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The full Wismec Reuleaux Tinker Kit Review

By: Nicholas King.
Last Updated: November 30th, 2018.


8.0 Final Score
Wismec Reuleaux Tinker Kit Bottom Line

There's a lot to love with the new Reuleaux Tinker Kit from Wismec including a beautiful design, a huge amount of power (300W) running of three 18650 batteries and a beautiful flavor emitting from the Column tank. On the downside, the drip tip is really annoying as it keeps falling off and the extra weight requires you to pull your trousers up every 5 minutes! Apart from that, one great box mod with all the features delivering a great vape!

The Wismec Reuleaux Tinker Kit with Column Tank - Check Them Out!

In-depth Wismec Reuleaux Tinker Kit Review

The new successor in the Wismec Reuleaux range is a triple 18650 battery mod kit known as the Reuleaux Tinker. Many features coming from the Reuleaux RX200S, and all their previous mods. The first thing you notice is the modern design housed around the fat mod, but the real question is how does this kit perform against the best vape mod kits on the market? Only one way to find out! Let’s review it!

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The 3 colors of the Reuleaux Tinker Kit


Fancy is a great way to describe the design, not sure it’s going to suit everyone out there, but it’s certainly a little flamboyant! It comes in 3 different designs, white, red and blue but all have similar leopard like skin streaks along with grey highlights. The tank that comes with the kit is also colored to suit the mod.

The mod itself is a lot more rounded to house the 3 batteries, and measures in at 78.3mm in height, which is pretty small, but makes up for it in width and length, being 56mm and 44mm respectively. But the weight of this mod is huge, with the batteries in its roughly about 315 grams, so you’re going to need a belt on if you plan to carry this in your pocket!

The grip, although made of plastic really feels quite nice in your hand, and with the fire button, screen and adjustment buttons all well laid out we believe Wismec have done a great job with the design.

The battery door is on the bottom and accessed by pushing down and sliding then the door opens using the spring-loaded attached hinge. All the battery connectors are spring loaded, this stops any rattle when carrying around.

CAUTION: The batteries, when placed inside this mod are touching each other, so make sure you’re not using any batteries with damaged wraps.

The features of the Reuleaux Tinker


The color screen is nicely laid out with 5 circles informing you of the most important information. The largest states the current Wattage or temperature, with the others showing the resistance of the coil, the voltage, amps, and also the current time. The time is powered by a separate battery on the PCB inside. Just below the 3 circle displays is also a battery indicator for each battery, but this is so small it’s really hard to see how much life is left.

Blue version of the Reuleaux Tinker Kit

After installing the batteries the mod uses 5 clicks, as usual, to turn the device on, and 3 clicks to enter the menu area. Within the menu area, you can set the mode and change it from wattage to temperature control and choose the coiled metal. TCR mode has 3 memory presets which you can adjust and RTC mode is just variable wattage mode but you can change the clock to digital or an analog look.

The Set area in the menu allows you to set the coil resistance, or lock it to provide a more accurate temperature control vape, you can also adjust the power when you're in temperature control mode, turn the mod into stealth mode (turn off the screen). You can also adjust the display, change the time, reset the puff counter and include it on the screen and a bunch of other features.

The Column Tank on the Reuleaux Tinker Kit

The Column Tank

The tank is a 25mm diameter tank with the total height of 54mm but surprisingly holds a reasonable amount of e-liquid, 6.5ml.

It does come with an 810 or goon style drip tip, which is the worst thing about this tank, as it’s the connection to the tank is not deep and falls off on many occasions. Even replacing the drip tip does not help!

The tank has these knurled edges making it easier to grip when taking it apart to either clean or replace the coil. It also has a nice top fill slide cap that snaps in to place and pretty easy to use. It’s also nice to see you get a spare glass, in case you drop the mod. With that amount of weight, it’s surely going to hit the floor hard.

The coils in the Column Tank

The bottom has a nice solid airflow control that’s easy to adjust and comes with 2 coils, a both are a 0.15ohm mesh single coil (WL01).

Front and back view of the Tinker Kit


The mesh coils do not disappoint on the Column tank and the Tinker mod is a perfect match with a responsive firing action and plenty of power. Using the supplied WL01 coil and initially setting the wattage to 60W, it doesn’t take long for the coil to throw out some decent flavor, a few puffs in fact.

Mesh coils are most recommended by us as they seem to deliver better flavor and wick the coils faster, which helps chain vapers, thicker e-liquid and reduced those horrid dry burns! We were getting a little excited, the first day testing this, expecting it to compete with the best box mods out there, but after a few days we noticed something!

Turning the wattage up to 80W, which is still in the parameters of the coil, the vape does get a little warm. Two or three puffs is fine, but any more and you're likely to get that dry hit, so don’t chain vape this device at higher wattages! This is probably due to the amount of wicking cotton in the coils.

The packaging on the Reuleaux Tinker Kit

To Conclude

Wismec Reuleaux Tinker is one of the nicest designed 3x18650 battery mods on the market and by far is the best in the Wismec Reuleaux range. It is a heavy mod with all batteries in but does feel solid and of high quality.

There are however a couple of things that let it down. The biggest drawback we found was with the Column tank. Although it produces a great vape with deep flavors the drip tip keeps falling off! So annoying, and yet so easy to fix. Plus chain vaping at over 80W creates some pretty awful dry hits!

Apart from that, the Wismec Reuleaux Tinker kit is a great powerful box mod that has sleek looks and produces a deep flavorful vape.

Nicholas King
Nicholas King

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