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Full review of the Eleaf Tessera Starter Kit
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March 28, 2018

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Vaptio Wall Crawler Bottom Line

For a single 18650 battery mod, this device as a whole host of features to keep on top of your vaping needs. Has both wattage and temperature control modes with custom settings to get the exact vape your after. The mod can fire up to 80Watts but the higher you vape the faster the battery discharges. The Wall Crawler is a really responsive and well thought out mod that's hard to beat considering it's size.

The Vaptio Wall Crawler starter kit

Indepth Vaptio Wall Crawler with Throne Tank Review

If you’re looking for a small single battery mod that has a tonne of features and performs as well as most dual battery mods then possibly the new Vaptio Wall Crawler kit might be the mod you’re looking for. But does this small good looking mod really perform that well against the best vape mods on the market? Well, let’s check it out to see!

Design of the Vaptio Wall Crawler


The Wall Crawler mod looks like it belongs on the set of Spiderman, with some cool web design around the casing and a large spider logo on the back. It features a 1.3” OLED color screen which is well laid out, showing the current wattage, mode, voltage, and resistance, along with a battery indicator so pretty much all you need to know.

Measuring in at just 73x50x28.5mm this is one of the smallest mods on the market, Vaptio has cleverly put a screw cap on the side of the 510 spring-loaded thread for the tank to easily install the 18650 battery, but as it protrudes slightly, the rest of the mod is therefore smaller. In fact, the height of the mod is exactly the same size as a 18650 battery! Usually, mod manufacturers have to increase the size of the connectors and springs.

Below the screen are 2 buttons that can be used to adjust the wattage or use as a scroll feature whilst on the menu screen.

Features of the Vaptio Wall Crawler mod


The Wall Crawler has a similar interface to other mods on the market with the standard 5 click on and off whilst also incorporating the 3 clicks to enter the menu area.

There are a number of modes you can set the mod to including wattage, temperature control with the choice of setting it to Fahrenheit or Celsius, as well as choosing the coil from stainless steel, nickel, titanium, also giving you the ability to set the temperature coefficient resistance as well as adjusting the resistance.

The mod also allows you to set your own custom power modes with CCW for wattage and CCT for temperature. Here you can adjust the wattage for a period the fire button is pressed, so you can start at 50W and lower it to 30W when you fire the mod. Each bar represents a second that the fire button is pressed.

It also has a bypass mode where you can use the mod as an unregulated mod, so it will fire to the maximum capacity of the battery.

There are some other handy settings within the menu, like smoking time (although it should read vaping time) this is where you can maximize the fire button action time in seconds before the mod cuts out. Sleep time allows you to adjust when the mods screen turns off and when the mod switches to standby mode, this can help save the life of the battery.

The inner resistance shows you how well your battery performs against the resistance set, in the majority of cases there will be a mismatch due to it only working from 0.3-0.5ohms, but you’re really looking to see how close the battery is to the ideal setting. This is quite handy to see which of your batteries performs the best. Make sure you check out the vape deals we have listed, as the Wall Crawler often comes up in the sales.

The Throne Tank

Throne Tank

The Vaptio Wall Crawler kit comes with the Throne tank which is a 2ml top fill. It has been designed to stop all those spills that regular vapers have, this includes a special washer at the top to allow e-liquid to go in but not out. Also, when you unscrew the top cap it turns the wicking holes closed, so you can just pull the coil out without the risk of juice spilling from the tank.

It comes with 2 coils, one is a 0.25-ohm coil for the heavy, direct lung vapers and one is a 1.2-ohm coil designed more for the mouth to lung vapers which is almost like smoking, making it really good for those smokers looking at e-cigs to quit smoking. The tank also features an easy to use adjustable airflow at the base of the tank.



Using the 0.25ohm coil at 50W this mod kit does create a huge flavourful vape, especially if you set it to a custom wattage of 60W going down to 50W, its responsiveness is really quick but we found setting the wattage slightly higher for the first couple of seconds really helps warm that coil up especially for the first puff!

All the contents of the Vaptio Wall CrawlerThe slight downside if you vape a lot at these wattages is that the drip tip can get on the warm side. The reason for this is they have lowered the drip tip to enhance the flavor by placing it as close to the coil as possible.

Black version of the Wall CrawlerThe top-fill no spill system they have implemented on the tank is a great idea, especially when you’re traveling in the back of a car and trying to fill your tank! No more dodgy e-liquid stains on the jeans!


To Conclude

For such a small mod, the Web Crawler starter kit performed better than we were expecting. The power is certainly there, and the flavor that the tank produces is also up there with the best e-cigs available, especially for a single battery device.

Ok, so it is only a single 18650 battery mod so you might want to carry a couple of spare batteries around with you, but that’s not a big deal in view of the space you save with this mod! For a heavy vaper, the battery is only going to last a couple of hours. But there is a built-in battery charger with bypass mode (meaning you can vape whilst it’s charging), so as long as you have access to a power supply and remembered the USB wire, it’s all good!

Overall we have no problem recommending this mod to all vapers, it’s just going to suit your needs. With the 510 spring loaded thread, you can also use your own tank, which means you get the best of both worlds!


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