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6.5 Final Score
Eleaf Tessera With Ello TS Tank Bottom Line

The Eleaf Tessera starter kit is a 3400mAh build in Li-pol battery mod with the Ello TS Tank producing a power from 1 to 150W. The bad side is the battery consumption, but if you vape under 100W you won't notice too much of a difference. The kit produces a reliable and flavorful vape with the aesthetics to die for. Overall a good performing little mod that puts a smile on your face!

The Eleaf Tessera Starter Kit in silver

In-depth Review of the Eleaf Tessera Starter Kit

The brand new Eleaf Tessera has been designed around the sports car with it’s sleek and stylish looks whilst insisting it’s specifically engineered for high performance and versatility. But do Eleaf achieve all this with the new Tessera mod kit, and does it compete with the best vape mods on the market? Let’s take a look to see!

Design of the Eleaf Tessera Mod kit


Well, there’s not much to complain about with the design of this mod, it looks absolutely beautiful. Yes, the design is based on a sports car, but even the non-car enthusiasts will appreciate the looks. The mod is made with low-poly elements to maintain its looks and built around the traditional box mod shape, with a high resolution 1.45 inch TFT screen and for a 150W mod, it’s small yet Eleaf still managed to squeeze in a 3400mAh build in Li-pol battery!

The up, down and mode button is found below the screen at the bottom and match the design of the mod with a triangular design with the USB port below.

Measuring in at 42mm*30.5mm*123.5mm with the 2ml ELLO TS tank and slightly taller at 133mm with the 4ml version tank with a weight at just over 215g.

The Tessera comes in many colors including green, silver, dazzling (rainbow), red or black and we believe they are planning additional colors depending on the success of the release. We have to say we were a little surprised with the design, as many manufacturers are moving to the pod vapes and we were expecting this from Eleaf, however, we were really pleased with its looks.

Size of the Eleaf Tessera and Ello TS tank


The Tessera is a 1-150W mod that’s powered with a built in 3400mAh LiPol battery with a 2A charge capacity via the USB.

The menu screen has changed somewhat in comparison to Eleaf’s other mods. You can change the color theme of the screen with the choice of 5 different colors.

Screen layout on the Eleaf TesseraThe main screen layout gives the vaper all the details they need to know, including; the current wattage, voltage, coil resistance, mode, battery indicator along with the time and date. When the mod is in idle mode, you can click the fire button once and the digital clock and date will appear.

Eleaf has also incorporated a firing bar down one side of the mod, which is really easy to find and use but just looking at the mod, you can’t see it!

The top of the mod is where the center 510 spring loaded thread is found, enabling you to use your own tank up to 25mm diameter on the mod if required without any overhang. Be sure to check out our vape deals as the Tessera and other mods like it are often featured!

The standard 5 clicks to turn the mod on/off and 3 clicks of the fire button to enter the menu mode where you can change the mode (VW/RTC/TC/Ni/Ti/SS/TCR), colors and regular settings you find on all mods.

The Eleaf Ello TS Tank on the Tessera

The ELLO TS Tank

Within the Eleaf Tessera starter kit, you get the Ello TS tank which is a redesign of the Mello but in a smaller form. It features a nice and easy to use top fill design, simply slide the top cap and a hole appears for you to fill the tank with juice.

The design has diamond shapes cut around the edges of the tank giving it a sparkling look! The whole tank can be unassembled making it really easy to clean and replace the coils when required.

Speaking of coils, the ELLO TS tank uses the powerful HW coils and there is a number available. H1 all the way to H4, the number represents the number of coils, so, for example, the H2 is a dual coil and the H3 is a triple coil, each coil has its own wattage reference to use. They also have an HW1-C coil which is the single Kanthal coil.

The Tessera kit comes with HW1 and HW2 coils, so you get the chance to test each and perhaps upgrade to a triple or quad coil. Does it earn a place in our list of the top 5 sub ohm tanks? Well, no not quite, but it’s still a good reliable tank.

Eleaf Tessera mod on its own


The 3400mAh LiPol battery isn’t too bad but the mod isn’t going to last as long as a dual 18650 mod especially if you vape at high wattage, but for vapers around the 50-60W levels you are going to achieve a pretty good battery life before needing a recharge.

The mod performs really well from 1-80W, anything higher really starts to drain the battery and the consistency of the wattage is a little of a miss the higher you go.

The temperature control function also seems to be right on point, there’s not much to complain about there.

The flavor produced by the ELLO TS Tank is right on point, personally, we preferred the H2 coil, but the difference is very small, you may not even notice that much difference.


To Conclude

The Eleaf Tessera starter kit is a great small mod with a built-in 3400mAh battery, meaning the battery life is going to be less than a dual battery mod. That said it does have a 2A charger so the recharging is pretty rapid.

The tank can easily be replaced if you don’t like the Ello TS, but in our opinion, it’s a reliable and good flavor producing tank.

Overall it’s a great responsive mod that performs really well at the lower wattage range making it one of the best e-cigarettes with an internal battery. The design is awesome and the screen is really well thought out. If you vape below 100W then this is one to consider.

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