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December 8, 2017
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SMOK Mag Kit Review

Review of the Smok Mag Kit
9.4 Final Score
Smok Mag Kit Review Bottom Line

Designed to resemble a gun handle, if you can live with this then your going to love the SMOK Mag Kit! The comfort and feel when using this mod is amazing, topped with all the features and top performance it's hard to criticize! Featuring a dual 18650 battery mod capable of vaping up to 225 Watts and utilizing Smok's chipset along with the TFV12 Prince tank this kit is nothing short of perfection!

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The SMOK Mag box mod kit

In-Depth Smok Mag Box Mod Kit Review

Smok release some amazing box mods and have been very popular with vapers for many years now, putting them at the leading edge of innovation and design. Now Smok has released a new ergonomically designed mod made to fit your hand with comfort and ease. We take a close look at the new Smok Mag box mod kit to see if it’s one of the best vape mods of the year and worth getting or one to ignore!

Design of the Smok Mag kit


Smok has changed things up a little here, ah let’s be honest, they’ve changed things up a lot! The new design is based on a handle of a gun! This design may seem a little flamboyant at first, but it has a purpose! It’s been specifically designed to fit your hand to make it easy to use and feel great.

As usual, Smok has a whole array of colors to choose from, you can go with a couple of black designs, gold, red, purple etc!

One thing we really liked about this mod was the molding for your thumb and palm on both sides, it just feels gorgeous to hold!

But is design the most important thing when looking for the best e cig, no of course not! Let’s now take a closer look.

All views of the SMOK Mag Kit

The Mod

Let’s start with the Mag Mod! The dual 18650 battery mod has a total output of up to 225W coming from the same chipset as their other latest mods but features 3 modes:

  • Temperature Control – Controlling the temperature can enhance consistency of your vape, but is a personal preference for many
  • Wattage Mode – The most common mode, so you can manually control the power to your coil.
  • Memory Mode – Designed to customize your vape with different wattage per second of vaping.

Typically it uses a 5 click to lock the device and a 3 click to enter the menu section where you can flick between the modes and customize your vape further. This mod is great value for money, but check out our vape deals as this mod from Smok and others like it often come up at stupid prices!

The OLED display on the Mag

The Display

We like the high def OLED screen and like SMOK’s other mods, it’s well laid out, telling you everything you need to know and spaced out really well.

This is a dual 18650 battery mod and it has a battery indicator for each battery along with the current wattage or temperature set along with a trigger timer, the resistance of your coil, the voltage used, and a puff counter.

TFV12 Prince tank on the Mag mod

The Tank

Within the Mag kit, you get the TFV12 Prince tank which features an 8 ml capacity juice well and a Q4 and T12 coil. Although it holds a lot of juice, the actual size has been increased by creating this bubble-like design rather than adding height to the tank, that said if you don’t like this bubble look they also provide you with a replacement traditional shaped glass.

This tank is a top fill tank that actually locks into place with a button; it also features an adjustable airflow which is huge so airflow is very good!

The specification of the SMOK Mag kit


Right, let’s see how this mod vapes! At around 100W with a 0.15ohm coil, the Mag mod performs excellently! Really happy with the responsiveness of the chipset and if you can be bothered to set up the memory mode you can achieve the perfect vape!

Although to some the design looks a little cheap, the look, feel and most important performance is nothing short of quality.

Vaping at the top end wattage of this mod doesn’t feel that strong. I’m guessing this may be due to the quality of the 18650 batteries, but if you vape at the top end of 200W, it might seem to struggle a little. On the other hand, if your a relatively new vaper and even have one of the best cigalikes then you will be amazed at this upgrade! Granted, it’s probably not the best device if your looking to quit smoking with vaping, but if you want to enhance your vaping experience, then this mod should be considered.

The packaging of the Smok Mag Kit

The Negatives

There have been a couple of negative points made about the Mag Kit these include:

  • The battery release – In some cases (earlier models) the battery release button can get a bit too sensitive which when carrying in your pocket can release the batteries.
  • The Design – Although this has been designed to suit your hand, with the additional gun handle styling this may not suit all


To Conclude

Overall the Smok Mag Kit is a great mod, if you like the design, then you’re going to love the feel and the operation. Utilizing a great chipset it’s easy to use and performs as well as you would expect from one of the top vape manufacturers. Affordable and suits all types of vapers this is one of the best mods for 2017!



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