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Augvape V200 Mod Review
January 26, 2018
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Augvape v200 Box Mod Review
Augvape V200 Mod Review
January 26, 2018
Review of the iJoy Capo 100w Squonker Kit
iJoy Capo 100w Squonker Kit Review
January 31, 2018
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Top vape tricks

By: Nicholas King.
Last Updated: January 29th, 2018.


Vape Tricks for Beginners and Professionals

Vape tricks for beginners and more advanced vapersIt’s about time we had some good old fashion fun around here, and what better way than amusing your friends with some pretty cool vape tricks? Sit back as you are about to learn some pretty basic and easy smoke tricks that not only are reasonably easy to learn but also look pretty cool too, which is the important thing!

Yes, we hear you, the smoke rings are the most obvious place to start, as every smoker and vaper can pretty much do this. The fact is though this isn’t true! We do have to learn it though as imagine this, you start showing your friends some pretty cool vape tricks you’ve learnt from this page and then one of your friends says, “Oh I love how they do those smoke rings”, it’s pretty important you can do it right, or your credibility as the world’s greatest vape trickster is on the line! It is quite difficult to master though, so instead of just starting with the most famous vape trick, we’re going to start with easy tricks that anyone can learn, and move on from there. Blowing smoke rings or o’s will be in the more advanced category, where we move onto some pretty amazing vape tricks.

Hopefully, by the time you’ve finished this tutorial, you will have a few cool tricks up your sleeve to impress others, or simply to entertain yourself, so let’s get on with it:


Easy Vape Tricks For Beginners!


The Dragon aka The Dragons Breath Trick

The Dragon Breath Vape TrickThis is one of the simplest tricks that looks pretty cool! The trick is where you blow the vapour simultaneously out of your nose and the sides of your mouth making it look like it’s coming from 4 directions and has a look of a dragon’s breath.

How It’s Done:

You do need a vape pen or mod that creates a lot of vapour, we have a list of the top 5 sub ohm vape tanks, any of these will work really well with this trick.

The important skill you need to perform this trick is to be able to close your mouth whilst opening the sides of your mouth; this is simply done by closing your mouth and trying to smile, hold it there and get ready to blow. That’s the hardest part!

The last part is to simply use the method above and also breath out your nose at the same time, this takes a little practice, the best way is not to blow out to fast, just do it slowly. Voila, you have the breath of the dragon!


The Ghost Hit aka The Ghost Inhale Trick

Ghost Inhale Vape TrickThis is a really popular trick within the vaping community, although when I was a smoker, I never heard of it!

Ghost inhaling, is when you exhale a little vapour, suck it up really quickly leaving a ghost-like vape in its wake. It looks pretty cool trust me and is relatively easy and quick to learn. You do need a good amount of vapor in your mouth to perform this trick, so it’s advised that you have one of the best e-cigarettes you can get hold off.

How It’s Done:

Inhale some vapour straight into your mouth without letting it go to your lungs, hold it there for a few seconds to allow it to settle. Try to push out a small amount of vapour without actually blowing all the vape out. Then open your mouth wider and suck it all up! Here’s a video to see how it’s done:


The Waterfall

This is a real simple vape trick that anyone can perform, it’s not really a trick as to more of a demonstration of how thick vape clouds are. The effect is simply showing the vapour coming out of a bottle or glass and falling onto a table giving the effect of a waterfall.

How It’s Done:

Really simply take a big breath of vapour and slowly exhale all that vapour into a glass or bottle. Let the vapour settle for a second and slowly pour it onto the table. That’s all there is to it, you’ve produced a pretty cool magical waterfall!


The Tornado aka The Table Tornado Trick

The Tornado Vape TrickThis is where you exhale a huge amount of vapour onto a table, once the vapour is settled with your hand you create a mini tornado right in front of you. It looks pretty cool once you get it right and is really easy to do!

How It’s Done:

Again you’re going to need a vape that produces a lot of vapour, so check out the list we linked to earlier for some ideas.

The hardest part of this trick is getting the vapour in the middle of the table without it blowing away. Obviously, you can’t really do this trick outside or where there is a breeze and it does take a little practice blowing the right amount of vapour.

Put your head down to the same height of the table and slowly exhale the vape onto the table, alter how hard you exhale until you have a nice stable amount of vapour lingering on the table. Then with your hand, slowly come in from the side as if your going into shake someone’s hand when you’re in the middle of the vape pool lift your hand up as if your high fiving someone from the bottom. That’s it, you have your own little tornado!


French Inhale aka Irish Waterfall Trick

The French Inhale Vape Trmaidth=This is one trick thast does take a little practise, but once mastered looks really cool. It’s a common trick that many master pretty quickly.

It involves exhaling slowly from your mouth while breathing in from your nose producing, a weird looking vapour running from your mouth up into your nose!

