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April 8, 2017
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SMOK G150 Kit Review

The full Smok G150 Kit review
7.3 Final Score
Smok G150 Review Bottom Line

We love Smok products, but we were just a little underwhelmed with the G150. Although it has a huge 4200mAh built-in battery which is great, the 150 Watts output is good and covers most people vaping needs and the responsiveness is great. Paired with the TFV8 Big Baby tank this kit does deliver and is ideal if you want a kit that is complete and ready to go. If you want removable batteries, and a more convient vape there are better box mods on the market however!

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The Smok G150 in black and goldThe SMOK G150 has a streamlined well crafted designed that represents a new level of creativity in the new era. It features 150 watts output and is compatible with a variety of atomizers and precise TC capabilities. It is branded with a 0.96 inch OLED screen, an internal battery and an ergonomic shape.

Its elegant design goes a long way in adding to our list of best box mods, and popular SMOK devices. SMOK has been overly creative, bringing onboard aesthetic color combinations to this model while making it more curved and less angular.


2 Tanks available TFV8 Baby and Big BabyThe TFV8 Big Baby Tank Vs TFV8 Baby Tank

Your probably aware the Smoke have released a number of tanks in the past, and one success story was the TFV4, but with the G150 kit you get the choice of TFV8’s the baby and big baby versions. Here a post on the difference between the TFV4 and TFV8 which might be helpful, but as far as the Baby and Big Baby are concerned it’s all about capacity! The Big Baby has a 5ml tank and is available as a kit within the USA whilst the Baby Tank has a 2ml capacity and is mainly for EU countries to align with current legislation, but it’s really up to you!  Both TFV8’s are based on the initial design of the TFV4 and perfectly takes all the features, binding them together under one roof. The coil system, airflow, tank filling and tank capacity have all been upgraded, providing proof just how good the TFV8 is.

The tank gives you the capability to fine tune the air until you get to a sweet spot that you enjoy the most, courtesy of the adjustable airflow. What’s more, satisfactory amounts of air can flow into the tank due to the large diameter in the center chimney.

The TFV8 Big Baby Tank is a third generation in the SMOK TFV8 series and has the same useful features as its predecessors, except that this time around it is better.


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Check Out The SMOK G150

4200mAh built-in Battery

G150 built-in batteryThe exquisite looks are not all that you get as the 4200mAh battery makes a big shift from your first serious vape to a jaw-dropping 150 watts cloud vape emitter. You may somewhere be put off by the rather complicated display screen but it’s not as hard as you may imagine. You will be surprised to learn that this all-in-one kit is to a greater extent an easy device to operate in variable wattage mode. As you continue to mature as a vaper, you will be confident enough to utilize the G150 kit to power TC coils made by SMOK or other manufacturers. You will even be in a position to get the ultimate cloud chasing experience once you try your hands on the mod standard 510 connector.

Recharging the G150 mod is easy; all you need is a USB cable that is included in the kit’s box. This is a fully regulated, computer controlled mod. Besides the internal computer chip being responsible for the push button settings. It also analyzes the mod and the atomizer connected to it for suitability that its operating is a safe and efficient manner.


The Smok G150 in your handGreat feel in the hands

The box mod measures 75mm x 49mm x 29mm and gives your hands a comfortable feel as you get entangled in your vaping. Getting information is also much easier since the display is front facing and has a wider showcase of performance data.

The unit also integrates an intelligent chipset which provides support to numerous output modes and can fire as much as 150 watts. It also has useful safety settings like puff protection and overheats protection.

Granted it’s bigger than some of the best electronic cigarette we feature, but it’s big for a reason; the huge 4200mAh battery giving endless hours of vaping satisfaction!


E-juice fill cap

Filling the TFV8 Baby TankThe G150 Kit features a 5ml (or a 2ml if you’re in the EU) Big Baby atomizer tank which comes with SMOK’ unique e-juice fill cap. The fill cap is non-removable, meaning you cannot lose if when you refill your e-juice on transit.

There is also the Baby Q2 replaceable coil pre-fitted on the tank to provide a premium cloud and flavor. As an alternative, you can turn to the Baby M2 coil that is equally tuned to the cloud chasing fun. The Big Baby tank integrates extra large airflow ports, giving you an opportunity to enjoy maximum cloud volume. If you want to be economical, just make adjustments to the airflow setting.


The G150 Kit PackagingImportant Specifications

  • 6-150W wattage output range
  • 06ohm min atomizer resistance
  • Supports Ni200 Nickel
  • Intelligent Atomizer Recognition
  • 200-600F Temperature range
  • 96 Inch Intuitive OLED Display
  • Puff Monitoring System
  • 12 Seconds Cut-Off
  • 75mm by 49mm by 29mm
  • Over-Heat Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection


Our Conclusion

The vaping industry undoubtedly respects the name SMOK. Many of their premium and regular mods/ and tanks are highly rated by online reviewers. SMOK’s G150 is no exception. It has been positively received by the market, partly due to its quality assurance and partly due to the many functional features it has to offer.

We love SMOK products, that is obvious, but the G150 is a little different and we believe targeting a different audience. With a build in 4200mAh battery, this beast is not going to suit veteran vapers who love the interchangeability of the 18650 batteries, but that said, it is more convenient for those who haven’t used box mods before! It has everything you would expect, but for us, it just missed out on the wow factor! Nothing really different to the other models they have released.


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Check Out The SMOK G150

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