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In-depth review of the VapeDroid C1D2

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VapeDroid C1D2 Review Bottom Line

The VapeDroid C1D2 is a perfect mod for those who want to start out with a vape mod that's simple to use and reliable. Featuring an output of up to 75W powered by a single 18650 battery this mod should fit most peoples requirements. If you like huge clouds using RDA's or RTA's you might want to look elsewhere, but if you use prebuilt atomizers and tanks then this mod is perfect!

The VapeDroid C1D2 in black

In-depth VapeDroid C1D2 Review

The Germans have long been known for their precision design, so the expectations for any German-designed vaping mod start out high. Ayman Azmy was responsible for designing the new VapeDroid C1D2 mod, with the actual manufacturing process done by Chinese firm SBody. That collaboration has produced one of the best box mods that should be of interest to anyone who loves state-of-the-art vaping products. But can it match up to its many rivals in today’s highly-competitive vaping market? In this VapeDroid C1D2 review, we’ll examine that question and offer our best assessment about how good it really is.

Front view of the VapeDroid C1D2

The Technology

First, let’s look at the chip that governs this little device. The DNA75 chip is the latest in chip technology and is compatible with the Escribe software package. That software offers unparalleled control over your chipset and other device features. For example, you can customize your chip to adjust performance settings, or use the software to change how information is displayed. There are customized graphics and more. There’s a bit of a learning curve to get used to how Escribe works, but it’s well worth the investment of time and effort needed to master the software’s features. All this makes it in direct competition with other mods on the market like the Smok QBox and the Joyetech Evic Primo.



Now on to that design. Made of a solid zinc alloy, the VapeDroid is built to withstand even the heaviest of use. It’s a sizable device, but that shouldn’t deter vapers from considering it, since it was designed to be ergonomically sound and will fit comfortably in your hand. It even comes with a non-slip outer coating to make it easier to hang onto – something that you’ll truly appreciate if you have a habit of dropping your devices. Yes, we’ve all done that from time to time.

That design includes all the vent capability you’ll likely need, with oversized slots on the VapeDroid’s sides. Unlike some slot designs, these actually enhance the aesthetic appeal of this wonderful little unit. Of course, the outer shell contains more than just vent holes. There’s also a gorgeous OLED screen right on the front face, and that’s where you’ll be able to monitor all your interactions with the included software. You can go with the base Escribe display elements, or customize nearly every bit of information that you see. Yes, this is nice but not something we really look for, that said it is a nice upgrade from the best Cigilike e cigs if you’re looking for something a little more powerful and fulfilling.

The buttons are easy to use as well and help you control all of those customizations. There’s a big power button right at the top. Below that are two buttons marked plus and minus – and you use these to engage and interact with the software. As you might expect from German engineering, these buttons work like a charm. They respond easily to the touch, and seamlessly interact with the display. There’s no delay as you sometimes see with inferior product designs.
Side view of the C1D2

Battery compartment of the C1D2


The device can be powered by a 18650 battery and comes with an adapter sled to make that possible, we suggest buying the best 18650 battery you can afford to make sure the mod performs as well as it should. It even has a moving negative contact to enable the batter to more easily fit within the housing. That will come as a comfort to the many vapers who tend to rely on 18650s as their battery-of-choice. Once inserted, you can rest comfortably, secure in the knowledge that your battery is held in place by powerful magnetic seals.

The packaging and box of the VapeDroid C1D2


Even the packaging impresses the eye. The VapeDroid comes in a gorgeous presentation package that contains the attractive logo in a high-tech font. Inside the box, you’ll find your new mod and battery adapter, as well as the typical USB charging cable and a user manual to help you get acquainted with the product. The overall packaging effect is so impressive that we just wanted to admire it when it arrived at the door.

Of course, eventually, you will want to break it out of the box and put it through its paces. When you do, you’ll quickly learn what we discovered: the VapeDroid performs admirably. It offers great temperature control with the power output that can rise as high as 75W – more than enough to power most vapers’ sessions. It also accepts resistance as low as .1 ohm when you use a Kanthal coil. Using temp control mode, you can get sub-ohm vaping at resistances as low as .08 ohm.



The bottom line is clear: this is a great mod, although it doesn’t really compete with the best e-cigarette devices in its class like those shown here. We enjoyed reliable and glitch-free vaping that produced huge vapor clouds in all our test sessions. The battery life was consistently good, making this a great mod to add to our device collection. We appreciated it so much that we’d recommend the VapeDroid C1D2 mod to any vaper who’s looking for the latest high-tech, high-performing device!

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