How It’s Done:

As I said this is a relatively easy vape trick to perform once you know the secret! Of course, it’s impossible to blow out your mouth while breathing into your nose so your actually just pushing the vapour our slowly with your mouth. Do this by holding the vapour in your mouth (not your lungs) and slowly close your mouth, then breathing in relatively hard through your nose. The important thing to remember is to have enough breath left after initially breathing the vapour into your mouth.

Note: There is a slight alternative to this known as the Bane. This is exactly the same technique but you smile, showing your teeth whist performing the French inhale. This produced stands of vapour instead of one solid flow. Try it, it’s pretty cool!


Note: There is a slight alternative to this known as the Bane. This is exactly the same technique but you smile, showing your teeth whilst performing the French inhale. This produced stands of vapour instead of one solid flow. Try it, it’s pretty cool!



More Advanced Vape Tricks – For Serious Vapers!

That’s the quick and easy vape tricks out the way, so now let’s get on with the more impressive tricks that take a lot of practice, but when done right is just purely amazing. This is a completely different field from above as it does take a lot of time to master. It’s probably best that you get hold of one of the best box mods or best vape pens for these tricks, as you are going to need a lot more vapor to make the trick look even better.

Most of the more advanced vape tricks are variations or use the blowing o’s or smoke rings along with another trick. We’re going to start with the smoke rings and show you the more advanced smoke tricks you can perform with this.


Blowing O’s aka Smoke or Vape Rings

Blowing O’s or Vape RingsMore than likely you know exactly what this is, you’ve seen your friends do it and it does look pretty cool. It involves vaping a relatively large amount of vapour and blowing O’s or rings, out of your mouth.

How it’s done:

The hardest part of this vape trick is to find a technique that works for you. We’re going to cover the easiest way possible here, hopefully, you can utilize this to achieve your own technique to create the biggest ring possible.

First vape as you would usually if you’re doing a normal vape to the lung. Then you want to exhale a small amount of vape to get rid of the exhale vape from around your mouth.

The second part of this trick is getting your mouth into the right shape, this takes practice and does require you to make some adjustments. Bear in mind everyone’s mouth is different, and therefore the shape of your mouth to perform the perfect O will be different to others too. Generally, it needs to start off as if your yawning but trying to hide your teeth with your lips.

Third is the blowing out of the ring or O, again there are a couple of ways of doing this, like using your tongue and tapping on your cheek, but try to master the cough technique as this will help you with later tricks we look at. This is done by performing a tiny controlled cough like motion with your throat, creating a pulse just large enough to push the vapour through your O lips.

That’s it really, the rest is just practise practise, and of course, practise!


Push & Bend O’s

Pushing vape ringsThis is really another step to blowing O’s but does look pretty cool. It involves blowing an O and moving it with your hand which increases in size and moves exactly where you want it to go!

How It’s Done:

You do need to master blowing an O and in this case, it has to be a pretty fast moving O. Have your hand by your face whilst doing this, to avoid any unnecessary breezy when moving into position. Once you’ve blown out your O, follow it with you flat shaped hand, about 2 inches behind, making sure not to break the O. It is this that takes the time after you have perfected your O of course.


Double & Triple O’s

Double and Triple Os Vape trickYou can see we are moving on pretty quickly here, but once you’ve mastered the blowing of the O, the next obvious trick is how to perform the double or even triple O ring.

This is where you have O rings coming from both sides of your mouth and even in the centre.

How it’s Done:

You do have to master blowing O’s or rings before you start this trick and you also need some pretty thick clouds so try to pick a juice that’s relatively higher in VG content, i.e. 70% or more.

The first thing is to place 2 fingers in the centre of your mouth and opening your mouth in the same way as you did when blowing regular O’s.

Secondly, you need to perform a similar technique you mastered earlier when blowing out the O’s, using the cough action, but a lot more scaled down and more rapid. This should be producing double O’s now.

Thirdly, slightly open your fingers on your lips to produce a third hole in the centre of your mouth and adjust your airflow to suit. This should now be producing triple O’s.

It does mean playing around with your cough, to perfect and takes even more time to perfect than blowing O’s.


JellyFish Vape Trick

The JellyFish Vape TrickOk, now you’re ready for what we think is the coolest vape trick, the JellyFish. This is where you blow a large O ring and follow through the centre with just the right amount of vapour to produce a perfectly looking JellyFish floating around your room!

How It’s Done

So you thought mastering the O was difficult, well be prepared to practise just the same amount of time again to perfect your JellyFish!

This trick involves three of the tricks you have already learnt previously, ie:

  1. Blowing O’s
  2. Pushing O’s
  3. Ghost hit

The first thing you want to do is blow a nice big O and start following it at the same pace the O is moving.

With your hand slowly push the O until it’s reached the required size, whilst doing this take another drag from your vape mod.

Slowly get behind the O with your mouth and perform the Ghost hit without actually drawing it back into your mouth. This is the bit that takes the practice as you can distort the O with any movement from your arms or face.


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