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MyVapors MYUZ Hadar RDA Review

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7.0 Final Score
MYUZ Hadar RDA Bottom Line

The MYUZ Hadar RDA follows a traditional design but has the ability to interchange between traditional coils and mesh coils with a super simple deck to build on. The flavor with the mesh coils is great and one of the best RDA's on the market, although there are a couple of design flaws that are small but affect our score. Overall a great quality RDA.

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In-depth MYUZ Hadar RDA Review

Myvapors were established in 2018, but being new they are setting a standard within the vaping world as one of the best e-cigarette brands thanks to their release of the MYUZ Hadar RDA. The Hadar RDA is a drippable tank that is compatible with mesh coils! But how does this compare with other mesh coil RDA’s and do you need to rush out and buy one? Well, let’s take a look at our detailed review!
The MYUZ Hadar RDA Tank in black


The first impression of the MYUZ Hadar RDA is that they are keeping to the traditional RDA style, although when you take it out of the packaging you can immediately appreciate the quality of the RDA. It has a little weight to it thanks to the solid materials used.

There are a couple of design flaws though, and the major one we found was the airflow control has no stopper, it just spins round in a complete 360 circle, this means you have to look at the airflow holes to see where it is set, although this may seem a small issue, it means you need a light on to see where to set it as the holes are so small! The other slight issue is that you need to screw the tank onto a mod to release the Air cap to replace the coils. This is only a small issue and not one to really worry about.

One last flaw is with the Top cap, it has just one washer holding it in place, which makes it super easy to remove to drip, but it can come off when carrying in your pocket. It would have been nice to have a double washer. When we pull the top cap off, we accidentally keep pulling the airflow ring off too!

Apart from that, we are super happy with the design overall, it’s a little on the large size measuring in at 25mm x 41mm, but we actually like that.
The MYUZ Hadar RDA Build Deck

The Deck

The MYUZ Hadar RDA deck is super easy to build on because it is compatible with both traditional wire and mesh coils there are two screws either side, but it’s super easy and a lot simpler than their rival product of the Wotofo Profile Unity RTA and the RDA version.

They provide 4 coils within the kit, 2 mesh and 2 traditional coils along with a tool to bend the mesh to the correct diameter. The cotton they provide is a little loose within the build, so you might want to use your own to get a tighter build.

There are 5 separate parts to the RDA tank, and simple to put together after you’ve built the deck. We cannot fault the deck overall, very happy.
Components to the MYUZ Hadar RDA


Now onto the important part, how does the MYUZ Hadar RDA vape and how good is the flavor? Well in our review we are using the mesh coil that they provided and their cotton. When built the resistance is showing as 0.11 ohm. With that in mind, we recommend vaping at around 40-60 Watts. We are also using a 70/30 VG/PG e-juice.

We open the airflow right up and test it out at a relatively lower wattage to allow the cotton to soak up that e-liquid. Once that’s done, we can get on with the true review and test it at 50W.

The flavor is good, as we would expect from a mesh coil. It certainly lets you appreciate the e-juice your using. Is it as good as the Profile Unity, well that’s really hard to say, vaping them side by side we didn’t really notice that much of a difference, perhaps the Profile beats it by a hair!

The packaging and parts with the MYUZ Hadar RDA


Although the flavor coming from the MYUZ Hadar RDA is really good thanks to the mesh coil design and that you can use it with traditional coils, there is a slight design flaw. The drip tip and top cap come off too easily and may come loose when carrying around with you. Apart from that we are really pleased with the RDA, simple to build on, only takes a few minutes to change the coils over and replace the cotton. The build of the tank seems to be of good quality with a little bit of weight to it so it can be banged around and it looks pretty decent too.

Good job MYUZ! Don’t forget to check out out other tank reviews.

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