigarette out of the packaging we were a little skeptical about how this device will perform. But with this device and all the e-cigarette reviews we conduct, we always leave an open mind and test it for at least 3-7 days! So what did we think?

After using the SLM for a few days it's obvious that vapers who are already used to direct lung vaping or using sub-ohm tanks are not really going to enjoy this device. It's been built and designed specifically for new users, and for that reason, it compares well with the best Cig-a-like type products.

Performing direct lung inhales is not impossible, the air restriction is too great to really enjoy that type of vaping, so only get this device if you like mouth to lung inhales.

The vape produced on the SLM is rather discrete, mainly because this is a low wattage device, so it doesn't produce large vapor clouds if that's what you're after.

Finally onto the flavor and hit, using regular e-liquid is not really going to produce much, as far as a nicotine hit is concerned, so use either high nicotine levels or even better nicotine salts. The flavor is rather dampened, we understand that it's only producing 16W output at maximum, but we were expecting to get a decent flavor. So you're going to have to use the higher flavor concentrates to really feel anything from this e-cig.

SMOK SLM in a hand

To Conclude

Not a great lover of the Smok SLM, mainly due to it being too small and hence not powerful enough to produce a decent flavorful vape. Direct lung inhale vapers will struggle to get used to this device and may have to switch to mouth to lung.

The hit is also a little weak and thus nicotine salts, which are a lot higher in nicotine content is really recommended. On a positive note, the SLM will suit a smoker who wants a similar experience with smoking although we think a Cig-a-like is a good comparison for this device, we still think there are better products available.

Nicholas King
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