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Full review of the SMOK Spirals Plus Tank

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6.6 Final Score
SMOK Spirals Plus Tank Review Bottom Line

The SMOK Spirals Plus tank is proof of SMOK’s commitment to flavor junkies. It’s the more powerful version of their original Spirals Tank and provides an even deeper, bold flavor experience with its four fully adjustable bottom air slots and a large spiral coil structure which serve to push flavor right into your mouth. Mouth-to-lung vapers: Rejoice!

The Full In-depth Review of the SMOK Spirals Plus Tank

The Spirals Plus Tank from Smok in black and redThe Spirals Plus is an upgrade from Spirals Tank as the somewhat larger chassis houses an enhanced 4 ml e-juice capacity but an even better flavor performance. SMOK supplies the tank with a pre-installed 0.6Ω coil head, 0.3Ω coil head, and 0.55Ω single-coil RBA deck with spare screws, organic cotton and an extra glass tube which allows users to build their own deck. You also receive components and a user manual, and the usual generous complement of spare screws, spares, and o-rings.


The Spirals Plus Tank Up Close and Personal

The Spirals Plus tank comes in silver, gold, blue, red, green and SMOK’s new trademark multi-color finish, with the classic tank shape that features the atomizer on top of the juice tank. The base diameter is 24.5 mm with a 48 mm height.  The drip tip is longer than usual which saves the tank from looking chunky. Designed to fit all the best box mod makes, this thing looks good!
Top fill tank

Top Filling Tank

The fill port is accessed by screwing off the Delrin drip tip. This more extended drip tip makes it easier to grip, but if you prefer a shorter or ‘normal’ drip tip you can use your favorite 510 drop tip. There are two fill holes, and like most tanks, you should take care not to get juice into the airflow tube.


Airflow Advantage

This is where the Spirals Plus shines as the airflow system is the secret to explosive taste.  There are four airflow slots – noticeably smaller than most other advanced tanks – so this is the perfect tank for lovers of a tighter draw. It is all bottom airflow, which you regulate by manipulating the control ring. You can achieve very delicate control with clockwise or counterclockwise turning to adjust the four small air slots. You could start with fully open air holes, and then adjust down until you hit your sweet spot.

Colors available for the SMOK Spirals Plus Tank


Decking It Out

The Spirals Plus comes with the same coils as the Spirals tank –  and they are noticeably smaller than SMOK’s beastly vapor range of tanks like the TFV12 and the TFV4/8.  SMOK’s choice here makes perfect sense because this tank concentrates on flavor rather than massive clouds.
Coils for the SMOK Spirals Plus Tank
I suggest you try the 0.6Ω coil for pure mouth-to-lung vaping. It gives you a pretty tight draw and not much vapor, but gives an absolutely rad taste! The draw is going to feel pretty tight and the vapor production a little unimpressive, however, the flavor is absolutely wild, with a strong throat hit.

The 0.3Ω coil-head also gives fantastic flavor but with a better vapor production. If you want to experiment further, the SMOK Spirals Plus tank package also comes with an RBA base so you can experiment with different coil builds to lower the resistance.


Comparison With Original Spirals Tank

Comparing the Spirals Plus and Spiral tanksThere are a number of differences but the major one being the tank capacity with the Spirals Plus tank enjoying twice as much measuring in at 4ml. For that, you do have to sacrifice an additional 2.5 mm in diameter, but for the amount of vapor and e-liquid this tank gets through, it’s well worth it!

So is this tank worth the upgrade for those already owning the original Spirals Tank? We would have to say no! The vapor produced is pretty much the same as they use the same atomizers so stick with what you’ve got or if you’re really after a new tank, explore with something a little different.


Wicking It Down

Drip a few drops of e-juice on the cotton wicking before installing it, but it is pretty much standard going, and you don’t have to go to a massive effort just to prevent leaking.  There is one very significant feature to a SMOK Spirals Plus tank, which is the extremely low juice consumption. You may not get beastly vapor, but you’ll surely get a few hours of taste on each tank of e-juice.

This tank works really well with the other SMOK e-cig products on the market, but looks really good on the SMOK G150!



  • 4ml capacity with top-filling system
  • Uncomplicated build with sub-ohm coils
  • Easy e-juice saturation and extremely low e-juice consumption
  • Phenomenal flavor
  • Excellent throat hit – perfect for MTL vapers
  • Significant vapor even though the focus is on flavor
  • No-fuss operation



This tank is not for cloud chuckers – this tank is for taste enthusiasts and MTL vapers who enjoy putting out a decent cloud just for the fun of it. MTL vapers will really adore this sub-ohm tank. Recommended for ex-smokers who still enjoy that throat hit, and flavor chasers of all stripes, however if your a smoker who doesn’t like to much of a throat hit then it’s best to look at something like the Mig21 Clear Fusion Kit. If you already own a vapor beast tank, but enjoy a little variety or need a more ‘discreet’ vape, the SMOK Spirals Plus tank is is a brilliant choice.

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