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March 6, 2020
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March 11, 2020

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Vaporesso Orca Solo Plus Kit Bottom Line

The new Vaporesso Orca Solo Plus vape pen is a small, low powered, easy to use, mesh coiled vape pen that is perfect for new vapers or experienced vapers who aren't necessarily looking for huge clouds, but an enjoyable vape. With improved battery life, controlled airflow, adjustable wattages and the introduction of mesh coils this vape pen produces some of the best flavors at these low wattage levels. The Orca Solo Plus is a hard vape pen to beat for new vapers.


In-depth Vaporesso Orca Solo Plus Vape Pen Review

Vaporesso have been busy over the last few months, releasing vape product after vape product. This time they have released the new Vaporesso Orca Solo Plus, a small vape pen with promises of great performance. So we take the Orca Solo Plus for a test to see how good it is, who it is best suited for and see whether it is worth the price tag!

Design of the Vaporesso Orca Solo Plus


The Vaporesso Orca Solo plus is classed as a vape pen but, it is a small one! Measuring a diameter of just 18mm and a total height of 123mm it does make me wonder if it’s going to have enough power to both create a good vape and have the lasting power. It looks like a pretty traditional vape pen, with a power button on the front, the USB port to charge the battery on the side and the tank on top. So nothing really unique about the design. The Orca Solo Plus is being released in a few colors which include; black, silver, blue and rainbow. Not sure if they will release more colors, but I guess that depends on how popular this pen becomes.

The kit comes with 2 coils, an OC MESHED 0.6Ω Coil meant for direct lung inhales with the ideal power of between 16-22W and the OC CCELL 1.3Ω Coil for the mouth to lung vapers with a power range of between 7-12W. With a 1200mAh battery using these power levels should keep even the most active vaper happy pretty much all day.

We’re not so sure we like the refilling design of the tank. You have to unscrew the top cap and remove the tank sleeve, leaving the glass in place and only held in position with a laege O-ring, that said, it seemed to do it’s job and hold pretty well.

Vaporesso Orca Solo Plus Features


One of the most interesting features that the Orca Solo Plus has is the adjustable mode, translated this means it has 3 power options to suit the vaper. By clicking the fire button 3 times you can switch between these modes and the light behind the button tells you which mode you are in.

  • Green light represents 22W with the 0.6Ω Coil and 12W with the 1.3Ω Coil
  • Blue light represents 18W with the 0.6Ω Coil and 10W with the 1.3Ω Coil
  • Red light represents 16W with the 0.6Ω Coil and 7W with the 1.3Ω Coil

It does also support the 5 click on and off feature that we see across a lot of the best electronic cigarettes and is always nice to see and also uses the same light under the power button to inform the user of the battery level.

The tank capacity is relatively small at just 2ml, but as this is a low power vape pen, it should last pretty well, although those who vape a lot may need to carry a bottle of e-liquid with them. It’s also nice to see an adjustable airflow on the tank.

Performance of the Orca Solo Plus vape pen


One of the main characteristics of the new Orca Solo Plus is the introduction of the mesh coil, which we all know produce the best flavors. We’re not expecting too much out of this vape pen as the wattage is really low in comparison to the bigger, direct lung inhale vape pens and box mods.

So we’re starting with the 0.6Ω Coil, using a 70/30 VG/PG e-liquid and switching the mode to 22W, we’re also opening the airflow right up to reduce as much resistance as possible.

The resistance is certainly there as far as the airflow, but the mesh coil is definitely getting the full flavor from our e-liquid.

Now we are switching the coil to the 1.3Ω Coil and using the 12W power mode with the same e-liquid to compare.

Using this coil we are also switching the vaping technique and using the mouth to lung vaping. It is performing really well and seems to work better for us at the medium power setting of 10W. We had to play a little with the airflow to maximize the performance, so don’t forget to change this to make it perfect for you personally.

Conclusion of the Orca Solo Plus vape


The new Vaporesso Orca Solo Plus is certainly an improvement of the original model, with a variable wattage mode, much larger battery life, and the adjustable airflow control. These three differences along with the introduction of mesh coils improve this vape pen no end.

It is still classed as an AIO (all in one) device, that’s easy to use and configure to meet the needs of most beginner vapers. We say beginner vapers because it is a low powered device, so it’s not going to produce the giant vape clouds you see from the bigger vape pens and mods. Take a moment to explore the different vaping options you have, this type of device may not necessarily suit all user types.

Nevertheless, the flavor produced from this device is actually quite impressive, yes, there is a resistance for the direct lung vapers, but if you can live with that then this vape pen is great. If you’re new to vaping especially, this vape pen is going to be hard to beat as far as performance is concerned and probably one of the best for mouth to lung vapers.

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