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Full Joyetech Cuboid Pro Mod review

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7.8 Final Score
Joyetech Cuboid Pro 200W Review Bottom Line

If you like touchscreen devices then the Cuboid Pro is going to be right up your street! The mod includes something called TAPTEC™ technology, which gives you a host of features like the vibration when activated! With up to 200W of power running from dual 18650 batteries and a 0.1 to 3.5ohm resistance range this vape mod is up there with the best from a reliable manufacturer. A little heavier than your standard mod, due to all the electronics you get packed inside, this mod is going to suit those who love gadgets!

The Cuboid Pro in Silver

The Full Joyetech Cuboid Pro 200W Mod In-depth Review

Joyetech continues to be a leading manufacturer of many of the best vape mods in the marketplace today. That trend seems to continue year after year – to the point where most of us take it for granted. With the release of the new Joyetech Cuboid Pro 200W, the company looks to continue its prominent place as an innovation leader. In this Joyetech Cuboid Pro 200W review, we’ll examine the device and see whether they’ve achieved their goal.

The Cuboid Pro Mod without a tank

It’s a Touchscreen!

Sorry, but I had to get that out of the way. Yes, Joyetech has released a mod that offers touchscreen capability – and not just any touchscreen, mind you. Analysts are already hailing this device as the most innovative touchscreen mod available to date. That might not seem like heavy accolades, given that the mod market is just beginning to adopt touchscreen technology, but it matters to those who love cutting-edge features.


The Cuboids

You may already be familiar with the Cuboid mod series; we had the Cuboid Mini, the Cuboid 200W and also the Cuboid Tap. They’ve earned a reputation for being among the best in their class, and the fact that the company keeps coming out with new mods in the line is a great testament to its success. The Cuboid Pro is a fine example of all that the Cuboid series has to offer, in a perfectly-sized 56.0 mm by 30.0 mm by 85.0 mm package. It has an oversized 2.4-inch touchscreen that is a joy to use, offering an easy-to-see 320 by 240 dpi resolution.

That touchscreen responds perfectly to the touch, making this one of the best uses of that technology that I’ve seen in any vaping device. The user interface is intuitive, offering hardly any learning curve at all. Those are all great features that are bound to endear this device to most users who are fortunate enough to hold one in their hands.

The other side of the Joyetech Cuboid Pro 200W


But enough about the touchscreen. There are, after all, a host of other great features that we need to cover. For example, the Cuboid Pro offers the type of power output that we’ve come to expect from that line and is flexible enough to cover variable wattage and variable temperature – with support for a variety of coil types. That output wattage ranges from 1 to 200 watts.

Battery compartment of the Joyetech Cuboid ProYou can also enjoy a variety of resistance levels. In VW mode, you can choose from 0.1 to 3.5 ohms, while in temperature control you can opt for 0.05 to 1.5 ohms. It’s likely that you can find something in that broad range to accommodate your vaping style! Temperature control permits temps ranging from 200-600°F – again ensuring that you have the flexibility needed to accomplish your vaping goals.

All of those features are powered by two replaceable 18650 batteries. That’s great news as well since we’ve always found that battery to be reliable and durable. Given all that is expected from any Cuboid product, it’s important to cover fundamentals like the power source. Joyetech always seems to be on top of important concerns like that.


The Kit

If you but this in a kit, it comes with the Aries tank from Procore. If you get it without a tank, you can choose from a variety of 510-threaded tank options. We didn’t consider the kit since we have so many different compatible tanks in our collection already, but that’s something to remember if this is your first mod purchase (and yes, that’s a spoiler; we’re going to recommend this device).

The Joyetech Cuboid Pro Mod kitWhat other technical capabilities lie within that gorgeous, box-shaped exterior? Well, what about a real-time display for the time? Did you ever wonder what it would be like to have your mod serve as a pedometer? Well, the Cuboid Pro boasts those features as well. Relax, though; it can’t make your coffee or give you a foot massage. That’s probably being saved for the next Cuboid offering.


To Conclude

On the downside (and there’s almost always a downside to everything), the fact that this is a touchscreen device means that your battery will drain quicker than usual. You can minimize that impact by keeping fully-charged spares on hand. Also, this screen is large so – like your cell phone – the display is vulnerable to breaking if you drop it. So don’t drop it.

Despite those caveats, I can’t help but recommend this great device as one of the best vape devices in the mod category. Its power and ease of use make it well worth the price, and it performed admirably in our tests. If you buy only one new mod this year, this one should be at the top of your list.

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