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Sigelei VCigo K3 Kit Bottom Line

The Sigelei VCigo K3 mod is certainly a good reliable dual battery 150W mod, but the flavor on the O9 tank is a little flat. The mod has some great modes for the temperature control fans whilst the power or wattage mode is very accurate and pretty responsive. Overall a great mod with an average tank!

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The Sigelei VCigo K3 starter kit with O9 tank

In-depth Sigelei Vcigo K3 Starter Kit Review

The new dual 18650 mod coming out from the Sigelei camp is the Vcigo K3 starter kit, with power up to 150W with both wattage and temperature control including SS, Ti1, Ni200 and TC modes Sigelei are really stepping up their game. But does this mod offer everything the vaper wants and how does it perform against the best vape mods? Let’s take a look to see!

Design of the Sigelei VCigo K3 kit


Sporting a rubber-oil material finish the mod certainly has the feel of quality about it and fit’s into your hand with real comfort. The 0.9” screen is a little on the small side in comparison to other mods but does give you all the essential information you need like a single battery indicator (although it does take 2 x 18650’s, holding all the buttons will give you the life of both batteries), the screen also shows; current wattage, resistance of the coil, voltage and current mode.

Currently, Sigelei is releasing the Vcigo K3 in 4 colors, which include; red, green, gunmetal silver, and blue. All of which have a matching color O9 tank. Some of the other best e cig manufacturers also limit the number of colors at initial launch, so we may see additional colors in the future.

The front of the K3 mod has a shield shape fire button above the 0.9” screen, below is a single rocker-style up and down button and a USB connector. The bottom has some ventilation holes for the battery, and the top has a slightly off-center spring loaded 510 thread for the tank.

Colors of the VCigo K3


Again, as with all mods it uses the 5 click on and off function, 3 clicks of the fire button enters the menu area where you can change the mode from Power (wattage mode) to stainless steel (304, 316 and 317), titanium, nickel, and temperature coefficient of resistance (TCR), all of which, excluding power, are for temperature control where you can choose either Fahrenheit or Celsius.

In temperature control mode, you can actually adjust the wattage by clicking and holding the fire button and the up button. This mod and many like it often appear in the sales, so be sure to check out our vape deals page to check them all out!

The O9 Sub Ohm Tank

The O9 Tank

The O9 tank is brand new from Sigelei, which is great; we hate it when manufacturers just add one of their existing tanks to their kits. Measuring in with a diameter of 24.5mm and a height of 40.5mm the tank can hold 2ml of juice.

The base of the tank has 3 relatively large and non-adjustable air flow slits, which is a little different. It also comes with a non-standard Delrin drip tip which you can unscrew to fill the tank.

You get 2 coils with the tank, both of which are SM-M2 0.2-ohm which can be used from 70-90W.

Kit and box of the VCigo K3


The flavor of the tank is satisfactory at best, but there certainly is a good generation of cloud! It does depend a lot on the juice you vape, but we found the flavor lacked that certain punch you get with other tanks. Unfortunetely the O9 tank does not get a place in our top 5 sub-ohm tanks list!

The mod, on the other hand, is actually really good, especially for those who like to vape in temperature control mode, with a host of features in order to customize your vape like the adjustable preheat function to give it a little boost.

The wattage mode of the mod also is really responsive and accurate, making it a great all-rounder.


To Conclude

The Sigelei Vcigo K3 150W Mod kit is a great piece of kit, specifically the mod. Replacing the tank with one of the better sub-ohm tanks makes this a real competitor in the market.

Is the VCigo K3 perfect for beginners or smokers who are quitting smoking with vaping? Well, we think not, just because of the host of features available in the menu modes. That said, if they just stick to the wattage mode, it’s pretty straightforward but maybe a little overkill for what they need.

Overall a great mod with improvements needed on the tank, but still a mod kit we would recommend.

Nicholas King
Nicholas King
Nicholas King is the sole owner and editor of SmokeTastic. Nicholas, use to smoke 30 a day back in 2011 before converting to vaping. With a depth of knowledge in the vaping industry and the research he conducts, makes him one of the most recognized and experienced vapers in the industry.